Clinique Sculpture William J. Seare MD

Dr. William Seare is an arrogant surgeon!

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Published: 02 July 2019

Posted by: Carrie

He doesn’t do the procedures himself. I had visited his clinic to get a facelift and I ended up with a botched surgery which I’ll need to get treated again. He let a rookie handle my case who messed up the procedure and ruined my face completely. He apologized to me but didn’t issue me any refund or anything of that sort. He is deceiving his patients. He is a liar who is taking money from people for doing nothing. He claims that he is an expert but when he doesn’t do the procedures at all then what’s the use of all that expertise? What’s the use of knowing something when you’re not going to be doing that? Instead of him, your case is handled by a 20-something person who might be probably doing their first cosmetic procedure on you. I didn’t visit his clinic to get treated by a rookie. I wanted expert treatment but instead of that, I got treatment from a kid, who messed everything up. I can’t go out anymore because I look like a new Michael Jackson. My face looks like a cartoon character and it’s so terrible that I couldn’t even look at myself in the mirror. When you can’t even look at yourself, you reach a new low in life. My friends have been really supportive so I have to thank them. But Dr. William is a horrible person. He shouldn’t be allowed to run a surgery clinic. He claims to be a celebrity surgeon as well. Visit his website and it’s full of his boastful claims. I was fooled by those claims as well.

Until after I got the procedure done, Dr. William was acting as if he’d be doing the procedure. When the procedure finished and when I came to find out that the end result was so horrible, I complained about it to him. His clinic shows you a 3D picture of your face as to what your face will look like after the procedure. My face looked nothing like that. When I asked him about the procedure, he told me that he hadn’t done it at all. His clinic took no responsibility for that horrible surgery. He told me that one of his students had done the procedure. He even showed me the student and showed me the records which show that he hadn’t done the procedure. That guy was showing me proof that he had lied to me from the start. And I was speechless. I didn’t know what to say. He apologized to me for any inconvenience he had caused me but he also told me that his clinic wouldn’t give me the refund which I really deserve. After such a horrible and deceitful experience, I know that these people aren’t worth the risk. Don’t trust this guy and his boastful claims he is a constant liar and I don’t think you should put your face or body at risk because of his lies.

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