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Christopher's heating & Air

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Published: 12 August 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

In 12/2018 my dual mini split system stopped blowing heat or air so I went to the manufacturer website and found Christopher Heating & Air on their certified technician list. Christopher came out and for a fee of $75 determined that my system had a Freon leak and that for $300 he would recharge and fix the leak. Once the leak was u201crepairedu201d Christopher claimed he performed a pressure test that would assure that the system had no other issues and was not leaking. He claimed that his equipment to perform this pressure test was very expensive and felt 100% confident that he had fixed the issue. He verbally assured me and my partner that if we had any issues when summer came to give him a call and he would address. In approximately May of 2018 when we went to use the air conditioning the system was no longer blowing cold air. We attempted to contact Christopher several times and at first he indicated he would come and take a look. After several weeks of attempting to schedule a time, he out of the blue left a message indicating that he wanted to refer us to another colleague since he felt that this other person would be more u201cqualifiedu201d as he felt that the system was going to need to be replaced. This was very perplexing to us especially since Christopher seemed so competent and assuring when he charged us $375 that the leak was the issue and even stated that he felt as long as the system was maintained we would get 20 to 30 year use out of it. Never was there any mention that the system may need to be completely replaced. This voicemail is still available. In fact, if he thought that may be the case, I am not sure why he would even perform the service he did? In any case, after being told he wanted to refer us to another and essentially feeling like he did not warranty his work as verbally indicated, we had another air conditioner person come to service the system. This individual did not charge any fee to recharge the system and indicated that in several weeks they would be back to check to see if the charge held and if not then determine where the leak was. This person further indicated that he would put a complaint in at LG , the manufactureru2019s website to request Christopher Heating & Air be removed as he felt he should have come back out since the Freon leak still exists or at the least recharged the system to see if it leaked out again. He also stated that the system definitely did not need to be replaced. In any case, I text Christopher and informed that I was dissatisfied with his work and lodged a complaint on 1 website and would be positing my dissatisfaction on other websites unless we mitigated. He immediately responding asking if I wanted my money back in which I replied yes. From there, he accused me of attempting to extort him and that he was going to file a complaint against me and then started threatening me that he was going to contact the city to validate that I had permits for my air conditioning systems. I have never hired someone with such poor customer service skills and zero tact. In the back and forth text, I indicated many times, I simply wanted to mitigate my displeasure with the service I felt he provided and his responses have consisted of threats and attempting to make me out as an extortionist. I can only imagine how many other people he has ripped off and then passed on to another air conditioning person to clean up or actually perform what he does not. All text are also available and I will definitely be requesting LG remove him as one of their certified technicians on their website.

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