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Published: 14 December 2018

Posted by: No Way

“Where do you want to eat today?” as I look down at my 10 year old daughter. “I haven”t had Chicken Express in a while!” she stated. “Well if that”s what you want we will go eat some chicken!” I replied. We drove over to the restaurant and pulled into the parking lot. Never had a bad experience there besides the food is usually cold do to them cooking the chicken way in advanced and thinking heating lamps will keep it warm. We walked into the building and then immediately walked up to the counter. ” I will be right there.” came a voice from behind the counter over to the left. I thought no big deal. Around the corner came a male employee and said “Welcome to Chicken Express. May I take your order?” I looked down at my daughter and said, “How many tenders do you want?” She stated that she wanted the 4 piece. (Just to remind everyone, I am less than 5 feet away from the man taking the order and he is looking at both of us being attentive. ) “What sides do you want, baby?” I asked my daughter. “I really just want a couple of extra rolls instead of a side.” she stated. I knew she didn”t feel good so I understood. I looked back up at the man and stated, “I want a #1 with no sides but can I get extra rolls instead?” There was no doubt he already heard her order. It wasn”t whispered. It was spoken in a normal voice but he did have that damn thing in his ear even though he was not working the drive through at the time. He looks me right in the eye and states, “That comes with a side” I immediately said, “She doesn”t want a side but if she can get extra rolls instead, that is what she wants. I can”t eat her side. Its all I can do to eat what comes on my 4 piece .” This is where I got livid. The man looks at my daughter and points at the wall where the sides are listed and rolls his eyes while looking at my daughter and says something like, ” Sir… you get a side!” Well no kidding but after being told twice to your face and once I know you heard in a conversation that I was having with her, he probably heard the order 3 times. Why look at my daughter that way? Why talk in a demeaning voice? I was already mad and asked for a manager. Little did I know that their management team apparently wears red polos. This was the same guy that was hiding over on the right side. I noticed him walk by earlier but did not think anything like this was going to happen. The employee rolled his eyes again and said, “Can you come here?” The one that was in red started to walk up to the counter. He was very short and didn”t even look like he should be working due to his age. He walks up to the register and says “What can I get you?” Really? I mean really? You were only 10 feet away! You want to take my order or what? Is that thing in your ear preventing you to display any sort of compassion or common sense? I asked him, “Do you allow employees to talk that way to customers?” He shrugged his shoulders and gave me a bewildered look. Are you kidding me? You shrugged your shoulders? How did you get in that position? Is this part of Chicken Expresses training manual? I worked in positions like that. I used it to put myself through school until I got my MBA. Not once during my time in management I would have thought of doing that. That was all that I could take. He had no idea of what to do or how to handle the situation. I know its hard enough to get enough employees in fast food but to make someone like that part if management? You could tell in face he was panicking so the system was flawed but shrugging the shoulders and asking to take my order as well as the first guy rolling his eyes at my daughter is pure unprofessional. I was beyond mad. I loudly said, “We are going somewhere else to eat!” to my daughter. When I looked back up to the mini manager shrugged his damn shoulders again with a fake smile!! Do what? Are you kidding? Your employee rolling his eyes without the ability to understand a simple order and your inability to control a situation is the reason we are in this situation. I had it. I told him, ” You and your pre pubescent smile need to learn something!!” as I walked out the door. When we got outside there were 2 women out there and they stated they didn”t blame me. They walked out immediately in front of me. They heard the entire thing. She used the old joke, ” It”s fast food. You can get smart people.” Having worked in there to support myself through school I didn”t necessarily agree but it did make me smile. It was a good stress breaker. We went somewhere else to eat and decided later that I would file a complaint. Here is the best thing. The website states to go to the location where you had the incident to make a complaint. Again… ARE YOU KIDDING? You want someone that has a complaint about the management to go back to the management to complain again?? This just says that the District Managers (if they have them) are lazy and uncaring. You want the victim to go back to the store where this happened? Who made this policy? Who spent time on this finally say this is the best way to handle it? There are no regional managers to question this stupidity? Morale of the story : Do not ask for a special order and get a damn side. Managers are incompetent. Food is convenient, not good. Save yourself and go somewhere else for quick chicken.

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