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Published: 12 June 2019

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Consolidated Credit Counseling Services, Inc. My Debt Consolidation company just COST me $757.00! Ft. Lauderdale Florida My Debt Consolidation company just COST me $757.00! I try to do the right thing, the fiscally responsible thing in this time of international financial free-fall, and it drives me to bankruptcy! (again… I declared Chapter 7 after 9/11, so can’t declare again for 1 more year). The facts: – I registered with a debt management company (DMC) to help me consolidate and lower my unsecured credit card debt (about $15,000). – I pay DMC a monthly amount to disburse among my creditors, plus a fee to them. – I e-mailed them instructing them to add a credit card to consolidate and begin disbursing payments was ignored. I had to follow up with them months later and finally added the account. DMC neglect of my instructions cost me $100.00 in late charges, since the credit card had gone unpaid. – And yes, I should have followed up on DMC sooner, but isn’t this why I’m paying them a monthly fee to manage my consolidation account in a professional and timely manner? – When they finally added this credit card to my consolidation, the monthly payment to the debt consolidation company became too expensive for me to pay- over $500! I tried to pay them bi-monthly, but it still totalled almost as much as my bills before consolidation! – I called 2 of my creditors and negotiated with both a set monthly fee, a total of $140 LESS than DMC had negotiated with the same companies. – I e-mailed them instructing them I would take over these 2 accounts myself since I negotiated a lower monthly payment. – I subtracted these disbursements from my monthly autopay to DMC and gave them the new, much lower monthly amount, from $512 down to $200! – My instructions were again ignored. – I e-mailed them numerous times to follow-up and no response. – DMC then deducted the previous, LARGE amount through my bi-monthly autopay- $256.00 in error. – I called DMC, again having to follow up on why they did not carry out my instructions in the original, now month-old e-mail. I called their attention to the wrong bi-monthly amount being deducted. I also made sure they finally changed their records to reflect the lower amount I had worked out on my own. – DMC deducted another wrong payment of $256.00. – DMC’s 2 deductions in error (which they admitted) totaled $512.00 and caused my bank account to overdraw. – This has resulted in at least 7 insufficient funds penalties of $35.00 each = $245.00 so far. – It has also left me absolutely penniless! Nothing! Last night I had to use my ATM for a $6.50 bag of dog foodwhich will end up costing me $41.50 with another overdraft fee of $35.00! – I spoke to a supervisor at DMC today. He admitted to the wrong autopay amounts, but DMC had already disbursed payments in the wrong amount. DMC refuses to reimburse the first erroneous autopay. – Supervisor said DMC will put through reimbursement only of 2nd wrong payment. – When I asked to have it by the next business day (since my account is negative due to DMC), Supervisor rudely said that’s not gonna happen. WHen I asked for his supervisor, he said “every supervisor has gone home.” .

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