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Published: 02 May 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

This is in response to all of the complaint about Colorado Technical University alias CTU read this and you can find it right there on the virtual campus, link through the accounts and then on the left on the community help pages in the comments to one of the postings that or just reference my name. Dave Funke 2 minutes ago Haven’t any of you people figured it out? For one there was another posting on this topic on here but I think CTU finally erased it and or censored it big time. In the comments it included a student or a former student who had contacted legal council about the “legalities” of CTU holding our funds when it is not a main industry trend for them to hold onto them for 14 days or longer in some cases and also to hold it for “future tuition” costs especially with some of us so close to the ends of our degrees. The fact is that CTU is making money on our money for every single day that it is held in this “clearing house” called Higher One. All Higher One is, is some stupid middle man bank that CTU has its dirty fingers in and they are making bank off of all of we students stipends that are “sitting” there waiting to be refunded. Most colleges, universities and institutions even the in person brick and mortar ones give you your funds the same day or within 2-3 business days regardless of how the money is wired or transferred to you personally be it a check, cash in person from the office if you go to a brick and mortar school or direct deposited to an account of your choice. They’re forcing you to take this Higher One card crap. I say don’t if you must then opt for direct deposit once this “middle man” cough “bank” has it and have it transferred into your personal bank accounts then from there get it as far from CTU as you can. It is our money period and CTU can and must by law only take the funds down to the last cent for tuition costs only. They by law again both federal and state laws are not allowed to hold the money for any period of time after they have received their funds for our current tuition. But the thing is these “thieves” in FA and others in the HQ are lining their pockets with our money. Can they afford to hire true Americans who can speak decent understandable non slurred non thick accented English? Yes but they don’t so you end up talking to some dude who sounds like he’s from GOD knows where and then the calls are all “scripted” and they are not there to give a crap about you, myself or anyone else, lie to you one call to the next and do not tell you where your funds are. I’d follow the paper trail and I will trust me I will. I am contacting all of my lenders, the United States Department of Education, the Federal Trade Commission, The Federal Communications Commission, FYI CTU you’re not the only ones recording these calls. All of my calls are time stamped dated and recorded. I know each and every single one of your “agents” by name, their phone numbers, extensions etc. Finally after getting all the local, state and federal law enforcement, legal teams etc. together myself and this other student yes I signed her petition are taking a class action law suit out against CTU. Google it. They have been sued in the past for the same darned stuff FRAUD basically and it is coming again in the future. This is a great school education and academically but your financial aid department is full of crooks and enough is enough. I’ll get one of those lawyers you don’t pay unless you win and tie this thing up in court for years. I’m not joking here and I’m going to the mass media with it. Do you really want your reputation tarnished CTU? This is not a threat it is fact. Either fess up and pay we students on time every time and for all the interest you earned per student account, you must by law refund all of it. Higher One is going down as well. How dare you pull this crap. Dave Funke less than a minute ago Continued: She had researched the laws, codes, by laws etc. chapter and verse and guess what people, CTU is breaking every single one of them. Even the lenders where shocked and stated that is you students money by law and they have no rights to be holding it “hostage” or earning interest off it like that. What’s CTU going to do here, pull another ENRON? That’s tampering with evidence. What you all will get is a FEDERAL INDICTMENT and summons into court and I hope you enjoy your cells each and every one of you in Federal prison.

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