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Published: 27 May 2018

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They sell cars at several times the blue book value for condition and mileage, knowing it has problems. They “repo” it in breach of your contract, after saying they will look at it to fix it. Then they turn around and sell it within 30 days, denying knowledge of the history of the vehicle. They say “it just came on the lot”. We bought a 2007 Chrysler Pacifica from Alan, and we were told, “it just came on the lot, all we did was put tires on it and front brakes.”. Alan said the price was $12,000 and he wanted a down payment of $2500 out of it to drive off the lot. There was transmission issues within the first 2 weeks, and the car shut off at stop signs. He said he would try to get it in to get the front-end aligned, which never happened and was the least he could do for a a car he just tricked us into paying $14,500 dollars for. We notified a woman of the problem when we went in to make a payment and she pointed out that they couldn’t get it in until after the warranty expired. We had it looked at by an independent PA State Certified Inspection and Emissions specialist. He said the transmission was in a “limp mode” that prevented it from reaching the proper pressure level to change gears. Essentially shaving the transmission. I show up to make a payment and told Alan about it this time, and asked about the alignment, again it cannot be looked at until after my warranty expires, and the front-end alignment we talked about before buying the car would be at their cost or $70. The receipt showed that my remaining balance on the $12,000 car after a $2500 down payment and several payments was still $11,000!?!?!?!?! For a car that had a transmission going out!?!?!?! A woman who works with my wife told her she used to have a car just like ours, one night, as they walked through the parking lot. As she peered in, and saw the Betty Boop Floor Mats that came with the car, she said, “Jennifer, that’s my car!”. Before my wife could say anything she started blurting out this long drawn out story about how she got scammed by them, and how the car had transmission “grinding” issues, and the motor mounts went out twice, etc. a laundry list of stuff. Eventually it left her sit and she asked them to tow it in to have it looked at. They wanted $250 dollars to let her have it back, for a “Repo” fee. Within 30 days or so we were making a down payment of $2500, that did not apply to the balance of $12000, for the same car with a Blue Book Value of $3200; that they denied knowing anything about. *That value is based off fair running condition. It is not currently drive-able because not only is the transmission out, the upper plenum in the engine was cracked and blew out on Mothers Day when my kids and I were on our way to take her to lunch. I called Alan on Monday and said, “If you intend to make it right and take a look at this car to see whats wrong with it; I can drive it down to you, or you can pick it up. If I drive it down to you, it will probably not make it and if it does it will need rebuilt. Either way if you say its going to cost me money or I have to continue to pay for a car that doesn’t drive, I’ll be contacting my lawyer.” He got all excited. Chattering about, “The state won’t like it if you dont give me time to make it right!”. I replied,”I just made a payment, you have 2 weeks to make it right.”. Alan, replied, “Oh you wanna make threats now?” He took a deep breath. I hung up. Wednesday, The car is stolen from my house. We filed a Police Report. Alan tells my wife that he took the car, when she calls to tell him. He says she needs to bring the key and turn it in to get our personal items. Mind you, we are fully paid up, and have full coverage with no lapse in coverage, in accordance with our contractual agreement to be in possession of the car. We have not agreed or discussed a time to service the vehicle, and we have not agreed to transfer possesion or negate the contractual agreement entered into by both parties. On, Friday I call Alan to discuss what is wrong with the vehicle and what his plans are. He said, “I have it outback. I don’t have any plans to do anything with the vehicle, it’s still in your name and your account is paid and insurance is good.” I said so you are not going to look at it? He replied that he would not be looking at it. He said “You said come and get it and that’s what I did.” That is NOT what I said! Today, I went down to get a police report filed to acknowledge that he had violated our contractual agreement by taking the car. I did, I WIN! He thought I actually expected the cops to let me take it, I just needed him to tell the cops he wasn’t let me take it… Thanks Alan ♥ He told me that although I am fully paid and my account is in good standing, I cannot move the car (he has it disabled) until I pay $250 for a REPO fee. Back where the car started before he stole it from me… DO NOT BUY A CAR HERE!!!! They are dishonest, disgraceful, take advantage of people in a time of need. My lawyer is filing the case on Tuesday. They have a record, and they like to settle out of court. NOT ME. I want my money, and they can pay my lawyer, the law provides for aquisition of legal fees in this case

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