Crystal River Watersports

I did not have comfortable seats with cushions and got hard bench seats.

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Published: 29 July 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

I looked forward to the Crystal River Watersports for an adventure and views at sea. I also wanted to see Manatees (sea cows). A day out at sea sounded fun.

I observed nature from above the water.

The guide was not experienced nor knowledgeable and the trip got boring with the continuous talk of an unprofessional guide. For two hours the guide wouldn’t stop talking. I had felt seasick and had a headache from the neck to the head.

The boat carried 20 passengers and the water wasn’t clear to see Manatees. It was not a clear day and the water wasn’t clear enough to have a good view of the Manatees.

It was a disappointment for me as I did not have a close view of the Manatees at Crystal River Watersports.

There was not a single Manatee to be seen for most of the trip.

There are great photos online of the clear waters but, the water is murky on the trip. I viewed Manatees for a second and it was not easy to see when the water is not clear. The Manatees stay more in the darker waters and clients don’t see it. The trip was not perfect as advertised at Crystal River Watersports.

I paid for a day out and expected to see Manatees. The weather wasn’t good enough and the water wasn’t clear as in online photos. I expected better for a day out at sea and the focus is Manatees.

At Crystal River Watersports do not employ knowledgeable, and friendly staff. I did not have a knowledgeable tour guide or friendly staff on board.

The unfriendly crew were not sociable and were not informative about the Manatees.

I did not have a pleasant trip due to the headache and seasick experience. Because of the disappointment in not seeing the Manatees and for the unfriendly crew on board I will not book again with Crystal River Watersports.

As close as I got to the manatee it was not possible to see the dark and murky waters.

A boat at sea from Crystal River Watersports was crowded and did not fit the scene well. Other boats from other companies were close by making the view impossible for manatees.

A trip was not worth my money for the many mishaps I experienced. It was promised to have a knowledgeable tour guide friendly crew and excellent customer’s service. Unfortunately, the promise was not delivered at Crystal River Watersports.

It was an uncomfortable trip and had not seen Manatees as promised. The poor customer’s service and the business deal is not acceptable at Crystal River Watersports!

I felt discomfort on the trip and would not book another trip at Crystal River Watersports for the bad business service and customer’s service,

The false information about seeing Manatees misled me to pay for an expensive package and to be dissatisfied with the trip. A three-hour trip and each time I saw the Manatee for a few seconds it disappeared into the dark waters. Nothing is as it says in advertisements.

I do not recommend Crystal River Watersports to any person interested in nature for a sea view. The terrible experience of crowded boats, inexperienced tour guides, unfriendly crew, poor knowledge of staff about Manatees and the bad customer’s service ensures that I do not recommend a below-average company. It doesn’t deserve positive feedback.

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