Classified Kings

Classified Kings

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Published: 01 April 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

FACTS ABOUT CLASSIFIED KINGS – CRAIGSLIST AD POSTING SERVICE | They took $965 from me and refuse to refund or give services because I filed a Paypal dispute on them. | They have no customer service so it’s very easy and convenient to blow off the clients once they get your payment. | Hard to contact on the phone. Never answer emails unless its beneficial to them. | Ran by 2 guys who always claim to be “out of town right now.” | I paid $965 to renew a 750 ad pack from Classified Kings Craigslist Ad Posting Service. | This company is ran and operated by a guy who calls himself Chris Lance Allen on Google. | I became impatient after I approved the proof but stopped hearing from them and didn’t see any ads posted after 5-6 days. | They kept emailing the same $965 invoice I just paid and kept asking me to approve the proof I had already approved so I knew something was wrong. | After not hearing from them for another 2 days, I filed a Paypal dispute. | They got furious, began to email me threats, and are now claiming the $965 was for ad creation only. | That’s a flat out lie. | I’m pretty sure you work hard for your money like me so don’t waste your time or take chances with these scam artists, so-called “internet ad posters.” | Read these emails before you use Classified Kings craigslist ad posting service! | Dont get scammed like me! | They are fast talking wise guys who will use their “one-button software” to flag your own ads if you ever piss them off. | ClassifiedKings 1:19 AM (18 hours ago) | Jay, i think you need to take it easy there big guy. I would strongly recommend not charging back. We never lose chargebacks. Chris is calling you in the morning. I offered to refund you a few days ago and you declined. If you chargeback youll simply make Chris angry and we will not refund you.. | The problem is Jay. We run a million bucks a year through PayPal and never lost a chargeback. we have only had three attempts ever… So now you lose double time. We keep your money and we will show PayPal the work we completed for you. Way to f**k yourself over there bud. | ClassifiedKings 1:35 AM (18 hours ago) | We arent paying your money or posting your ads since you charged back. The terms of service is for image creation theres nothing about posting. Also since you charged back we will also wipe your a*s off CL for life. This is what we call shitlisted. Ill call you tomorrow if you have the balls to pick your phone up and ill explain how bad you just lost out. Bad move man. Chris was going to call you tomorrow and get your posting settled out. Now ya lost. We keep your money and you get no ads. | Classified Kings 7:14 PM (55 minutes ago) | Dood you are way out of line first off we dont flag thats for the desis we have no time in our life to deal with flagging or any of the other bullshit second we offer you a great service your the one being an asswipe not us, you are pushy rude and out of line we will blow the internet up on your businesses if you want to test us go ahead and see what happens you will never install atv or sell a stick we are done with you want nothing to do with you, you filed your charge back, have at it we dont care use someone else to handle your ads we have no time for your bs and threats have a nice life and good luck we wish you the best and wish you would have stayed with us as we always look after our clients | During our initial conversation, Chris Lance Allen told me that Craigslist Kings ad posting service has automated software for posting and flagging Craigslist ads if needed. | In this last email posted here, he blatently threatened to post lies online to try to bring my company down in response to filing this Paypal dispute. | As you plainly see, they are reckless scam artists and abuse the Craigslist system by bullying and flagging people they do not like and over-posting ads for those that pay. | If you dispute them or report them, they will threaten you, flag your Craigslist ads, and attempt to intimidate you. | Craigslist Kings ad posting service’s owner was emotional, inconsiderate and did not deliver. | Craigslist Kings ad posting service got pissed at the Paypal dispute and began flagging my own ads that my assistant posts for me! | Hours later, they are attempting to make amends after cursing me out in several emails. | This last email shows they are disrespectful liars and are extremely prejudice to Indians, even calling them “desis.” | Be careful of scam artists online like this. | Beware who you allow to promote your business and post your ads on Craigslist. It may come back to haunt you.

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