Chris Daignault

Chris Daignault

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Published: 23 January 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

TO PICTURES OF CHRIS DAIGNAULT’S PAINT JOB, CLICK HERE. Chris Daignault slips under the radar by changing his “business name,” when I met with him it was called Star Renewal. My first clue should have been he only accepted checks written directly to him, which he cashed instead of depositing into any legitamite business account. He also refused to furnish his TIN or EIN number so that I could submit a 1099 on the $8800 he received from me. I first came in contact with Chris Daignault when I picked up his business card from a local establishment. During our initial phone conversation Chris assured me that he was a licensed and insured contractor. His business card does include a Michigan contractor license number printed on the back. He even provided two “references” where he supposedly completed jobs. Hindsight is 20/20 and I am now seeing all the red flags that I missed. Our contract for service included a complete paint job, including primer, 2 coats of Sherwin Williams Duration paint, caulking, and spraying all molding. He showed up for his first day of service 2 days later then he was supposed to begin work. His crew applied primer and paint in two rooms. Overall I was happy with where the project was going, despite the tardiness. The next day he showed up to caulk with one other person and smelled like he had just left the bar. I mentioned to him this fact, which he denied. He only caulked half of my job, which was pointed out to him, but he assured me he would finish. He did not; instead he applied half-assed coats of paint everywhere leaving most windows un-caulked and many rooms with only one coat of paint. The worst part was the damage he did to all of the brand new molding, which he attempted to hand paint instead of spray. I take full responsibility for trusting and paying this man, and as a result I have to pay at least $2000 to fix his horrendous work. Upon doing extensive research on Chris Daignault (unfortunately, after the fact) this is what I discovered: The crew Chris Daignault used was not his at all; instead he paid some employees from All Pro Painting Company in Milford, MI to do some side work for him. He also used All Pro Painting’s account at Sherwin Williams to purchase my paint at a discount. The worst part is that Chris purchased contractor grade paint instead of the high-end Duration brand I paid for and pocketed the rest of the money! Dave Buchanan of All Pro Painting has been helpful in allowing me to gather this information by providing me access to the purchase records for my job. (I am not 100% sure of the relationship that Dave and Chris have, but I do know that Chris has done work as an employee for Dave on outdoor paint jobs in the past.) I also discovered that Chris Daignault and his partner Bryon Widmyer were using a fake license number on their business card and lying about having insurance. My understanding is that they are STILL doing this to gain new business. When I filed my police report for fraud the detective informed me that Chris Daignault has multiple alcohol related charges against him and that my suspicions of him smelling like a bar were correct. Additionally, he did not apply second coats of paint in 2 bathrooms and of my 3 closets. Unfortunately, I learned a very important, and costly lesson on requiring contractors to furnish copies of the license and insurance they claim to have. Chris Daignault will most likely change his u201cbusinessu201d name again in order to avoid the complaint that has been filed against Star Renewal. Hopefully this complaint will help someone else from falling victim to this imposteru2019s claims of being a painter.

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