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Published: 29 July 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

ATTENTION RENTERS BEWARE OF CREEKSIDE PARK APTS THE WORST SLEEZYIEST PLACE TO LIVE IN ALL THE UNITED STATES AND OF COURSE YOU WILL HAVE DEEP DEPRESSION AND SUPREME REGRET IN YOURSELF IF YOUR DUMB ENOUGH TO LIVE IN A PRISONLIKE ENVIRONMENT RUN BY THE SLEEZIEST MOST VILE WOMAN APARTMENT MGR WHO WILL MAKE SURE YOUR LIFE WILL BE CONTROLLED BY HER IN EVERY WAY, WANT TO LIVE IN A DUMP AND OVER PAY AND GET NOTHING BUT HARASSMENT FROM YOUR NEW MANAGER WHO LIED TO YOUR FACE HOW NICE THIS PLACE IS AND WHEN YOU INVITE YOUR FRIENDS OVER OR HAVE A FAMILY BBQ AND THERE IS MORE THEN 6 PEOPLE JACQUELINE THE B* FROM, HELL WILL ASSUME YOUR A DRUG DEALER AND PUNISH YOU WITH A LEASE VIOLATION WHICH IS SO EASY TO GET And if your unlucky enough to get three of these bullsh* warning letters your evicted aggressively throwing your family out in the cold harsh street and shell pat herself on the back knowing she ruined yet another honest wholesome good family., this b* and Hitler are the same its so scary how evil and corrupt jacquelyn is so now the truth is open for all to see and hopefully people have common sense and come to the realization maybe this review from a former resident might be a blessing to us hard working honest family folks, so now your armed with the truth so tell everyone you know never live at Creekside PARK APTS in santa rosa ca 1130 4th st the worst landlord on the planet works here and she is shaddy as any criminal from san quentin the nefarious scumbag b* from hells name is jacquelyn OMG she sets the record for sleezyness and this b* is the queen of liars and dishonesty you will hate your life if you live here while she will own you like a dog and belittle you,. be very nosy and she is very eager almost psycho evil to condem you, if you have friends over playing xbox she will assume your a drug dealer and call the cops on you just because all your friends are over, this place is designed to ruin your life with all the bull sh* prison like rules its scary that slumlords that are bi polar and mentally challenged are in positions of managment, this b* will smile to your face and immediately investigate and snoop on you as if your a wanted criminal. jacquelyn is such a piece of sh* as a human being she really belongs in a mental institution she really is not all there, crazy happy one second and a minute later she is ultra angry with a furious vengeful hateful personality is easy to understand why the move out rate at this sleezy apartments are so many, im talking about over 12 families a month move out of this over priced apartment which really is a roach motel calling itself an apartment and whats even crazier is this place is so anti family,. anti hispanics and if you ever have any complaint about her go to corporate and the idiots there are so deeply brainwashed BY this slutbag manager SHE has them so fooled into believing she is a good property manager the damn fools actually believe everything this devil in a super ugly grossly unattractive mutant looking woman is where satan calls home,. the message here …. move elsewhere go to AND TYPE IN creekside park apts and read the many truthful reviews about this vindictive criminally insane mentally challenged super bitch from hells reviews there are all true which is pretty amazing someone this dishonest and shady still hasnt been fired from her job which she is without equal one of the absolute worst of the worst property apartment manager in the history of the world she is this bad, Apartments it’s not what you think this is with out question the absolute worst of the worst when it comes to apartment living to add insult to injury if you lived here you will have the worst manager in the history of your life the manager that works here has no life but to harass tenants this Nazi piece of crap manager I’m speaking about her name is Jacqueline there are bad managers in this world but this woman is the worst of the worst she will put her nose in your business and if you have your friends over and you’re playing video games and the TV is too loud she will call you into her office and write you up lease violation and if you get 3 of these way too easy to get a lease violation here your ass is evicted Worsley if this b* has a hard on for you and wants to make your life miserable she will go out of her way too to make you look bad so she can have fun and evict u she has a long immoral corrupt history of falsifying lies making you out to believe to be a criminal this place is so bad that is if you sneeze you get a lease violation this place is run by a habitualltv super compulsive crazy liar whos mission in life is to make the lives of the tenants an unhappy one and she has a long history of mistreating dozens of tenants the move out rate is shocking ,10 plus families move out happily every month this low life human garbage will be a cancer in your life if your dumb enough to ignore all these honest reviews about this cunt she has a habit and a history of lied and making up lies and doing their best to make you look really bad Be wise be smart and dont ever live here this is an ugly place with recycled over used shaggy rug you never ever see not even at grandmas house this place needs to be torndown and rebuilt with everything modern. Good luck stay smart beware this review was written by an honest man .

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