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CNA Insurance Chicago

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Published: 09 August 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

CNA Group Of Compaines,a/k/a Continental Insurance Company & Western National Warranty CorporationCNA Group Of Compaines,a/k/a Continental Ins. Co.&Western National Warranty Corp & Bill Currie Ford consumer fraud ripoff the business that doesnt give a dam deceptive business practices bait & switchers Scottsdale Scottsdale Tampa, FL Scottsdale Tampa Arizona Arizona Florida ….. Purchased a CNA Group of Companies a/k/a Continental Insurance Company & Western National Warranty Corporation vehicle service contract(extended warranty),from Bill Currie Ford-car dealership. It cost me $1847.84 + finance charges and was supposed to be good for 84 months(from 4/1998-2005) or 100,000 miles – car had 22,852 miles when purchased. Tried to use contract in 11/2002, and CNA denied claim, stating contract expired in 8/2002, which is not 84 months from date sold – at that time car only had 38,877 miles. Told by CNA that the contract was sold incorrectly by Bill Currie Ford-car dealership, and that in Oct. 1998 they sent me and the car dealership a contract endorsement changing the contract dates. This is a flat lie, as I never received notice or endorsement of my service contract being shortened 2 years and 8 months from them or the car dealership. That I would have remembered! The car dealership-Bill Currie Ford claims they never received a copy of the contract endorsement from CNA-insurance/warranty company either. Bill Currie Ford would not take responsibility for selling me the contract incorrectly & refused to honor the contract in house or refund the contract price I paid. In my opinion, both companies have deceptive business practices, otherwise I would have received a certified letter from one or the other-or both companies of the change/endorsement in a legal contract. This is basically a BAIT AND SWITCH. The dealership-Bill Currie Ford knowingly sells the service contract incorrectly, making the customer think they’re getting a 7 year extended warranty. Then, CNA-the insurance/warranty company changes the contract dates, never sends you out notice, and denies your claim as contract expired, when or if you actually have to use it. So the consumer pays mega bucks for what they think is a good deal- a 7 year extended warranty-but in fact, they pay mega bucks for a 4 year entended warranty- which in reality It’s not even 4 years, as the car was still under the manufacturers warranty when I purchased it. I should have immediately been notified by someone, of any changes, and given the opportunity to cancel the contract with no penalty, since it was sold to me under false pretenses. But this did not happen. If this is not a bait and switch deal- Then it is flat FRAUD. Because if CNA-the insurance/warranty company found out the contract was sold incorrectly, they changed the contract dates to my service contract in their computer, and did not notify me of such changes, so they could avoid giving me a chance to cancel the contract, and so they would not have to offer me a refund of monies they received almost 6 months prior to changing the contract dates, early on, due to it being sold to me under false pretenses. CNA-the insurance/warranty company refuses to honor the service contract as sold or refund the purchase price of the service contract, even though they can’t provide any proof by means of certified mail or signature, of sending an endorsement to the service contract, that differs from the way it was originally sold. BEWARE of these 2 companies-CNA Group of Companies & Bill Currie Ford, because either way-they do not honor their contracts-whether they be the seller or provider of the service. Yolanda Tampa, FloridaU.S.A.

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