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Published: 22 August 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

lThis company, especially Scott Wigginton, fraudulently misrepresents his real estate through deceptive trade practices. The Ranches of Montauk Park in Missouri were misrepresented in their ad on eBay, and on their website, by stating there was a community well, which, after many buyers moved from various states, we found out this was not the case. When we all spoke with Scott Wigginton by phone before we moved, he confirmed this. The website even showed this on the land platte. After we all got here (7 families total), we quickly determined this to be untrue, and all complained. He denied he ever confirmed this verbally, and quickly changed the land platte on the website and removed the community well. (I have both plattes). After the property was sold, he changed the lot numbers, so now the lot numbers on our contracts do not reflect the lot numbers now on the website. 3 of us went to the Dent Co. Tax Assessor office and found out that none of the property has ever been recorded, not in Scott Wigginton’s name or Classic Country Land, and there is no record of the subdivision we live in “The Ranches of Montauk Park”. The ladies in the office were very kind, and said they felt sorry for us, and referred to Scott Wigginton as a “crook”. They also said that the same thing was happening in Houston, MO (Texas Co), not far from where we are located. We now have a neighbor who is fencing off two properties other than the one he owns. We have since found out, through the Dent Co. Surveyor, that none of these properties have ever been surveyed, nor can they ever be, so once this neighbor puts a fence up, it stays up, because it can’t properly be surveyed, which means we can’t contest the fence nor file an injunction. We have called EVERY surveyor in the phone book, and they have all said that they won’t touch this property with a 10 ft pole, and also referred to Scott Wigginton as a crook. (Even the Dent Co. Surveyor referred to Scott Wigginton as a crook. This has now caused such a conflict of boundary wars, that the sheriff called Classic Country Land and told them that the company MUST survey this land in order to have the boundaries enforced. This boundary war has so incensed Scott Wigginton that he has gone to the extreme of forcing the landowner that I have had a 15 year lease, for the last 2 years, to try and illegally evict me, even though I have paid monthly payments on time, and have not broken the lease. He did this by threatening them with a lawsuit stating that my lease with them had broken their contract for deed. I hired a lawyer, who informed me this is a worthless threat, my lease is legal and valid. Scott Wigginton broke the law by selling land that was never surveyed, as is most of the land that he sells online. He even had the audacity to call me on the phone to threaten me, not even caring that I have a mentally challenged daughter who he is trying to force off the property illegally. Before you consider buying property from this company, which also goes under the name of Texas Land Co., read over the requirements of the ILSFDA (Interstate Land Sales Full Disclosure Act), which was prompted by an increase in land sale scams over the internet and the U.S Mail system, passed by Congress in the 1960s and specifically regards land sales of underdeveloped land. Classic Country Land, LLC, does not follow these guidelines, and because of this, is now under investigation by the Missouri Attorney General’s office, as well as the Missouri HUD office. I am helping with the investigation, as well as other land owners that I have contacted who are also suffering from the fraudelent practices of this real estate company. Just so you know Scott, I am moving by May 1, 2012, not because you are forcing me too (which legally you are not), and not because you are so immature that you think your harassment of me or my daughter intimidate me. I am moving because there is no future out here, and many of the homeowners are wondering the same thing. Who wants to pay on a contract for deed that has the wrong lot numbers on them, has false GPS coordinates instead of properly legal surveys, is not recorded with the county and may never be. Many of us are retirees who are concerned on whether we actually own land that we can pass to our heirs. You have taken the enjoyment out of our lives, and have replaced it with worries and concern. You should be ashamed of yourself, and my hope is this complaint saves at least one person from falling into your scam. But, my biggest hope is that you find it illegal to sell land in this beautiful state of Missouri any longer, and in the other states that you scam future land owners.

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