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Published: 21 June 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

I brought my 2013 Polaris Razor in for service over two months ago for belt noise in the transmission. I was assured by the service staff of Colorado Powersports that they could and would service the problem. I was told two weeks in a row by the service techs that they knew what part was needed to correct the problem but they would have to order it. When the new parts arrived they said they installed them but it did not correct the problem. This happened three times in a row. The service techs then said that a new part was needed and they would have to special order it. They have had the vehicle for over a month at this point. I made numerous calls to the service dept. and the service dept. finally called me back to quiz me about what was happening with my Polaris Razor. Apparently whoeever was working on my Razor was not to be located, and they did not know what was happening or what repair was attempted at this point. I explained that this repair was taking a lot longer than normal, and I wanted it repaired as promised. The service manager assured me again they would order the CORRECT part and it would resolve the problem. I then trusted him for at this point, for I had no choice as we are approaching six weeks to correct the problem. After two months of my vehicle being at Colorado Powersports and it not being repaired I requested to speak with the store manager. I explained my frustrations to the manager and he was not receptive whatsover. He said ” I know who you are and I am familiar with the situation.” I further explained that when I left my Razor there for repairs I was assured it would be stored and taken care of. When I went out back to load my Razor I found out they had left it outdoors for the whole two months it was there. It was covered with dirt, snow,and was out in the back yard with the scrap motorcycles. I keep my vehicles indoors for storage so naturallly I was horrified. The vehicle cost me over $12,000.00. It had unneeded wear and tear from being left outside for two months. I again was told by the store manager this was a normal practice for all of their dealerships. They have two large warehouses at their location with plenty of storage. The store manager then explained that they always store their customers vehicles ouside in the snow and I was to be treated no different. I then told him I had had recently had two motorcycles, and two four wheelers serviced there and with the current situation then I probably would not feel comfortable spending any more money with their store. He is a very large man and as he got agitated he kept getting within a foot of me trying to intimidate me twice. He told me to “pay my bill and get out.” He also told me “that I was the worst customer he had ever had.” He also stated “he had been with the company for seventeen years and he could handle any situation as he pleased as was not concerned if I was not happy with the situation”. Verbatim. I asked to speak with the owner of Colorado Powersports and was told “he works at the Boulder office but you probably wont find him there for he does not stay there for any length of time.” I requested to the store manager that the owner contact me. To date I have not been contacted so I have to assume the store manager did not relay this complaint to the owner of Colorado Powersports. I was not intimidated by him and told him so. I then paid the bill they demanded, and left the premise. My Razor was not fixed at all for they could not determine the problem. They sell new Polaris Razors so I am contacting the head offices of Polaris to file a complaint as well at this time as well as the Better Business Bureau, and every other consumer protection agancy that governs Colorado. I now over two months later do not have my Polaris Razor fixed, I missed the last two months of good weather due to it sitting at Colorado Powersports, and have been treated poorly from a franchise dealership whos staff has no regard for customer satisfaction. I do not think that this company should be qualified to service Polaris vehicles being their “trial and error repairs.” The service techs should be able to diagnose a problem and make the neccesary repairs in a timely fashion. Having dealt with this company for the last four months I have spent over two thousand dollars in vehicle repairs, riding gear, parts, service, and have the receipts to prove it. I will find another qualified dealership to deal with that I trust will make the correct repairs to my vehicles for my families safety on our all terrain vehicles is my main concern. I do not trust the service technicians there are qualified and certified. I would like to see certification for the numerous technicians who serviced my vehicle. Ultimately they have damaged my Razor being they left it outside for over two months, my vehicle is no closer to being repaired as when I left it at their dealership, I have had to pay for materials and service that did not correct the initial problem, and have had the worst dealership service experience mainly due to the service deptartment totally dropping the ball numerous times, and a service manager that seems to care nothing about customer service. .

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