City of Pittsburgh

City of Pittsburgh

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Published: 24 January 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

the city of pittsburgh inspecter Russel blaich has been out to look at the conditions of a home at pittsburgh pa 15212 and posted a must be condemed sign on the front of back in april 2017 then came out to the property agian three or four moor times following the steps they needed to about the violations of pittsburgh pa 15212 and still nothing done the home at is dangerous to other people’s homes and all the rain the is going inside the roof of is flooding the property at however the people who own it keep getting further chances but the other home owner who is next to that home is in danger and it is fire hazzardous as the water is running into the electrical outlets of | outscam please look into this because the city dont seem to care and my grandpa already was rushed to the st margeretts hospital for electrical shock from all the rain going into the roof of and linking in to the man named russel blaich is the inspector from the city who been out to see the property 8 times and they keep giving so many excuses please my sister is handycapped and her bathroom in her apartment at is sinked in she is now in a leg cast because getting out of her tub she didnt know that the floor was sinking as well black mold all through just because the city didnt still do somethng about please post this make them do something thank you

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