Cheryl Crist

Cheryl Crist

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Published: 16 August 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

Cheryl Crist is a well known Facebook prostitute scammer and internet fraud that uses her pets in collection scams and others photos without consent for the fetish *** trade. She lives out of motels preforming her service ripping off men, She also scams on Facebook having others feel sorry for her to donate, She also had a second Facebook in the name of Cher Queenie claiming she is owner of Holistic Pet Care, none of this is true, She is a narcissist sociopath master manipulator,child exploiter & liar, Please don’t donate to this person or her serial scamming friend Betty Mendoza Priola, both was trying to pull off a 2000.00 I’m homeless scam on Facebook feel sorry for my dogs we are homeless, Cheryl Crist has had many Dogs die in her care and these dogs live in filthy conditions, She is a back yard breeder with no concern for the animals health only to sell the puppies, her poor over bred females has had. Betty Mendoza Priola is a rescuer and should have known better than to be involved in a person like this, Betty Mendoza Priola is involved because she was helping Cheryl Crist run the scam, Cheryl Crist has even posted her own dogs on her *** web sites. Cheryl Crist posted her own Grand Daughter a under age child on a *** web page, including other people’s photos without their consent charging her fetish clients for this voyeurism without their knowledge or consent to use these photos, Cheryl Crist was telling everyone on Facebook she was homeless and we have 100% proof her Son Brandon Crist confirmed, she was staying in a room at the Microtel in Uncasville Connecticut doing her business as usual,Cheryl Crist and Betty Mendoza Priola are proven frauds that was running fraudulent funding on Facebook to foot Cheryl’s living expense to operate a *** business. Cheryl Crist has lost many Dogs, either they die, get ran over by cars, killed in accidents or run off . This woman is no doubt a animal abuser and also breeding brother with sister to produce inbred dogs, She holds these puppies up in her hands hoping she can get $600.00 each for her puppies, It seems she can afford a nail manicure but begs for others to send her supplies ( food & pee pads) for her Dogs she abuses She treats these animals like they are items, She is more concerned with her *** trade business than the pets she uses to scam others with, She is not homeless, she has motels she stays in to operate the *** trade from as her Son Brandon even says this in a message chat we have collected as evidence, Cheryl Crist has had many charges from worthless checks to prostitution, Her Dogs live in filthy conditions even unfit for a Pig to live in. Cheryl Crist was pretending to be a Holistic Veterinarian Practitioner under the alias name Cher Queenie on Facebook, This Narcissistic Sociopath Master Manipulator Scammer comes up with new ways everyday to Ripoff others having them fill sorry for her to donate or give to her scams, She has lived a good life of having a apartment and motel rooms on the side she rents to operate her *** trade business from, She has never been homeless only drawing her victims in to donate to her scams this is just another one of her many scams pretending to be a Holistic Veterinarian to a business she don’t even own, She eats out at the best places from donations people give to her scams, have you been stung by the Queen Bee Cherylanne Crist or Cheryl Crist beware it can be your Child photos she copies, steals and uses for her sick fetish child molesting clients from your Facebook wall if you have friended her. Cheryl Crist goes by many names Cher Angelina, Cherylanne C Luciano, Cherylanne Anne Luciano, Cherylanne C Crist, Cherylanne Snow Crist, Cheryl Snow, Cheryl A Crist, Luciano Cherylanne, Cherylanne Snowcrist, Cherylanne Cristluciano, Cherylann A Crist BLOCK CHERYL CRIST ON FACEBOOK TO PROTECT YOUR FAMILY

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