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Published: 30 September 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

I am someone who has sold Cindi (Cin, Cynthia, Cindy, or whoever she is) a puppy in the past. Me selling to her is the BIGGEST regret I have ever done as a breeder. She has slander, lied, and did false reports on me just because of revenge. Because she regretted spending a certain amount of money on the puppy she bought from me and because she believes I was spreading rumors about her puppies she decided to write false reports about me and the puppy in question. She resold the dog and I was able to get the right and updated information on the puppy in question from the new owner, which allowed me to dispute and prove her allegations were false. This includes a false report she sent to BBB. In her reports, I was able to provide proof against all of her allegations and she provided not even 1 little proof to support her claims, even when I begged her to provide something. She then decided to do her disappear act and not tell the truth to close the claims. I guess after she did her dirty work to ruin my reputation she did her job and have nothing else to say??? She has tried to go after my reputation and over 3 other breeder’s reputation who have sold to her, including someone named Debi, who sold her 4 dogs (3 of them who she tried to resell after 2 months), a breeder in Houston (who she said sold her a 2 month old pup that was actually 4 months), and a breeder south of Austin who she claims sold her a golden yorkie who had bad papers and lied about some the lines. She has bought and resold (or tried to resell) almost every single one of her yorkies in the past year within months of getting them (This is 7+ dogs, not including the Maltese’ she tried to resell), She majority of the time she blamed the reasons on those breeders behind the scenes to people, such as to me when we were so called friends. I have no idea what is wrong with this person, I’m not sure if she’s bipolar, slightly psychotic, or just plain crazy. Normal people do not do stuff like this. She will literally act all sweet one minute and crazy the next. She will blatantly lie and try to turn around a story so she can be the victim. And it’s like she believes her own lies, even though she can’t produce one iota of proof. She will stick with it to the end or ignore the proof against her claims, just walking away, not giving a d**n that she just ruin their reputation. She actual believes she is doing good, even if it means lying. I have NEVER met someone like her before. She will act like your best friend when she wants something and turn evil if you don’t act sweet and nice to her. She took a situation where I tried to help her and made it into a bigger thing, making it seem like I was spreading rumors on her, She was OK with me helping her at first until people who didn’t put deposits on her puppies decided to not buy from her. That’s when she turned crazy on me. She started to cause problems on facebook. I don’t like drama so I told her to not contact me anymore and blocked her. That is when the real psychotic craziness really started coming out. I should have listened to her when she told me I shouldn’t make her angry when I asked why she was being vindictive… She started spreading rumors, making false reports, and trying to claim I was reporting her ads and doing stuff to her, etc. Every single thing she was saying were lies. Not even one part was the truth and none of it she could provide proof about. The reports were different and her lies changed. One report was that the puppy (who was only 4 1/2months when she started creating problems) was only 4lbs grown and that I forced her to get her. Another report was that she was a mix, I forced her to get her, I lied about her adult size (even though she wasn’t even 5months yet), that I made her send me more money before she bought the dog, that she couldn’t even sell the dog for $800, that I did this to other people, etc. EVERY SINGLE thing she said was a lie and she would come up with the craziest stories. I blocked her because I could see the drama and craziness seeping out, so I told her not to contact me anymore. The whole time we were speaking, she never accused me any of the false allegations she then tried to report me for. In fact, she ended up selling the dog for at least $2000 for breeding a few weeks later and bragged about her temperament. I made sure to save a few screenshots of that post. I want to say BUYER AND SELLER BEWARE!!! This person doesn’t act or think like a normal person. She is very evil and vindictive. When I provided proof against all of her claims on facebook, she deleted her facebook account, her posts, and deleted all the proof, and then went back to her old account. Luckily, I knew to save majority of her lies through a video and through screenshots. She is SWEET and nice at first, but it changed with the snap of fingers. She still has not retracted her lies and claims and she is still going after people’s character and reputation with different lies. She had moved onto a new person named Debi, who also called her crazy. If you speak with her or do any dealings with her, do so through TEXT, emails, or private messaging. DON’T talk on the phone with her, if you do so, speak very little. Having everything in writing might one day protect you from her lies. I have been going back and forth with possibly taking her to court for defamation and slander. I will leave it alone for now, because many people have came to me for the proof I provided about her false claims and lies, and now they know that I was telling the truth, but if she decides to lie and attack my reputation again, I will do what I must.

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