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Published: 05 October 2018

Posted by: Don Beard

11/01/18 DE Beard 3938 West Hamilton Key West Palm Beach, FL [protected] Account Number: [protected] Product: Samsung Galaxy S8 Summary: While planning a trip to Spain, I ordered replacement SIM Cards to support international calling, texting and data use for two phones, my Samsung S7 (703.994.2096) and my wife”s Samsung S8 (703.994.2097). After encountering problems sending and receiving text messages and messages with attachments on my wife”s S8, we were directed to our local Target store to have the SIM card replaced. Replacing the card appeared to solve the problem. After arriving in Spain, the phone was unable to communicate in any way. Details: On about 10/01/18 I received replacement SIM cards for our two phones to be used to enable international roaming while on a trip to Spain which had been planned for several months. On 10/10/18 I called Consumer Cellular to help install and activate the new (T-Mobil) cards. On 10/13/18 we noticed that text messages sent to my wife”s S8 would not download on the phone. A message was displayed something like “No Subject, Message size xxxk, Message not downloaded.”. We called Consumer Cellular for assistance and talked to Dean who performed a few troubleshooting steps and told us that the phone would be OK. We noticed, later that day that the phone still was not working properly. We called again and spoke with Dorothy who also performed several unsuccessful troubleshooting steps. We also spoke with Suzie who did about the same thing others had done and concluded that the remaining options were to reset phone services or have the SIM card replaced at our local Target store. We chose to replace the card and met with Dillard at our Target store. Dillard replaced the SIM card and we made a few test text messages with and without attached photos. The phone appeared to work properly at this time. After we arrived in Spain on 10/17/18 it became clear that the phone was not working. No text messages with or without attachments could be sent or received. We were also unable to make or receive any voice calls. We called Consumer Cellular again and were informed that nothing could be done until we returned to the U.S. Except for the camera the phone was completely useless. After returning home, we called Consumer Cellular again and spoke with Caress. Caress looked at our account and saw that International Calls, Text, and Data were not activated on the S8 phone. She turned these features on and the phone worked properly and all remaining messages began to download. It is virtually inconceivable that through all the troubleshooting by at least three Consumer Cellular technicians that the simple settings necessary for international phone use were not set properly. We depended on our Consumer Cellular service for routine calls and texting. But, most importantly, we depended on you to allow us to receive any unexpected emergency calls while out of the country. This important service was NOT available. We have been a customer of Consumer Cellular since, at least, June of 2012 and have been highly satisfied with the service until now. We request that you compensate us for this inadequate service in the form of a credit to the next possible invoice of at least $75. Thank you very much, Don and Nina Beard

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