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Published: 22 January 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

I have paid ChnLove thousands of dollars. They have deceived me. I know this after being contacted by an employee who was the imposter. She was posing as a 44-year-old woman whose name is Malinda. The “informant has an account at WeChat . This is where we communicated. The confidant worked as an interpreter at ChnLove. She said that attractive women are photographed by ChnLove. There pictures are uploaded to the ChnLove website. The employees of ChnLove write the description in the profile of the women pictured. This is usually done by the interpreters. The interpreters correspond with suitors as if they are the women shown on the website. She said 98% of the employees do this at ChnLove. None of the women ever intend to meet their suitors or develop any type of “real” relationship with the men. They are conducting this fraud as a means of bilking the men for as much money as possible. They encourage men to pay for “chats” which are some of the most expensive charges. It cost approximately $10.00 for five minutes. All of the employees are paid for the deceptive services they provide. They are paid more for the more expensive services. Love calls are also encouraged. They are of poor quality and are momentary. The gentleman never speaks to the person that he thinks he is. | The informant said that they show pictures of only wealthy applicants to the women pictured on the website. If they are wealthy enough, the suitor may become a husband of one of the women promoted by ChnLove website. The pictured women on the website pay the agency a fee to find wealthy Americans who can provide a green card. The poorer or disabled men (which I am) are used as a means for profit by ChnLove. They are only a target for deception. | The person that informed me of the practices of ChnLove notified me from either guilt or an effort to rectify her misdeeds. | For my appreciation and concern for her welfare, I would like to keep the informants name annonymous. The information regarding the operation of ChnLove was provided by the informant. I don’t want her harned. I did reatain the wechat conversation on my telephone. | ChnLove appears to be one of the more legitimate sites on the internet. It is not. It is one of the worst. If I would have read the preceding complaints, I would have never contacted this website. They should not be allowed to solicit Americans or they should be shut down. They are only “appearing” to provide a product or service. ChnLove accepts payment for a service they do not intend to provide. They have absolutely no intention of really providing anything for the men seeking a relationship with Chinese women. That is what there website promotes. Please protect more Anericans from being victimized by this site.

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