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Published: 15 January 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

I am writing this is raise awareness of these people who claim to be psychics who will prey on people going through difficult times of their lives when they are vulnerable. One of my worst experiences was with these twins who claim to be psychic, it is not just the money, it is the psychological impact it has had on my life and the relationship aspects of my life. This happened last year and I was only 21 years old and come out of an on and off relationship and was utterly heartbroken, this was my first love and so on ect ect. So I needed some hope and guidance, I was still in love with my ex and he was with someone else and I just wanted answers, this is where they reaped the situation for what is it worth (a lot of money for them!). I started off with these short readings on purple ocean, these only cost around $8 but as you could imagine, I became addicted to this and the many positive things and predictions they made so it all added up. I was severely depressed and even suicidal and these readings were my only hope, I would get a buzz every time I heard these things. I initially read with Avalon star about my current situation about my ex and she claimed I would meet someone new in a few months and it would lead to marriage and told me I would end up being happier than my ex (who was with someone else) in the long run, i was trilled, as I purchased more readings she even went into specific details of my “marriage” and this new guy I would be meeting and the many stuff I would be doing with my husband and family such as “enjoying doing the mummy things and cooking for your husband” and because this is what I’ve dreamed of I gave good reviews. This is where you can’t rely on good reviews because even psychics with many high ratings could be based on a client being told what they want to hear and gaining that buzz and false satisfaction from a reading which results in good feedback. A few months down the line I was wondering how the hell am I going to meet this guy? My social life was next to non existent and I was just focusing on my studies, plus my university is NOT the place to meet people as there are mostly mature and international students purely there for studying (not potential partners!) and that is all I was doing with my life, going to uni then going home. I could not fancy anyone on my course or possibly anywhere in my current situation but I believed the lies anyway and got my hopes up. So I inferred more and contacted Avalon star when I was suicidal and told her I planned to overdose because I was so sick of feeling alone and pained from my last relationship so she suggested online dating and this is something I would never do (when you think about this, this could be applied to anyone) and “putting myself out there” this is where my love life went pear shaped. Every person I spoke to online I kept thinking “is he the one she was telling me about” and every time I spoke to someone new at university despite my social life not being great I thought “what if I meet this guy through this person”, it was so mentally draining. Finally I started online dating and started speaking to this guy called D (pseudonym) and we got on really well and he discussed that he went through a bad relationship and wanted to find a nice girl to settle with, everything was going well and we spoke for hours until D kept making sexual remarks and asking for pictures, despite this we met up as I really liked him and I kept thinking “this could be the one” due to my readings and things just got worse, he got really nasty and abusive towards me because I would not sleep with him and finally claimed that he did not want a relationship after all those weeks of talking to him. All the signs were there but I ignored it because of her readings, it was her readings which lead me to that situation! If I never read with her I would never have spoken to him or even tried online dating which is something I’d never do as I know how dangerous it is. My hopes were crushed so badly, meeting this guy made up hopes drop of ever being happy even more. It was like the “icing on the cake” after my bad relationship with my ex. Even now I am scared to get my hopes up on moving on and finding a good relationship because of what happened. Bottom line is I ended up online dating and getting my hopes up over a online predator who just wanted sex (which is easy to find with online dating) hoping it would turn into marriage. People, always trust your gut instinct and do not go to these sharks when you are vulnerable. When you feel like a prediction they tell you is not true do NOT ignore that feeling or go in denial about your current situation and mask it with false hope. You honestly don’t need these people to tell you about good events and predictions in your future because good things WILL happen in your future and they will be even more amazing when they are unexpected. For now I am just focusing on being my own guide and building my life and if I meet anyone I hope it will not be forced or unexpected like this situation. I messaged Avalon and said I am really disappointed that you told me this and it lead me to the wrong people and a potentially dangerous situation and I would like some explanation and for this to be sorted out please. And she completely ignored my message. You CANNOT mess with people like this! Especially vulnerable people that need hope when they feel suicidal. I also read with her sister Raven star who told me lies about my ex coming back (which he can’t as he is blocked through all social media and forms of contact plus he was with someone else) and luckily I clocked on and stopped reading with her immediately. And guess what? He never came back, imagine if I got my hopes up on that too? Plus she used the reading to persuade me into buying her book and spending more money. False hopes are seriously psychologically damaging. All I can say is that karma is a b***h and at least I will have the opportunity to help psychologically vulnerable people as opposed to make them worse (I’m studying to be a psychologist). I hope this helps you guys and there are some legit psychics but do not look for them online, and focus on finding your own happiness and being your own guide as opposed to relying on a psychic and have faith that good things WILL happen. You are close to contacting a psychic, that is as worse as it gets, it cannot get any worse than that in my opinion, it can only go up from here. I am just lucky that Avalons reading did not lead to me to a situation where I could’ve been hurt or raped. And a year on, no I didn’t not meet anyone and I am not married at home cooking for my husband and children, I am still studying and getting on with my life. I just feel so stupid for believing it! Oh and I found one of them making false accounts to advertise themselves

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