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Published: 01 November 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

In October of 2006 I bought a new 2006 Mazdaspeed 6 from McDonald Mazda in Littleton Colorado. When I purchased the car, there was no moonroof installed. I asked to have one put in by the dealership and paid $1,500 to have it installed. When I brought the car in to have the moonroof installed, there was no reference that the moonroof was going to be an aftermarket product. There is no paperwork to support that. When I picked up my car in November of 2006, I was handed a packet from Classic Soft Trim by McDonald and was told that they don’t do sunroofs and used aftermarket companies that they trusted.In June of 2007 I had my car in for gravel damage due to a truck who dumped gravel on my car. There was substantial damage to the car including the roof. Alpine-Collision repaired my car.In August of 2007, my sunroof stopped working. It wouldn’t open/shut or operate at all. I called Classic Soft Trim and they arranged to have the sunroof repaired. They picked up my vehicle on 9/10/2007 and returned it 9/11/2007. I do not have copies of the work that they have done but I have phone records and the Corporate Classic Trim company has records as well.In May of 2009, my sunroof stopped working again. Since I was out of warranty, I decided not to get it fixed. In June of 2017 I noticed several rust spots and bubbling around my sunroof. My roof also started leaking and dripping into my driver’s side of the car.I called McDonald Mazda in August of 2017 asking for Classic Soft Trim to fix my car. On September 10th I dropped my Mazda Speed6 off at McDonald Mazda and they had Classic Soft Trim look at my car. On Tuesday, September 21, McDonald Mazda let me know that the sunroof company would not fix my car because it had been painted by Alpine Collision. I picked up the vehicle on Friday, September 24th.On Friday, September 24th I called Bruno at Alpine Collision and faxed him the work order from 6/2007 on Monday, September 27th, 2010. I also brought the car in on Thursday, September 30th for him to look at the vehicle.The final conclusion is that Classic Soft Trim will not take responsibility of the sunroof and rusted, leaking roof because it was painted however Classic Soft Trim was the last ones to touch my car. When I brought the car in for moonroof service in 9/2007, wouldn’t they have seen that the seal was compromised and not work on my car? Also, I’ve contacted Classic Soft Trim several times from September 21, 2017 to September 30th, 2017 asking for a copy of the work order from their service to my car on 9/10/2010. I have yet to see any paperwork. Apparently they don’t keep paperwork after a certain period. Alpine Collision is only willing to pay for 1/3 of the damage because he thinks there are 3 parties responsible. I’ve exhausted all my avenues of trying to get this resolved. Not one of the three companies involved are willing to take responsibility for the damage to my moonroof. Had I known that this would be an aftermarket mooonroof and not factory installed, I would never of agreed to buy it and compromise the integrity of my car.Attached is a link of photos of my[email protected]/sets/72157624635962245/

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