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Do Not Make the Same Mistake I Made

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Published: 15 October 2019

Posted by: Ernest Pena

Addiction is one of the biggest public health problems all over the world and owing to the numerous disadvantages that come with addiction, millions of addicts all over the planet seek to find help anywhere they can get it. It is this search for help and recovery that led me to the den of scammers called Choices Recovery. Located in Indiana, this place is marketed as a reliable rehab and a genuine refuge for addicts but what I realized, later on, is that the reality is actually very far from what they make it look like. It is for this reason that I am writing my own personal story so that no one is going to make the same mistake that I made on my own. 




How Choices Recovery Lures People

If you happen to do a search engine query on Choices Recovery, you will get to their website in seconds. Upon landing on their website, the first thing you are going to see is the well-crafted messages that advertise what Choices Recovery purportedly does. Choices Recovery markets itself as an agency that provides effective treatment for people who are battling with types of addiction, from drugs to alcohol. They even went further to state that they had the objective of also ensuring that the physical and emotional effects left by the addiction are reversed in order to ensure that the addiction is not only neutralized totally but also to ensure that they can function normally as respected members of the society too. 

 Choices Recovery promised that the addicts will be returned to prosperous lives as long as they are willing and ready to subject themselves to the special treatment plans that they have devised. Then you will also see (check the image below) one big claim which turned out to be a fat lie that they do not force any of the addicts to engage in any treatment package that does not augur well with their body systems. It was this claim that I saw that made me actually become interested in whatever Choices Recovery was offering. I was thinking that it was a very good idea that patients can decide to make the selection of the form of treatment that they felt was the very best and most efficient for them. 

  For me and for good reasons, it was quite reasonable to allow patients to have an appreciable level of input when it came to selecting the best treatment and therapy sessions. This will surely make sense to practically anyone and it was with that mindset that I agreed to the offers presented by Choices Recovery only for me to embark on the trip to hell. 




The Terrible Experience

If you really love yourself or you truly cherish those that you love, then one thing that you must never do is to take them to Choices Recovery. Let me use the example of my own experience at this tragic place. If you are looking for the absolutely useless place that masquerades as a place for treatment for addicts, then Choices Recovery will be that place. they lure innocent and unsuspecting people like me with their horrible lies and claims which they present to the general public in their adverts and ceaseless promotions. And I was, unfortunately, one of the many people who fell for their bait and I got really burnt and scammed in the process. 

 Okay, I had gone to Choices Recovery thinking it was a good place to go as a rehab to cope with my painkiller addiction. Upon reaching the scammers posing as respectable professionals at Choices Recovery, I was made to believe that they have a special 12-step plan that I could subscribe to. I remember very clearly that they had marketed this 12-step thingy to me as the best and most comprehensive deal out there. After much sweet talking, they also told me that if their 12-step course was not the best for me that they still had other more customized packages and selections and I was free to choose from but they were lying without shame. 

  In reality, there was nothing like having a choice and what they do in actual sense is to force their worthless 12-step program down your throat once you pay for the subscription. Let it be known that I did not have any choice whatsoever, I was not given any choice to start with. So in order to just see some action and get help for my condition, I agreed to proceed with the 12-step crap with the plan to switch to the customized plan once I was done. So immediately I finished with the 12-step course, I requested that they place me on the personalized plan and that is when I realized that it was all nothing but a grand scam. They stated that the plan for the customized package was with a staff member who was not on the ground. Instead of treating and attending to my request as a client in their facility, they preferred to focus on useless topics. Remember, this was after paying thousands upon thousands of hard-earned dollars. 

 I went there with the hope of getting good results but I never got the results that I wanted. I went there with a lot of hope but what confronted me was nothing but a bunch of disappointment upon sadness. If these guys had the power, they would have ensured that we all remained chained for life. Choices Recovery has no other goal apart from just trapping people, collecting money from them using an impressive collection of lies and deceit then make the people feel they are under protection. What I am trying to say in essence is that they never have it as part of their plans to ensure the patient gets any long-lasting treatment and there is no overall improvement in the mental health of those who visited them for professional help and assistance. 

 But that is not all that I saw at their facility. I also noticed that their entire team was in total disarray. Let me give an illustration to drive home the point. Those who are supposed to be the professionals and those who are supposed to be the handlers of the facility often work in opposite directions. In cases where the handlers try to give procedures on how things should be done, the so-called professionals simply ignore and trash their instructions. Directives are not followed or adhered to, there seem to be no hierarchy or organizational structure in place so the entire center is more of a war zone than a rehab place where addicts can seek refuge. The worst part of the whole drama is that they carry this same habit into the way they treat patients and what that means is that whatever the handlers say has no bearing with the way the patients are being treated. In short, your welfare means absolutely nothing to these guys. 

 Therefore, that should explain why there is practically no order in the place at all. Everywhere is full of violence and it is not uncommon to see addicts throwing fists and getting bloodied all over the place. It is truly a gory place for anyone to be, there is just no respect at all and you see people hurling the nastiest forms of abuse and insults at one another. To make my own case even more unfortunate, I was put in a set of other addicts who have no idea of what it means to behave with some decorum. Thus, it did not take long before they started to fight and the whole place was turned upside down. It was after three addicts had sustained serious injuries that one of the handlers came and when she came, all she did was just to peep in through the window and she left. That event left a very chilling effect on me, I realized with a lot of regrets that these people basically do not care about us and it meant nothing to them even if we ended up killing ourselves. All they wanted was the constant flow of money and that was assured by our regular payments even if we did not get any value in return. All we got was nothing but pain, heartache, chaos and all forms of disturbing experiences. 

  As at the time I entered the center, it was stated that I was going to have sessions with a professional three times weekly. The curiosity in me made me query them precisely when the sessions were going to hold but the answer I got shocked me to the marrow. You will not believe that these scammers actually had no timetable for all the addicts. They told me sheepishly that they were going to let me know once it was time and that there was actually no schedule meaning they selected as for the sessions just as they wished. I felt like throwing up when I heard that. As if that was not enough, they told me that they could not even guarantee all the three sessions but that they were sure that I was going to get at least one session of therapy. 

 I was even too broken emotionally to respond coherently. Later in the day after I had gained some composure, I had to go to one of their offices to lay my complaint and also seek clarification on the issue at hand. Honestly speaking, you needed to see how I was totally ignored but that was not even what pained me the most. What really hit me the most at that moment was that Choices Recovery apparently did not even have enough professionals so there was no way we were going to get any tangible form of care. Even sadder was the fact that even the minimum of one session they promised in a week I never got it. 

 For almost eight miserable weeks I was at Choices Recovery and I had just one useless session of therapy and that joke of a session was conducted for just THREE minutes. At that juncture, I was totally shattered psychologically that I feared to slip into depression. There was really no one to even talk to and share your ideas with. The so-called professionals were of no good and even the handlers were worse. It was more than apparent that the only thing that they cared about was just the money they could get from us. Apart from the money, they were utterly interested in nothing else and that was so saddening. My period at Choices Recovery clearly stood out as the darkest moment of my entire life and I am saying that with all sense of seriousness. 

  But if you are thinking that at this point, I must have regained my senses and was already working on my way out, you will be shocked. Despite all the horrors I had been confronted with, I still had some level of hope that something good was going to come out of the whole thing and that was the optimism in me speaking. But I was soon going to learn the lesson of my life. Out of sheer curiosity, I decided to doublecheck things with some other addicts also admitted at the rehab only for me to realize that they were linked directly to those tasked with providing protection at Choices Recovery. This was not only grossly unethical, it also compromised the safety of every single one of us on that facility. I realized that some of the addicts who were compelled to stay there with their relatives acted like there was nothing wrong with all the madness that was on display on a daily basis at the place. 

 This raised my level of suspicion and spiked my awareness. There was no order or professionalism at the place and there was clearly no sense of direction. For those seeking to have some degree of care and real professional intervention, Choices Recovery should clearly not be on the list of all the options that are to be considered. In a real rehab, the most crucial location is where the addicts meet with their accredited medical care officer or professional. This did not happen at the joke called Choices Recovery and for an overwhelming fraction of the period there, there was no professional on hand to attend to the countless requests and medical needs of the inmates because the best way to describe us then was just to call us inmates as we were in a packaged jail. 


What You Can and Should Do

I am pretty sure that whoever has taken time to read my experience at this stage must have learned a few points. But I will still outline it here, the first thing you should is to flee as far as possible from the propaganda that the guys at Choices Recovery will never stop spewing. Once you are able to avoid all their lies then half of the work is done already. It means you will not be exposed to their lies about having spirituality groups (see photo below), the so-called SMART Recovery which they said was going to focus on self-management and recovery but turned out to be sham, group therapy sessions, and excellent communication skills that never existed.