Citywide Maintenance of North Georgia

Citywide Maintenance of North Georgia

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Published: 15 January 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

Here it is straight and to the point. I signed on to work with this guy, and he advised that he get’s 15% of each facility and you get the rest. Out of the rest you pay your own payroll, your own liability insurance, and your own equipment plus cleaning supplies. he then added that you have to pay him deposits on the buildings which you pay down as he deducts a monthly chunk until all buildings are paid. Once my wife and I left, we felt like it wouldn’t be agood idea because his favorite wordin the entire meeting was “deductions.” He would deduct, and deduct, and deduct til there was nothing to deduct so we decided against going with him. Scott called a couple of weeks later and asked what happened, to which I replied to him that I felt out of all his deducting I wouldn’t make any money. He asked me to come back into the office and advises my wife and me that he has changed lives with the way he helps people. Well I quickly found out how he changes lives, He gave me a building which he claims he was about to lose and I started on a Saturday. This was almost 2 years ago and they have been happy with my work for almost 2 years. They were so happy that they only communicated with me only and not with him so his sole intemt was to remove me from the account to avoid losing it to me, though I would never have done that. He continued giving me building after building but would not pay for the initial cleanings, nor would he make allowances for extra staffing and expenses for these buildings which meant I would be cleaning 4 or 5 buildings but paying staff and supplies for those 4 or 5 buildings out of salary for 1 or 2 buildings. He then finally gave an advance on my pay but rather than take the money back out over the next 4 months so I could catch up, he continued taking it out every month to keep me in the hole the entire time. | It turns out though that the reason my money always never seemed to be right, is we found out that he routinely takes 45% on these accounts. How do you treat people like that? He then would only allow white contractors into my accounts to do floor work, carpet cleaning etc, even though he Knew I was more than equipped to do this work, and had seen my work, He had even ordered me to stop buffing and cleaning floors in my buildings because he hadn’t charged customers for it, and called it “Lost revenue.” I found it odd that he would only use outside white contractors even though he continued to get more accounts off my work with certain large companies with multiple locations. | Recently since I have made respectful complaints about not being paid for specialty work I have been ordered to do for free, and asked why i was not being allowed to do specialty work in the locations where I spend 7 days a week, he decided to punish me by removing me from the large accounts. I accepted gracefully since I was being underpaid and working 70 hours a week, and when those large accounts complained about the drop in quality in service he tried me to go back into those accounts still without fair compensation and I would not do that to myself or my workers. He uses you as a so called subcontractor but your position is labelled “Crew Chief” which to me means you and your crew are employees. He is in your accounts constantly and many of the customers do not like that, ot him, but he claims thay are not happy with the work and that’s why they are unhappy with him. I even told him one of the customers doesn’t like him being upstairs in their accounting area and up in the face of those women up there but he paid no heed to that warning. He wanted to with hold all of my salary in July for work I had done in June claiming that I had let my insurance lapse over the past year. | Well I am a crew chief, I had liability insurance but to me, since I am a crew chief of your crews, you owe us worker’s comp coverage. You can’t continue to mismanage your accounts and your business and pass the loss on to others. You can’t keep taking money from people that they’ve worked for because of your greed. You can’t treat people unfairly because you don’t like what they look like. You can’t bring your child into a job site, and belittle a grown black man in front of that child and then ask your son:so do you have any instructions for this guy?” Does that remind anyone of slave master mentality? You can’t keep adding on to the scope of work, which you never give out so no one knows what the scope of work is to allow you to keep adding on without paying for the extra work. When I refused to allow him to keep my salary that I need to feed and house my family, he asked for the keys to my Buildings. I have him on tape doing it, which is legal in The State of Georgia. Someone has to blow the whistle on these people, and my willingness to blow that whistle to warn others about this and to refuse being treated unlawfully cost me my employment. I have time and time again asked for the night manager spot, but he has continued to refuse that job to me though I am more than qualified. He doesn’t seem to ever be able to find qualified blacks to work in his office or on his direct payroll.

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