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Published: 04 August 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

ATTENTION! There seems to be a huge problem with self proclamed idiots trying to algerining innocent folks from their personal walk with the lord. This particular Cult leader CK , Kim or DR fraud which ever you want to “call him!” He is running a huge church scam. Plagerizing others hard work , plagerizing innocent victims testomonies , steals off of other web-sites, calling all CATHOLICS satanist/occultist, bashes people on his prayer line, does not give victims their privacy instead he uses them as trophies and brags about what he did! With this con-artist he verbally abuses his victims He gets them so scared that they become muted because he wants them to walk away from their friends and family. Does direct attacks on victims saying” if you walk away from me jesus will be angry and you will get seven demons sent after you!” Then he sends his little followers , who he broke his promised “no one will no.” Well guess what they already know. Bomb up your in box and wall with messages wanting u to follow their ways and not think for ur self.This man thinks ALL DEMONS ARE UFO’S. HE thinks BIG FOOT is satan. There is a lot of mental abuse with this guy he will program anything into your head and when he’s done with you. He will put u on block Use your full name in a fake testimony he re wrote him self. Say its copy wirrten by the owner when its not! Use their data when its not written any where on signed contracts to use. The man runs a web site called “Deliverance Ministries Group” you will find shocking testomonies re written being abused and all his stolen stuff on there. Of course he wants the public to think Jesus set them free! This is what really goes on behind the scene as the public would not see it! He tells his clients bogus stuff like your possessed u need a exorcisim. You will need a deliverence from being Catholic. You will need a deliverence from UfO violations etc! Get ready for this one he has them all call up on a prayer line records these devistating calls and gives exorcisims, deliverences baptosims up over the phone. Then puts all these recordings on you tube for others to listen as this man is running his big scam. People like that are not taken seariously nore should any one buy his fallen angelsufo books all garbage . This cult leader is so bad he buy’s all his stolen doctrins online and loves using the Book of Enoch! When people question him on proof to his clames , he shows zero and calls people trolls! Well MR. Fraud. What you do to people is sick and verbally attacking people , feeding on innocent victims , u clame u set everyone free but what u fail to say “after I use them get what I want block them!” After all is forgotten I use there data and put it on my web site! Yeah people tend to not for get about those sort of things and the scams you pulled along with the long list of lies too! Not to mention the huge list of credentials with nothing to back it up with! * Beaware of this guy he will break your spirit and ur free will! Its less talk about the bible and more verbal mind control with him. His ways are no where being holy that’s for sure. He will talk bad about every religion down to the Pope that GOD hates everyone else but him! He is full of hate, full of pride and is very devious. Stay far away from him and get out of his cult the damage will be a lot worse once your eyes are opened!

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