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Published: 15 January 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

We purchased a home warranty in April 2016 because our home is 16 years old and we needed some piece of mind that we would not get slammed with costly repairs. Our AC stopped working in August and it took over 7 days just to get a CHW-approved service provider to come to our house. Thankfully, our regular HVAC service man came immediately and diagnosed a Freon leak and got our unit working within 1 day. This was of course, at our own expense. We went ahead with the CHW service call as we were told we had a significant leak and would need a new evaporator coil or a new HVAC system. The CHW service provider confirmed the leak with a “required leak test” (also at our expense) and made the exact same recommendation as our service provider, replacement of the evaporator coil or new system. | Let me explain a little about how CHW handles customer notifications. An email is sent to you which states “CHW has assigned a technician to your claim”. The email goes on to instruct you to contact CHW at an assigned number which is directed into a Call Center. In addition, when a Service Provider is assigned you are given their phone number to contact to set-up an appointment. Very poor customer service all the way around! The very next day we were advised that our claim was denied due to “rust/corrosion” which caused the evaporator coil leak. The Customer Service Technician (Jamad) stated that this is an EXCLUSION in our policy. I asked Jamad how this determination was made and he assured me that it was based on feedback by the CHW-assigned service provider and pictures of our unit. | According to Jamad, the final decision was made by a team of expert technicians in New Jersey that review such claims. I asked to speak with these “technicians” and was denied. Jamad stated that he would have a CHW Manager call me back. After speaking with Jamad, I called the CHW-assigned service technician (Dan) that inspected our AC unit and asked him what information he provided to CHW. Dan stated that he sent CHW a copy of the invoice which simply stated “Leak Checked AC unit, found leaking evaporator coil. Needs new coil or new system. 3 1/2 ton A-coil , 21W x 20″T x 20 D”. No mention of rust or corrosion. I asked Dan if he was questioned about visible rust or corrosion or asked to supply pictures of our AC unit. He indicated that he was NOT asked any of these questions or asked to provide pictures. I then told him that CHW had already denied our claim for repair due to “Rust/Corrosion”. Dan indicated that “this company is the WORST, they always deny claims. I don’t even know why we continue to work with them”. Dan also stated that these coils are designed to rust whether they are 2 months old or 20 years old. The evaporator coil makes water as part of it’s job (absorption of latent heat results in water vapor condensing). Rust is an inevitable byproduct. | CHW is once again twisting facts to insinuate that as a homeowner, we have not properly cared for our HVAC system leading to the system failure. This is simply inaccurate and IRRESPONSIBLE BUSINESS PRACTISE designed specifically to deny claims and line their pockets!!! A CHW Manager by the name of Rochell had actually called my home number and left me a message however, she only left me a partial return phone number without an area code. Once again, I was forced to call in to the dreaded Call Center. As it turns out, Rochell was not available but the Customer Service Technician said they would find me another manager. | During this brief conversation, I could hear at least two other Customer Service Technicians telling clients that their claims were being denied for various exclusionary reasons. How very interesting! After being placed on a silent hold, I was connected with a manager named Misha (employee ID 1852216 – she refused to give me her last name). I started to express my extreme dissatisfaction with CHW’s decision and distortion of facts but Misha interrupted me very quickly. Misha was very loud, forceful and inconsiderate. It was clear she didn’t want to hear my concerns or work with me in any way. Misha kept insisting that our leak was caused by rust and corrosion even though no proof of such was ever provided. I again asked to speak with one of their expert technicians and was told they do not speak with clients. I then asked for the name of the company owner so that I could take my concerns further. Misha stated that she makes the final decision and refused to give me the company owners name. At this point I had had enough of Misha and CHW and I became very irate (and yes, a bit inappropriate) and hung up.

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