Daily Money Team (DMT) and Instant Rewards SCAM ALERT!!

Daily Money Team (DMT) and Instant Rewards SCAM ALERT!! Review

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Published: 27 July 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

Daily Money Team, Instant Money Network, are nothing but scammers for the company called Instant Rewards Network. They lure people in by placing advertisements on Craigslist for a work at home job, no selling, inbound calls, etc. Then they ask you to watch some very convincing videos that explains how the work at home employee will be placing an ad, answering a phone, and convincing people to sign up for free trial offers. They also say there is no selling. That is a bald faced lie. You are selling something if you are required to use a credit card to sign up don’t ya think? That’s why they place the phony deceptive ads for work at home jobs, when it really is a salesperson job that works on comission but that salesperson has to pony up his credit card first. They get people that need a job to sign up for their trial offers then those people get other people to sign up for trial offers. Then they explain that you have to keep the trial offer for up to 80% of the trial time before canceling it or else you wont be able to get credit. They even have a worksheet that you fill out so that you know when to cancel your trials. They also lie when they say that Walmart, Netflix, and Target is part of their network. These big companies are not. Believe me, I would have been much happier signing up with Wal-mart than I would have been signing up for a stupid razor that tore my skin off. All their trials are garbage magazines, free credit report offers, and other junk trials. And good luck canceling some of the trials. They just keep billing you until you close your account. Stay away from any of these networks unless you want to give out your credit card, sign up for junk that you will never use, and lieing to jobless people. There seems to be a lot of defenders of this netowrk scam rebutting, however they cannot rebut anything I have said here. They LIE to lure jobless people in. They LIE about having Wal-mart, Target, and Netflix. Finally, they LIE when they say they aren’t selling anything. .

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