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Published: 31 July 2019

Posted by: Gina Lopez

I am not one to usually lose my temper but this time was it! I have been looking for my daughter a car for some time and thought now would be the right time to get one. She wants a Honda Civic, great choice, low MPG ect. I now own my second Honda all bought at the same place. Okay before vacation we went to one Honda dealership in Vero Beach Florida and looked at 2 Civics. He was not willing to deal on the first one and promised us the second one at $11, 999. Got into the office and he started working figures. He started with $13, 999, I saw that on the paper and I said what happened to the $11, 999? He said ‘I never Told You $11, 999’. I said yes you did! My daughter’s boyfriend was sitting in the hallway and said ‘Yes You Did!’ He was not willing to work on the price to my liking…called me later wanting to sweeten the deal with a used CD player Well, got back from vacation and went to the Honda dealership where I bought my other 2 cars in Ft. Pierce Florida. Now mind you when I bought my last car my credit was really bad and a lot of bills. I had almost filed for bankruptcy and had a truck repo’d. I still got financed by Honda for 7% interest. Found the car she wanted and gave the salesman 3 requests. 1) I want the car for $13, 999 2) no payments over $275.00 and 3) nothing over 12% interest. How difficult is that?? They sent me home for my 2003 and 2004 tax statements. $10.00 gas round trip! Told me to come back at 12:30 to finish paper work. I waited 1 1/2 hours! gave them the papers and went home. They called me to come back in to finish paper work at 9:30 a.m. I was one hour late because I rescued a cat and her kittens. Got there and paper work still not finished. The salesman sat me down to start paper work and price of car was $1, 000 more than agreed upon price. he had to redo paperwork I reminded the salesman again my stipulations for the sale and I also informed the finance manager. We waited with my mom who drove me down there to get the car and my daughter so excited about getting her first car. Waited 3 hours!!! They gave me my tag, called the insurance company to add the new car, started the paper signing (Didn’t sign final papers till I knew the finance charge, didn’t give them any money either). They came out and said they couldn’t finance me with Honda because of my credit.. How could that be? My credit was the bottom 1 1/2 yrs ago and I have made every payment on time and never late. All of my bills are paid in full. Back then they weren’t. I only have lights, cable, phone and car…I don’t even have house payments and I don’t believe in credit cards. They took me in the office for the signing (now mind you, I told the finance manager and the salesman again that morning my stipulations and especially about the finance charge). I sat down to sign the papers…23.9% interest!!! I slammed them papers down, slammed the office door, ranted and raved thru the show room and slammed the entrance door with the salesman and the co- owner right behind me! They would try to work something out… My credit score is 670 pretty good for a near bankruptcy 4 years ago. Another $10.00 round trip in gas. Oh, they never called me to work things out and I left so mad they have my 2003 and 2004 taxes. I will never go to HONDA again!

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