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Published: 02 July 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

My friend, a young, vibrant woman of 37 years old, died in February of Breast Cancer. She died a slow and torturous death. She was not given Chemotherapy. She was without insurance and we called everyone. We called every charity. No one would assist us. She was diagnosed with breast cancer after experiencing shoulder pain. She was starting a new job. She was a mother of 5. Her husband had left her. That’s when she went to the doctor to find out why her shoulder kept hurting. She lived a good lifestyle. A wholesome lifestyle. She didn’t smoke or drink. She was a good mother to her 5 children and was trying to make it on her own. She became sick 3 months before her insurance on her job was to kick in. She had to wait several months to try and get Medicaid to accept her. She lost her place and moved in with family. We called everyone to try and help. Churches. Charities. Susan Komen for the Cure. The American Cancer Association. EVERYONE. Yet no one could assist us with finding a doctor to treat her. These organizations are SHAMS. They do nothing but GET YOUR MONEY. The cancer spread to her lungs. Her liver. She kept going back and forth to the hospital. But by that time they told her there was nothing they could do. They hadn’t done anything to begin with. They gave her pain medication and sent her home to die. She died February 20, 2012. One year after being diagnosed with Breast Cancer. The cancer left untreated had caused her skin to bubble up and turn black in areas. I FAULT THE AMERICAN PEOPLE. THEY HAVE PLACED PROFIT OVER PEOPLE. THEY CARE NOTHING FOR THE POOR. NEVER HAVE. THIS COUNTRY WAS BUILT ON THE BACKS OF SLAVES. YET THEY STILL MISTREAT BLACKS AND MINORITIES. THIS IS A GREEDY, CORRUPT SYSTEM. THEY TOUT THE HEALTHCARE SYSTEM IN THIS COUNTRY AS SUPPOSEDLY BEING THE BEST IN THE WORLD. IT IS NOT. OTHER COUNTRIES ARE MORE MERCIFUL. TO ALL THE COLD HEARTED EVIL REPUBLICANS I KNOW WILL SPAM THIS POST WHO WILL SAY GO SOMEPLACE ELSE I SAY I SHOULDN’T HAVE TO. THE GOVERNMENT BUILDS HOSPITALS IN FOREIGN COUNTRIES BUT CARES NOTHING FOR THE SCORES OF POOR WHO CAN’T ACCESS A DOCTOR. WHERE’S THE HUMANITY IN THAT? THEY LET HER DIE. I WILL NEVER FORGIVE THE REPUBLICANS. NEVER. EVER. NOR THE GREEDY HEALTHCARE INDUSTRY. IF SO MANY DOCTORS WEREN’T CHEATING THE SYSTEM MORE PEOPLE COULD BE COVERED. COSTS WOULD GO DOWN. I RECENTLY READ ABOUT AN ENT DOCTOR THAT WHEN HE SHINES A LIGHT UP YOUR NOSE HE LISTS THAT AS A SURGERY AND CHARGES MEDICAID $1,500.00. FOR SOMETHING THAT TOOK 2 SECONDS. ALL DOCTORS DO THIS. THOSE GREEDY, HEARTLESS B*******. SHAME, SHAME, SHAME.

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