Clyde Deshawn Shawn Baker

Clyde Deshawn Shawn Baker

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Published: 11 September 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

I have known Shawn Baker for a number of years. He comes across as a very polite, humble and hardworking father. Do not be fooled. In the beginning he listens to your stories and this is where you should be very careful because he will become every hurt that you express to him. He lies about things as simple as the number of children he has as he doesn’t claim them all. He has 5 children. Three boys and two girls. HE doesnt claim his 7 year old daughter is significantly behimd on his child support comittment to her. Imagine how she must feel and will feel as a young woman. Its heartbreaking. He also gave up rights to his 12 year old son to avoid paying approximately 25k in back child support. He is responsible for creating at least 3 single mother households in Albuquerque. Check the court records. Mr. Baker will pretend to be a pillar of the community and has applied to coach high school basketball at Highland High School where he was once a great player so many years go. He rallies the community to support the local kid from Trumball Park. However, he failed to tell them that he doesn not posses a degree or a teaching liscense. No, he did not apply for an alternative liscense. He was not qualified without a degree. That was another lie. No on efailed to realize that if he had a degree he wouldn’t have been working at Wilson Middle School as an Education Assistant. Does he have that alternative liscense now? Why is he working at Target? Fortunately, you can not lie on your resume as APS can quicly check his credentials. The community had to take his word and sadly they wrote letters of support for a liar. Holding him up as a great man and potential “father figure” to the kids he would coach not knowing he is not even a father figure to his own kids. In the last few years, Mr. Baker has been “let go” at a number of jobs. It is hard to keep up with the stoires but he has been let go 3-4 times in the last year. He was unemployed more than he was employed. He is always “over qualified” for the positions that he applies for. In extended period of unemployment he deals drugs in the community in which he is a pillar and role model. Mr. Baker is a serial womanizer who will not even take basic precautions. He will risk your health, self worth and self esteem for his personal gain with no regard to you or your children. He stays on FB messenger and POF. He will tell you his sob stories and ask you for money. He will tell you that he will pay you back. He will not. Ever. Unless you consider STDs and an HIV test payback. He lacks any type of standard and you will find youself comparing yourself to trash. Lots of trash. He doesnt value education, hardwork, or comittment. He prefers easy and any woman that requires very little from him. The tattoo on his chest….another woman has that same tattoo. Every woman should have a Strictly 4 My Ni**az tattoo on their chest…..very classy. When Mr. Baker gets caught in a lie, he will simply disappear and give you the silent treatment. He is a textbook narcissist. When you finally fiure him all the way out, like a coward he will never face you. Do not wait for an apology, conversation, or communication. It wont happen. Ever. It doesn’t matter how long you have known him. Below, I have included a list of his most common lies: I love you I am at my lowest as a man (actualy this is probably true) Like you cry, I cry because I can’t provide for you or my kids I will be the man you deserve someday I got robbed at the ATM The ATM ate my card My grandfather died of cancer (really one girlfriend found out he was out of town with another and he needed to cut it short becasue he was unemployed and needed all his resources). This lie came compelte with tears. I only have 4 kids I have a degree I was in the hospital I work nights They said i was overqualifed for any jobs You are my one and only I want to get married and settle down I am faithful I have joint custody of my children The IRS froze my accounts I have $0 in my bank acocunt and dont get paid until XXXXX. I hate to ask but can you ………. My phone is turned off again because I coudln’t pay the bill. (his ex pays his phone bill and carries his car in her name because his credit sucks). I never cheated. She did. She used me for who I am

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