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Published: 25 February 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

We have no connection to the above reference phone number or ad or even heard of it. | THE BIGGEST SCAMMER ON THE NET FAT TINA THE COCKROACH CONELY.. makes more false reports and more fake companies daily then people posts ads. This fat loser professional scammer bitch has all the copy cat ads and generic ads and new ads on the net. She spends all day making .com sites and new ads then runs all the brokers or associates wanted ads and says this can only be discussed by phone then she will collect money from new niave brokers and set them up w the website and run the ads and they answer the phones and send her the clients to hide her well know scammer voice w ebonics, bipolar behavior and must be some type of drug addict mentality and collects all clients info and takes all their money. She will then not produce and if they have good credit will order all kinds of computers and electronics and have them shipped to her from all over the country and take all the money and not pay the broker. | Her MO is business credit builds of which she will sell a stollen corp that some one else ones take 1000s and never produce one tradeline and then disappear and screw the client. She will hire flagging companies and slander all competitors that are legit to allow this Fat Black Widow Cockroach Bernie Maddoff Clone to get business. She hates Capital Cash and slanders them to death cause they are only company that’s been in business now 8 years same name, same phone, same website and ISN’T Hiding behind 50 + sites daily like this professional scum bag scammer. She has mad literally all the slams on Capital Cash, she has ripped off hundreds of thousands of dollars and everyone in the business is most familar with this lying vile sick twisted bitch. | She sells the most fake CPN’s and TRADELINES from Denver Credit aka WIESMAN FINANCIAL and see the major scam site with all her complaints showing this virus ip address originating in ATLANTA and all the screen captures showing show she changed the domain now over 5 times hiding and running from clients. She used google call screening and brokers all the time till everyone catches on. MOST OFTEN SHE NEVER TAKES credit cards but when she does she always buuys rediculous amounts of time with tons of lies to keep her merchant scam going till it finally gets shut down. Ask anyone in the business about this vile fat ghetto crack head baby that grew up screwing people. | She sets all her companies with guys names and or many girls names from LISA MEYER, CANDACE WHITLEY, TANYA CONSTANCE and many others but all have generic look copied off from other sites no originality and the guys names she uses are fake just like Jeff Weisman and all others but if you press your niave broker after she ripped you off she get on the phone with lies and then try to black mail or extort you for money by whatever means necessary. | She is in Atlanta and Atlanta AG and Pd know her well, her husband is ex con out on PAROLE for doing RACKEETING with her and they both do the SCAM of tradelines, cpn’s, shelf corps and business credit builds. Guaranteed fact if its new company or generic one selling those items in volume its definetly her and all her group of scammers. Her only method of making money is targeting NIAVE people and SLANDER all competition that is legit. She is the biggest slime ball on the internet. We have list of over no 60 people who have reported this bitch and will and are pressing charges and she is still under investigation. Contact us if you are a victem as well and we will give you details on where to prosecute and how to get you money back. | Most of her programs she only takes CASH so be sure to have all your documents ready for the investigator. Tina Conely works with Jamican Money Scammers and as she tricks us a decade ago she still ripping off people. | WARNING WARNING FRAUD ALERT FRAUD ALERT<br> | <br> | FRAUD ALERT Jamican + National Credit Consulting, Apple Financial, Corporate Credit Builders, GMS Financial, Blue Clover, Master Credit Builders, Gms Financial, Capitol Quick Funding, MTA Trust, Solariscredit, Onesource, are FRAUDS

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