Christopher David for Congress 2012

Christopher David for Congress 2012

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Published: 09 February 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

Iu2019m here to warn everyone about Christopher David. I worked for Christopher David during the 2018 election cycle, and Iu2019ve heard from many leaders that he plans on running again in 2014. He currently has a website up, albeit a minimal one. Iu2019ve known about Christopheru2019s shortcomings for a while, but I chose to keep it private, believing it a personal matter for me to resolve. However, after seeing how heu2019s defrauded and lied to so many people in 2012, I canu2019t stand by and watch him do it all over again in 2014. He is a truly despicable individual and I urge you to not make the same mistake I did by supporting him in 2012. Hereu2019s a few reasons why: When Chris first brought me on board to the campaign in January of 2012, my main task was fundraising. I started by compiling a list of people who had shown some interest in his campaign. I started contacting various Republican donors that I had known in the past and having lunch with them and asking them for donations. This was not successful because 1) They wanted to meet Chris and have Chris articulate points, and 2) Chris refused to meet people. As a result during the early stages of our campaign, we raised no money. Chris however, spent a lot of his own money, made promises to other people and/or organizations to pay them money, then overextended himself by spending more money. Moreover, Chris has a bad tendency of living extravagantly and not having the means to pay those expenses off.(More on that in a bit) Christopher says heu2019s an u201centrepreneuru201d, and claims to have an online marketing company named Victory Online where he performs SEO and online marketing for lawyers. He has transitioned this to marketing for political candidates, but to this day has yet to produce a Balance Sheet, Statement of Cash Flows or Income Statement for his business. His business has no website, no contact information, and might be incorporated in another state, specifically Maryland. Thus because his business is at best a shadow business, he has little to no income from his business. Thus, during the 2018 election cycle, Chris used campaign donations to fund his lifestyle. (FEC violation) A cardinal example of Chris’ gross management of money and expenses was the week of Valentines Day 2012. On Valentines Day, Chris took his then girlfriend to the Terranea resort down in Palos Verdes. The Terranea costs around $300 – $500 a night with additional resort fees and many other amenity costs. Chris used the Terranea as a home base to campaign and meet Republican leaders and groups during that week. I was with him the entire time (with the exception of nights where I would drive back home). Chris thought that in that week he would be able to raise 50k through various meetings with Republican leaders and groups. Though the week was incredibly productive from a research/informational/PR perspective, Chris did not raise any money during that period. He continued to dine out in expensive buffets and pay for his girlfriend’s spa treatments however. When Chris attempted to extend the stay at the Terranea on 02/19/2012, they would not allow him to citing that his credit card had been denied. When they attempted to have Chris pay the bill after twenty minutes of back and forth, he and his girlfriend took everything and left the resort leaving the resort to assume the unpaid balance. I’m pretty sure that the 10k+ bill racked up at the Terranea resort has still not been paid off. Because Chris did not make any money, and continued to rack up debt, there was a period in which Chris could not afford to pay his own rent and thus became homeless. This happened a few days before the California Republican Party convention in Burlingame on the 24th of February 2012. Chris took off a few days before the convention and stayed at hotels on the way up. During the trip, Chris cancelled two Republican events in Los Angeles so he could go vacation with his girlfriend. (Oddly enough, this vacation is documented in a video on Youtube). After the convention, Chris still did not have a stable living situation so Chris stayed at various motels throughout Los Angeles for the next month and a half, adding up further debt. At one point, Chris even drove to Las Vegas (cancelling a speaking engagement with one student group ) because he could not find a hotel cheaper than $30 a night in Los Angeles (so his brilliant idea was driving 400+ miles out to stay at a cheaper hotel, I know..). Every time Chris cancelled an event, I covered for him (attending on his behalf, speaking on his behalf). I have lost count the number of times that happened. It is very likely from February through June of 2012, Chris stayed in hotels all at the donoru2019s expense because he himself didnu2019t have an apartment or a job. (FEC violation, again) Lastly, during the time I worked for him, Christopher David never paid me any money despite the fact I performed all duties as his campaign manager. I am currently filing a report with the EDD for that portion. However, that wasnu2019tu2019 the worst part: Christopher David stole money from me. He originally agreed to charge a certain amount of money onto my credit card for campaign costs, to which I knew about. However upon obtaining my credit card number, he charged up costs in excess of $3769 through a period of 4 months until August of 2012. I asked him on four separate occasions to stop, but he did not stop and continued charging my credit card. I left the campaign in April and he said he would pay me back. He has not to this date. On April 23rd of 2012, I had Christopher sign a contract. The contract stipulated that he is in debt to me in the amount of $5,095.16 (which includes the money he stole from me and other costs he had charged to me), and I charged him interest and late fees. That contract has been breached several times, and I am currently filing a judgment against him. I called American Express to cancel the charges for they continued even after Christopher signed the contract. I filed a report with American Express. American Express then instructed me to file a police report, which I did July of 2012. This is only a few stories compares to numerous others I have about Christopher Davidu2019s lies. If you wish to know more, send me a message. I have emails, texts, and documents all stored per my attorneyu2019s suggestions. I urge you all to NOT support in any way this fraud. Donu2019t accept his friend requests, donu2019t give him any attention, and most of all DONu2019T give him your hard earned money, Heu2019s angered many people and organizations during the 2018 cycle (including political groups, more of his volunteers, his consultants, and even his own supporters), and from what I can tell he has not learned his lesson at all. Donu2019t make the same mistake I did. He didnu2019t give a crap about me (his most ardent supporter), he doesnu2019t give a crap about the movement, and he didnu2019t give a crap about anyone in the district he was running in. Heu2019s doing this all for himself and his personal vainglory. Support candidates who care. Not ones who could care less.

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