Cloud 9 Pomeranians and Brenda Fisher

Cloud 9 Pomeranians and Brenda Fisher

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Published: 05 February 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

Brenda Fisher as most know her on Facebook created a web page on weebly maddoggurudodo suggesting visual and verbal harm on Dogs, Brenda Fisher is her alias name ( real name unknown) is a very very evil Extreme Master Manipulating Narcissistic Sociopath Animal Abuser, Liar and Scammer. Brenda Fisher created a page suggesting harm on little innocence little Chihuahuas , This scammer Dog abuser is well known for sedating her Dog Buttons to death or was it all a scam in attacking breeder Sheila Santos , than asking funding for Buttons , Is Buttons alive , well on her new sells page Cloud 9 Pomeranians from Mississippi and her new Facebook group Pomeranians of The Southern States Buttons was indeed posted and commenting he is not for sale , Our club noticed she did not comment he had passed away which she posted a post on December 17 2019 in group We think it is called Pom Paradise she used to Admin in that Buttons passed over the Rainbow Bridge , Has there been a resurrection of this Dog Buttons. She also commented Tabitha Wakefield which was under the Facebook name Tabitha Corken her scamming Partner was with her and Buttons when Buttons passed away , Regardless Brenda Fisher likes to attack people , She likes to create false fabricated stories, and what really is the worst of all , She is no doubt a certified animal abuser and scammer. If she is selling pure bred Pomeranians , than she needs to have her own expense for veterinarian care if they become ill from her over medicating them. Those poor little Chihuahuas being beat over the head with a crow bar , buried and drowned , with her bragging about hits and visits to the maddoggurudodo weebly page she was getting,We read this was enough to make The Pomeranian Club sick to their stomachs. The Pomeranian Club has advised, Brenda Fisher should be blocked and avoided on Facebook, Don’t buy Pomeranians from her or sell Pomeranians to her it will end up sick or dead, Avoid Cloud 9 Pomeranians from Goldman, Mississippi, She also goes by her suppose to be ex-husband name Danny Fisher when her other two Facebook accounts are blocked for Facebook violation attacks, That’s if the poor guy is still around , Since she loves Charles Manson so much as we have heard. She place a $700.00 deposit on a Dog from Tammy Hobbs business Shambam Pets in Florida ,She failed to with hold the contract of the remaining payment and by law the deposit was forfeited, Brenda Fisher bought a discounted Pomeranian from Arizona breeder Sheila Santos :// that only had one working *** organ. for $500.00 and voided her contract with Tammy Hobbs , Shambam Pets. She was informed by Sheila Santos to have Buttons neutered , Instead she bred the poor guy , Because the deposit from Tammy was kept when Brenda Fisher ask for it back , She became enraged , In return this fake name person Brenda Fisher created several fake accounts and starting attacking Shambam Pets along with creating false ripoff reports and better business bureau complaints. The better business bureau finding was Tammy Hobbs had every right to keep the deposit forward. Brenda Fisher forge false court documents on Tammy, sent her emails from a fabricated Attorney, Posted attacks on her Facebook wall about Shambam Pets ripping her off. Brenda Fisher has also has attacked others on Facebook and to mention again creating the web page suggesting harm on Chihuahuas, The page was called maddoggurudodo on weebly suggesting beating a Chihuahua with a crow bar , burying Dogs and drowning Dogs. The now owner of Cloud 9 Pomeranians from Goodman, Mississippi Brenda Fisher is a very evil person , Sheila Santos was later also attacked by Brenda saying she sold Brenda a defective Dog , Brenda Fisher is a scammer along with Tabitha Wakefield both running GoFundMe and Facebook funding scams. Brenda Fisher and Tabitha Wakefield claimed the Buttons died and before he died had funding created asking for money blaming Sheila Santos she sold her a defective Dog, We also have found photo’s and posting that Buttons may be alive. If Brenda Fisher is the big shot Pomeranian Breeder from Mississippi ,owning Cloud 9 Pomeranians Why does she need funds to foot Veterinarian bills? We find these women very shady and dishonest. We advise breeders never to sell Dogs to these individuals, Because they make false claims saying the Dog is sick months after the purchase and post funding for these Dogs without proof of illness ever posted. The given address for Cloud 9 Pomeranians from Goodman, Mississippi is also deceptive and confusing when you click on to get directions it take you to a different area than Goodman Mississippi. There is no phone number listed on the page link only CONTACT BY WEBSITE OF FACEBOOK , Deposit and Contract Info has caption, I will be adding information about deposits and Purchase/Contract Agreements, Which is a red flag for any buyer to place a deposit down. Brenda Fisher ( Real Name Unknown ) Now owner of Cloud 9 Pomeranians from Goodman , Mississippi previous forges AKC American Kennel Club Certificate back on October 2 2019 under the name THE INK MASTER OF NEW ORLEANS using the name Jennie K. Carter from Addison , Alabama as Inky’s previous breeder with his birth date May 22 2914, We called the American Kennel Club 910-233-9767 We spoke to a representative , It was confirmed that no Pomeranian was ever registered under the name THE INK MASTER OF NEW ORLEANS this is forgery using a blank from the internet to create a certificate using the American Kennel Club to use Inky as a sire male dog for breeding purpose. Inky was a suppose to be street rescue Brenda Fisher claims she rescued , Her post shows clear she smeared out the contact number so Fuzzy ( Inky Brenda’s name for Him) could not find his proper home, Brenda Fisher also posted the owner did not deserve Fuzzy back , This is pathetic , They previous owners took time to post and lost and found poster of Fuzzy, instead Brenda Fisher kept the Pomeranian and went on to lie and forge papers on him with her created false stories. Many dummies bought into this fabricated story of Brenda Fisher’s lies and deception on the Inky story. Proving the papers was indeed forged , Proves the story was a cover up for a lost rescued dog that should have went back to it’s rightful owner . Those that believed her are just as pathetic in supporting her keeping Fuzzy from his true home where he belonged, very sad . Even the name Jennie K Carter is somewhat bogus and deceptive on the American Kennel Club Certificate, Again we seen where The Pomeranian Club educates and warns buyers to make sure any individual they purchase a Dog from should be a legitimate named person , With that buyer or seller having knowledge of where their Kennel or home is located , Many bad fraudulent false name people like Brenda Fisher use dogs as bait dogs. Another Pomeranian Dog Lyric she purchased from Lakeland , Florida breeder Lacey Leigh Burton that her stupid know-it -all dumb a** could not even proper potty train, calling her own dog slanderous names like ****** pom on her Facebook wall she placed blame on the breeder Lacey Leigh Burton saying she kept her dogs locked up in cages all the time and ended causing these bad potty problems and Lyric had worms ,The poor dog Lyric was rehomed with Courtney Sanderson alias Courtney Tyler on Facebook. Brenda Fisher in her new created Facebook group Pomeranians of The Southern States posted a comment of where she drives and flies many miles to purchase Pomeranians now if Brenda Fisher don’t have money to have surgery on one of her newest Dogs Lindy Lou and ask for funding , How does she fly , drive many miles to purchase Pomeranian Puppies,Yep we have it ,She’s a scum bag Ripoff using others people’s money for her Pomeranian breeding business Cloud 9 Pomeranians BUYER AND BREEDER BEWARE WHO YOU SELL A DOG TO, AND DON’T TRUST, BUY OR SELL A DOG TO BRENDA FISHER’S CLOUD 9 POMERANIANS FROM GOODMAN, MISSISSIPPI. WE WOULD BE AFRAID TO MEET THIS FAKE NAME PERSON ANYWHERE , SHE MIGHT HIT US IN THE HEAD WITH A CROW BAR LIKE SHE SUGGESTED DOING TO THE POOR LITTLE DOG ELSE ON HER CREATED MADDOGGURUDODO PAGE ON WEEBLY AND TAKE OUR MONEY !

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