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Published: 15 February 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

On March 31 2006, My brand new Pontiac G-6 was in a car accident and my car was towed to Gardens towing. I wanted to take my vehicle to Pontiac Shumacher. Yet I was told that the car would be about a 2 month wait. So I spoke to my adjuster Eddie Brock who recomended CLAIMS AMERICA. Eddie denies it now of course. I was told if I take my car to this repair shop they would give me a break on my deductable. I said to Eddie if this is on the AIG list okay, let’s do it. He then told Mike in Gardens towing to tow the car to Claims America. So when I go to Claims America I speak with the man who claims to be the owner. Before I signed anything I told him i wanted my car to be totaled out he said that my car was 3 thousand dollars from being totaled out and if the car had 3 more thousand dollars then he would of had the car totaled out. Yet he tells me the car only substained 8.900 dollars damage and he told me the car is repaired at the dealership. Little did I know that’s a lie that they sub out the work meaning they call about 100 body shops up and find out who will do the work the cheapest. So he makes a profit in his pocket also. He didn’t tell me his company doesn’t do the repairs that they sub it out. So because my car is a 2006 car they had to order new parts. It took them about a month to get the parts but within that time they discover more damage done to the vehicle which the vehicle damage is 11,480. No work is done to the car yet, my insurance company fails to tell me that they sent out an apraiser for the 3rd time, who finds more sub-frame damage to the vehicle. So I call Claims America and they tell me that there is more damage. So I call AIG and my claims agent is Erika Parson I tell her to tell them not to start any work on the vehicle and to stop the check because the car needs to be totaled out. Erika Parson calls me back and tells me that the appraiser said the car is not a totaled car and the auto body has already started work on the car when the auto body shop told me they do not do the work at the facility and they are sending the work to fort lauderdale. Platinum Paint & Body 1101 Nw 51st Street Fort Lauderdale, FL 33309 to have the work done on it. Ao AIG lied to me and told me the car was worked on when it wasn’t because Claims America are not a licensed auto body shop they only can only send the work out to a auto body facility. So AIG intentionally lied to me. So after 3 months Claims America said the car was completed and it failed the AIG inspection. AIG went to Claims America and said the body work is not acceptable and also gave Claims America another check to bring up the total of the car to 12,200. So Claims America sent the car to another body shop facility to repair the work done originally done by Platinum Paint & Body Now I don’t know where. After 100 days the car is not finished they told me the car would be completed 9 different times. CLAIMS AMERICA TOLD ME THAT IF THE CAR HAD 3 THOUSAND DOLLARS MORE DAMAGE THEY WOULD HAVE TOTALED OUT THE CAR. YET WITHOUT WORKING ON. IT’S DISGUSTING HOW THE INSURED GET SCREWED I AM A TOTAL VICTIM AND I DO NOT REMEMBER WHAT MY CAR EVEN LOOKS LIKE! STAY AWAY FROM CLAIMS AMERICA AND AIG INSURANCE Adam Royal Palm Beach, FloridaU.S.A.

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