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Published: 10 September 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

This site is not actually Christian. Their preference when they defend and offend in the name of the faith is Arminianism and Roman Catholicism. But really they’re atheists that love to hate on actual Christians. If you support them with a debit or credit card or PayPal, all your legal identity is reported to the owners. The owner is Greg Head. Every member of the staff are family. They will sell all your personal contact information if you support them using the cards or PayPal. And they sell your email address if you simply register. The staff have multiple sock accounts. The way you’ll know who the socks are is to do your homework. Copy the list of names in STAFF ONLINE. Then copy the list of MEMBERS ONLINE. Click those member names in that block to see their profile. The one’s that have been there for over or nearly 10 years and with thousands of posts are the sock account of that staff member who’s listed in the STAFF ONLINE block. Sometimes though that member with the years and thousands of posts are not that staffer. But they are on staff. They’re just there on that day as that sock. But it is fun to cross check staff and long time members so as to realize who’s who. This site is reworking its policies now. They’ve forbidden discussion or even any reference to eternal salvation. AKA, OSAS (Once Saved Always Saved). They’re now attacking the eternity of Hell and the suffering of the damned. The socks argue it is everlasting. The reason being, as they succeeded in making a viable post example of conflict arising due to the former discussions concerning God’s irrevocable gifts, which is Eternal Salvation, they’re now targeting the real Christians on board and their stance on Hell. Arguing that Hell is eteral suffering. Basically they have an issue with anything that is orthodox Christian. Only the sock accounts of the staff love the idea of people burning and suffering forever. They’re opposed to people being irrevocably saved forever. Get it? This site is all money oriented. Turn off your adblocker to see that. $ is the reason the family of socks post without exception conflict oriented threads and keep those active with posts. So as to keep the thread page count and the accompanying advertising blocks per page, active. More advertisements per page, more money for the family. If you are a Christian, a real one, a female, educated, articulate, knowledgable about scripture, and pro-choice , you will be targeted instantly by “reba” and her sock accounts. “Wondering”, HeIsRisen2018, who plays dumb as someone who claims a learning disability. Until reba starts harassing a member. Then HeIsRisen2018 becomes very lucid and well spoken. She’s also the sock accounts that are TLSITD, an acronym for The Light Shining In The Darkness, who is also For His Glory. The dead giveaway of those two accounts being in any one thread is their profile pic. TLSITD has a flaming candle in their picture. For His GLory has a light shining in the darkness through a window. See how that works? They’ll start a thread on a controversial bible topic and talk to themselves under those two accounts until a real Christian comes in. The point is to play the adversarial role to that real Christians perspective as pertains to orthodox practice. Again, to keep the post count going. And if they dislike you, as in that educated woman characteristic, they’ll bait you to break the rules so they can ban you. The site is a mental institution. You’ll see new members post in the Introduction Forum. But you won’t see them stay long. That’s because the site is evil. I paid when I first joined and gave them a very small amount in a one time donation. The credit card company, or your bank with a debit card, and PayPal, all give your real legal contact info if you support that site at all. The site owner then sells your information. You get SPAM in your email. Which is why if you disregard this warning you better not only use a proxy so they can’t find you, being they have two family members who are proficient in IT, and a disposable email address. This way you’re not spammed to death at your actual email. They sell your physical address to junk mailers. And if they have your phone number on that CC , bank debit, or PayPal account information, they sell that to cold callers. But if reba takes a real hate for you, as she did for me, it can get worse. I’ll say this so as not to invite a lawsuit from Greg Head and Monarch LLC and his nut staff online @ CF.Net family. I got into a disagreement with reba and the next day after I had turned my computer off after logging out of the CF.NET site, I got bluescreen! My whole computer was wiped out. And when I went to the library to check my email I found an email from CF.NET informing me I’d been banned for violating TOS. Terms of Service. The next week that card I used to donate one time was compromised. My bank called to let me know my card had been declined on a sale in a totally different state thousands of miles away. And I’ve got junk mail, SPAM in my inbox and junk folder, and cold call phishing scammers telephoning me. All becasue my legal name, physical address, phone number, were given to CF.NET when I donated a meager amount of money after first joining thinking they were actually a Christian site. This site boasts in its banner, Oneness. But if you post as a Oneness doctrine Christian you’ll be attacked. If you post that you believe the bible when you’re told God predestined those who would come to his son Jesus, as scripture says, you’ll be accused of being a Calvinist. Then you’re a target. Becasue the Head clan are Arminian’s and Roman Catholics. But you’d swear they are atheists because if that’s “Christ like” as in, Christian’s meaning and the form it should take, then Jesus was the goat headed Devil. Those people are bad! Don’t join. Or if you do and find out I’m right, all I can say is, told ya so!

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