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Published: 21 August 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

First started becoming suspicious too late into my degree because I am about to graduate and realized I am not receiving the money I am suppose to. For the last I would about 3 semesters I have not received money for books all I was told is that I am not getting it and that I would have to purchase books with my own money and that if I dont buy books at the school I will not see that money at all. Last time I checked it is my right to choose where I decide to purchase my books from and let alone where I decide to use the money that is mine by right because it is my loan. Last but not least is my student loans that were suppose to be already done and money for classes was split between my loans and pell grants so I received an additional pell grant after the fact this year in an amount of $1,300 on top of addtional amount of money for not buying books at the school but yet all I receive back stated by the financial aid rep from the school is only $500 or so. My concerning question is why so lottle? where did the money go? All that was told to me is that I had a balance. A balance? but my financial aid had taken care of that or at least that was what I was told but yet I had a “balance”. I want the money I am owed from this school and I want to take action against them for not only me but the many other unsuspecting students who have no idea what is being done to them in the process. .

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