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Published: 19 July 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

Consumers beware of dealing with a Las Vegas short term home rental company known as “Corporate Mansions”, managed and/or owned by a Mr. Bill Lyons. I have had a very negative experience in dealing with Mr. Lyons and his company – Corporate Mansions, and would encourage any consumer thinking about dealing with Mr. Lyons or his company, Corporate Mansions, to ensure that they are appropriately protected in any transaction with this person and company. Get a good Real Estate attorney to represent you before dealing with this company, make sure that you get all details in writing. It will be worth the expense to protect you from being taken advantage of and the potential of a very negative experience. I rented a “Corporate Mansion” from Mr. Lyons in 2014 and prepaid in advance for the entire rental. We discovered after making the payment, that Mr. Lyons and his company were leasing the property from the owners, and then creating sub-leases to the property to potential short term tenants. It is not clear that he even has the authority to sub-lease the property. His company does not own the properties being advertised – they are a third party provider, be extremely careful if you consider using Corporate Mansions, Mr. Lyons or anyone affiliated with him or his companies. Take the time to ask the question – “are you affiliated with Corporate Mansions or Bill Lyons in any way”? The property we rented was not what was advertised on the website, and in addition to being dirty, it was not what even close to what was advertised or we expected upon arrival. The pictures on the website were inaccurate and misleading – if you think about using Corporate Mansions or Mr. Lyons get someone local to check out the property and ensure that it is as advertised. We discovered upon arrival that Mr. Lyons and his company, Corporate Mansions, was in a dispute with the “Gated Community” where the property we sub-leased is located, and due to the prohibitions in the community bylaws, we were relegated to extraordinary measures, extra expense and inconvenience coming and going from the property. It was more than just difficult and caused many problems with our guests and clients. The gated community would not allow our people or guests into the property unless accompanied by another property owner – someone other than Mr. Lyons. It was a nightmare! In addition, we contracted with Corporate Mansions and Mr. Lyons for additional services and paid in advance for concierge service; limo, driver, cooks, food prep and stocking, liquor and other advance preparations that were poorly managed and badly provided. We have overpaid for much of the services and are still trying to get the overage refunded to us. The documentation and repeated request for receipts have gone unanswered. This has proven to be a difficult task and it is unlikely we will ever get a refund of the overpayment. My suggestion to any consumer considering doing business with Corporate Mansions or Mr. Lyons is to beware, do your due-diligence and preview any property prior to sending any funds or signing any lease. Even with our extraordinary efforts to prepare sub-lease agreements and manage the risk, we have been sorely disappointed at the experience and were completely taken advantage. “Fore warned is fore armed.” I have also become aware that Corporate Mansions and Mr. Lyons will change the names of properties once they get a negative review. It appears the names of contact people also changes quite frequently – ask the question before you lease a property – “are you affiliated in any way with Corporate Mansions or Bill Lyons? .

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