Coulterville Rehabilitation & Health Care Center

Haunts me each and every time i think about it!

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Published: 13 July 2019

Posted by: Tyrel

I had been suffering from stress and anxiety for a long time, medications didn’t help me much so by my friend’s suggestions, I decided to stay in the Coulterville Rehabilitation & Healthcare center for some time. I thought I can attain mental peace. The place was not at all up to the mark as my friend told me. It was really the opposite and I cursed my friend a lot after returning back home. If I had to give it a 5-star rating, I would give zero stars to this place because it doesn’t even deserve a single star review. I am sharing my experience regarding my stay in Coulterville Rehabilitation & Health Care Centre for about a month. This had been one of the worst experiences of my life as the place proved to be insanely horrible and the environment was even worst. As soon as I walked in I heard screaming from a distance, I wondered what it might be. It was actually a patient who was mentally very ill and was bound to behave like a normal human. As I reached close to him I heard him screaming “I want to go home please let me go home”. It really seemed to me that he was being tortured out here. I was new there and even the thought of him haunted me throughout the month. Mentally sick patients should have a different block to be taken care off because people like us would get scared if we see something odd like that as soon as we enter. I continued walking through the corridor towards the head office, my heart just skipped several beats as I saw an old woman tied in a wheelchair, sitting like a numb statue in one corner. I approached to ask her if she was doing fine, she startled as soon as she saw me and held my hand so tight that I felt the cold blood running through her veins. She was trying to express something by nodding her head and spinning it at times which I could not interpret so I offered her my water bottle which she kept with her. I then proceeded forward to get my admission (which I didn’t want to).

I could go on ranting negativities for hours about this place because it is not a place where a person can get any mental peace. It is a place where a person can get even into a worse condition. I have seen many people out there suffering from the same problem and their urge to go back home as if they are being tortured by the staff out here, I complained to the head nurse about the behavior of the staff towards their respective patients. They are kept here as caretakers but they are behaving as if they don’t care about their patients and they treat their patients like cats and dogs which cannot be tolerated at all. I would like to say that it\’s better you stay away from such a rehabilitation center where patients are prisoners and the staff members are like the jailers torturing their prisoners. I would never like to see a place like this anymore!

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