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Published: 13 December 2018

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Dainora Puida, AKA Dainora Umbrasaite Puida, of Waikiki Rentals LLC LOVES to steal money, simply put. But I don’t say this lightly, or without facts to back up my statement here, as you will learn today. But to SUM up everything that happened really quickly, I’ll say this: I tried to put a deposit through for a 2015 vacation rental with Dainora. After she gave me a run around about all kinds of things, from whether or not she deposited the check, to the currency it was in, to the actual contract itself, and so forth, I decided that it would be a good idea to cancel. She never TECHNICALLY confirmed my booking. She just took the money, after a huge hassle in even sending it to her, lied about whether or not she deposited it, and then ultimately REFUSED to cancel or otherwise refund any money with my booking, to the amount of $2200. She then stated that I was somehow trying to break the contract I signed, by asking to cancel, or by requesting a refund. The contract actually has 3 clauses that talk about cancellation and refunds…so she tried to corner me into her scam by lying about the contract as well! She also has been emailing me now stating she has no intentions of returning my money either, and has completely avoided having to be responsible for ANY of this, and is instead asking that I apologize to her, for the fact that she is now stealing my money. I THEREFORE recommend that you DO NOT EVER BOOK, or otherwise CONDUCT any business with Dainora PUIDA! HERE ARE THE FULL DETAILS Of How Dainora Tried To Scam Me… I recently tried to rent a condominium through her, and her company that was originally listed on VRBO.com. She has units listed on ALL kinds of websites, so watch out for anybody renting a unit named Dainora. It is a very unique name, that quite literally nobody else in this industry has. Here’s why you should watch out for her name, and for the Waikiki Rentals LLC name in ANY contracts you may sign if you rent out a unit online, or in person in Hawaii, or elsewhere…. When I attempted to rent a condominium for a longer period of stay from Dainora, I was given a quote, and a payment agreement was made between the two of us. I chose to submit a check, because she was asking an extra 3% just to process a credit card deposit. *MAJOR HUGE FLAG RIGHT THERE* I sent a check out, but for reasons that cannot be explained it did not arrive. *ANOTHER RED FLAG* Upon not receiving a check immediately, Dainora sent the following email to me which was another red flag: TITLE: URGENT Email Body: I am about to cancel your reservation because you do not respond to my emails and I did not received any check from you. It has been 2 weeks. Please let me know asap. Thank you. /end of email Not thinking much about it at the time, I sent out another one, this time purchasing the tracking and faster delivery option, for an additional $30 just to get it out to Hawaii, where she was located. She requested this time that instead of sending the check to her P.O. Box (which is Po Box 11503 Honolulu HI 96828), that I send it out instead to her personal address. *ANOTHER RED FLAG* At this point I felt that she was almost desperate for the money, but I didn’t want to lose this booking, because I thought at the time that it was my best option for my length of stay. So I complied. A week passes, I hear nothing. I have a CONFIRMATION on my end that she received the check, and it was signed…. but no email from her about it. *ANOTHER RED FLAG* I thought this was EXTREMELY odd, considering her previous emails to me, pressing me to send out money ASAP. So I email her, directly, asking if she received it. She confirmed that she did. But now states that there is a problem with the currency, as I did not excplicity put USD, to ensure it was in the U.S. dollar. Either way the amount was extremely close, which originally was for $2200, when converted. I told her to cash it anyway, and take it as a deposit, as it was MORE than enough money honestly…but she emailed me back stating that it still wasn’t the amount agreed upon. *ANOTHER RED FLAG* (I just finished giving her about $2000 on her end, and she’s complaining that it’s not enough still? I remember thinking “how greedy is this person?”…and obviously that thought was JUSTIFIED!) I told her I’d make up for it in the next check, she said that was fine. So I ask her now, AGAIN, if she deposited it….because that still wasn’t clear now that she was making statements about the currency discrepancy. She stated that she did, and that she has the funds now. A week passes, and I can see that NO funds have been taken from my bank account. Nothing has been debited to me, and also when a check is cashed, I get a photocopy of the transaction from my bank. I thought this was suspicious, so I emailed her back, to once again confirm that she had cashed it. I HAD to do this, because something just seemed ‘off’…and secondly I wasn’t getting a clear confirmation from her end either that the room was in fact now booked for me. I had signed a contract, but it was the check being received that would have confirmed it. Nowhere did she email me back and say “alright your booking is now confirmed”, or anything of the sort. Instead, I started to get the run around from her- as she appeared to be greatly confused- that or just playing stupid about this check. She dodged answering me directly at least 5 times after this… so then I called my bank….twice. Just to make sure I wasn’t seeing something else here. My bank confirms that no such debit is occuring, and that no check has been cashed. I now come back to her, because how odd is this. She complains that she didn’t have it. I pay to send it out….then she doesn’t cash it? What’s up with that? So I ask her again- she gets angry now stating that she did cash it, and has the money now. But the funny thing is….a few days after this, she comes back, emails me- asking if it processed on my end, and if it went through! HA! By this point I was already so frustrated with the ‘run around’ and wishy-washy answers I was getting from her, PLUS the lack of TRUE confirmation that she did infact cash it, when….and if I am even confirmed now in my booking….and her emails about the urgency of receiving the money….that I decided it was best to back out of this agreement. I told her this in an email, clearly, and stated that moving forward I wanted to enter a different agreement now, but that she could keep the $2200 as a deposit for now, for the rental, as it was MORE than a normal amount anyway to be giving for a deposit. She of course responding by feigning ignorance to ANYTHING I said, COMPLETELY dodging any remarks, statements, or otherwise requests I made to cancel the agreement. *ANOTHER RED FLAG* I then emailed her some more, getting more and more direct about what I stated about the agreement, to which she responded that she didn’t like my attitude…. In the meanwhile I called my bank and put a STOP PAYMENT on the check, because now nothing was clear or certain, and Dainora was clearly dodging being transparent and clear with me on anything. I had just given her a rather large chunk of money, and she was still asking for more here for this transaction. I was no longer comfortable proceeding with the contract, so I emailed her and told her that. I also told her I put a stop payment…but she ignored everything I said. After I saw that the check did clear, I began to get more direct. This time I sent a very clear email stating that I want to cancel my booking, and would like a full refund. THIS IS WHERE THE TRUE SCAM STARTED…. Dainora’s reply, of course, was to tell me that there are NO refunds, and I quote in her reply: “The payment is non refundable if you decide to cancel and it is signed in the contract. Please do not threaten me and please confirm this is your final decision. Thank you.” ————————————————————————————————————- The contract I signed, actually states the following: 7. CANCELLATIONS – A sixty (60) day notice is required for cancellation. Cancellations that are made more than sixty (60) days prior to the arrival date will incur a loss of $200 deposit only. Cancellations or changes that result in a shortened stay, that are made within 60 days of the arrival date, forfeit the full advance payment and damage/reservation deposit. Cancellation or early departure does not warrant any refund of rent or deposit. 8. MONTHLY RESERVATION CANCELLATIONS – Monthly renters must cancel one hundred twenty (120) days prior to check-in. Monthly renters who make a change that results in a shortened stay must be made at least ninety (90) days prior to check-in. & 5. DAMAGE/RESERVATION DEPOSIT- A damage/reservation deposit of $ 200 is required. This must be received within seven (7) days of booking the reservation. The deposit automatically converts to a security/damage deposit upon arrival. The deposit is NOT applied toward rent; however, it is fully refundable within (14) days of departure, provided the following provisions are met. ————————————————————————————————————————- Nowhere on the contract, is it ever stated that refunds are not permitted, or that no refunds or exchanges shall be given. In fact, the contract actually states that as long as I cancel within a reasonable timeframe before the actual travel/stay date…I am fine. I pointed this out to Dainora, at least 5 times, upon which she stated that I was “attempting to break” the contract. I then proceeded to tell Dainora that it was within my legal rights to cancel, and receive a full refund, and that she had more than enough time to rebook the room, as I wasn’t even going to be there until far into 2015, which is a LONG time from now. Her responses, however, every single time, have been 100% avoidant, and she clearly intends to keep the $2200. Had I given more, she would have kept that too. Dainora Puida, therefore, is a liar, and a scammer. She clearly feels NO SHAME in taking money from people and keeping it, regardless of any laws, contracts, or otherwise reasonable realities. Her company, Waikiki Rentals LLC, clearly also enjoys taking part in FRAUDULENT activities, and LOVES to take advantage of customers and clients under the disguise of being a ‘reputable’ condominium and vacation rental company. I STRONGLY, and EXTREMELY advise anyone AGAINST EVER doing business with Dainora Puida, or Waikiki Rentals LLC. I STRONGLY recommend that if you are in need of a vacation rental, that you find another individual or company to rent from, as Dainora will NOT allow you to cancel, she will BLAME you when she steals your money and make it your fault somehow….and she will not take ANY responsibility for her actions. She will also DODGE and avoid any reasonable communication transparency involving financial transactions that may take place between herself and her clients. Dainora Puida and Waikiki Rentals combined clearly have no regard for the law, or for any contractual agreements. It would not surprise me in the least, if after this, they put a clause in their contract stating that NO refunds are given, in fine print, in an attempt to FURTHER SCAM their clients, and to STEAL money from their clients! I RECOMMEND at this time as well that anybody completing a booking online, do such through their CREDIT CARD, so that it can be charged back in situations like this….and so that you don’t have to go to extreme measures like I now have to go through now just to attempt to right this wrong on my end. I would also like to note that I am under a strong impression at this time that Dainora already spent the money originally sent, which explains why she so ‘urgently’ needed it. She also has dodged taking anything I have said about legally responding to this situation of her fraudulent behaviour against me, by acting as if I am somehow threatening her. It is not a THREAT to exercise my legal rights, when somebody openly and so cockily takes my money! Dainora clearly has no idea about the fact that the Internet is not as TRANSPARENT as she thinks, and I thus now must restate that because of her inability to even attempt to resolve this, her CONSTANT dodging of the subject matter, and her actual JUSTIFICATION of taking my money even though I get nothing from this now, and her BREAKING of the original contract signed….that you completely AVOID doing business with Dainora Puida of Waikiki Rentals LLC at ALL COSTS! SEE PROOF THAT SHE IS SCAMMY BELOW: HERE ARE OUR ACTUAL CONVERSATIONS, UNEDITED, in Chronological order: I will now provide the complete email conversations I had with her, to show you just what kind of scummy and fraudulent person Dainora Puida really is! THINGS TO WATCH FOR: Dainora attempting to use manipulative tactics, as she sends me an email titled “urgent” telling me that she’ll cancel the booking if she doesn’t get money NOW! Dainora failing to confirm that I am actually booked, after she receives the check! Dainora completely dodging, or cleverly avoiding directly answering me when I ask about the check and if it was deposited, when, and what her bank told her. Dainora demanding more money, complaining about what she got, or otherwise confusing a very straightforward transaction… Dainora COMPLETELY avoiding talking about cancelling the contract, even though I bring it up NUMEROUS times.Dainora getting caught in a lie, after she asks me if the check cleared- even though she told me it did, and that it was deposited, and that she already ‘cashed’ it. Dainora somehow making ME the ‘bad guy’ here, when I attempt to get my money back, after she ignores any attempts to discuss cancellation, or getting a refund. Dainora clearly stating that she INTENDS on keeping the money and will not return it. Dainora attempting to accuse me of breaking the contract, by asking for a cancellation or refund! (HA Ha!) Dainora mocking my attempts to inform her of my legal options and rights, and in return accusing me of having a bad attitude about the fact that she is stealing my money! & Dainora clearly avoiding having to honour her end of the contract, which allows for cancellations, and Dainora completely avoiding anything related to that, including ignoring her own legal obligations. Here are the emails exchanged between us, starting from where the problem occured, up until the last conversation I had with her: —————————————————————————— Dainora: Aloha –, Hope you’re doing great! I got a notice from the bank that your check was in Canadian $ not US so the bank had to do an exchange which come out $ 1935.28 instead of $ 2200. Please note that payment is due in American $ and best would be that you send a check already in US $. You get much better rate that way. For now is ok but do you want me to deposit your other check as well or do you want to send a different check? Please advise. Thank you. Dainora 808-22-10900 ——————————————– ME: Hello Dainora, The other check was post dated, for later in August, and therefore cannot be deposited right now anyway. I will make up for the missing amount in the check I send out for August. Sincerely, ——————————————– DAINORA: Ok great. I did not deposit the second check. Do you want me to destroy it? In that case you can send a new one with the difference of $ 264.72. Please confirm. Thanks, Dainora 808-22-10900 ——————————————– ME: Hello Dainora, Yes, please destroy the check. I will send a new one out later in August for you, with the difference adjusted. Sincerely, ———————————————– DAINORA: Ok I will. Thank you for the fast replies. Dainora 808-22-10900 —————————————— ME: Hello Dainora, The last time I spoke to you, you stated to me that you had deposited the original $2000 check, dated for July. I just called my bank today, to see if there are any pending, or currently authorized debits to my account from the past month, in this amount, or any amount coming from a check- and my bank has said there is nothing going through, or being debited to me. The bank checked this for the past week, and month. This means that you did not deposit the check, but told me you did. At least, this is what I see on my end. I am not sure what is going on there, but I’d like to note that I paid to have this check sent out, and I signed a contract with you as well…however on your end I am not getting any clear confirmations, and you also are not depositing the check. What I am going to do now, is cancel the contract I originally signed, and I’m going to ask now that you destroy both checks that you originally had. Before I sent the check, you made it sound like it was extremely urgent for you to receive the deposit, yet I had to email you just to make sure you’d go check for the check to begin with. So I am not sure why you had such an urgency, when you didn’t want to go through with this. Either way, in the contract itself, it states the following: “6. PAYMENT – An advance payment equal to 50% of the rental rate is required 60 days before arrival. The advance payment will be applied toward the room rent.” Since I haven’t heard back from you, and you haven’t deposited the check I sent, and I have now spent money on something I am not getting a clear confirmation on, the original contract has to become void. I no longer want the original contract with you, and hereby state that I am cancelling that specific contract, and ALL deposits and checks are cancelled as well. Depending on what you say now, I would still like a room for the time frame specified, however if I should go through with a contract now, I would like to instill point 6, wherein I only give a small deposit now, and pay the %50 60 days prior, and the remaining upon arrival. I have to protect myself as well, since this transaction is happening between two counties, in an online setting. Please let me know that you understand this email, and that you confirm what I am saying now. Sincerely, ———————————————————– ME AGAIN: Hello Dainora, In regards to my last email, I have put a “stop payment” on both checks now. I have asked the bank to check twice to see if there was a pending check, or if any debit for the amounts in a check format existed, and both times the answer came back as “no”. Again I am not certain why you told me you were depositing it, if you didn’t. But please see my previous email about that. Once again, I am open to trying to rent the unit, but if we proceed again after this, I will be making payments differently using clause 6 from the agreement instead. Sincerely, —————————————————— DAINORA: Not sure what you mean, i confirmed that I got your checks and deposited one and had to convert to US dollars. Please explain the situation as I do not know what you mean. Thank you. Dainora 808-221-0900 (email address removed by Defaulters.com admin) ME: Hello Dainora, Has the bank put the check on hold? What did they tell you? NO money has been pulled from my account for this deposit, and it’s been 8 days now since you said you deposited it. My bank has also stated that no debit (money being pulled) is going to my account from a check either, in the past month. So on my end you did not deposit the check. Sincerely ————————————————- DAINORA: I did deposit but it probably takes longer since it is international transaction. Please let your bank know I deposited the check dated in July. Hope it clarifies situation. Dainora 808-221-0900 (email address removed by Defaulters.com admin) ————————————————– Me: Hello Dainora, I did tell my bank, they went all the way back to June, to check. They also checked to see if there are any pending authorizations, and none exist. I’ll have to wait and see then. Sincerely, ———————————- DAINORA: It might be different amount since it qas converted to us $. Not sure but the first check was deposited. Dainora 808-221-0900 (email address removed by Defaulters.com admin) ———————————————————– (***After waiting a while…she sends this… THUS proving she lied! She told me she cashed it….now she’s asking me if it went through!***) DAINORA: Do you have any news if the first your check has been cleared? Please confirm. Thank you. Dainora 808-221-0900 (email address removed by Defaulters.com admin) ———————————————- ME: On my end, like I already said, I don’t see that it ever did. So I have no idea if it just takes forever to show up, but you told me it did already on your end. —————————————————– *HUGE RED FLAG HERE* (She starts telling me what to do now….demanding that I let the money go through, completely ignoring everything I just said!!!) DAINORA: Yes, it was deposited as soon as I received it. Please do not cancel that check in order to go through. I guess it takes some time for these kind of transactions. Thanks. Dainora 808-221-0900 (email address removed by Defaulters.com admin) —————————————————– ME: Dainora, I already told you what I did. I feel like you are not reading my messages, and are ignoring everything I am saying. I am surprised that your bank did not tell you a timeframe for anything to clear, and secondly you already communicated to me that it had cleared. I am getting mixed communication from you now, which I am not comfortable with. I already stated that because of this I no longer want the original contract with you. You ignored that. I’m not sure what else to say, as I have been trying to ask you clearly about it already. Now you come back asking ME if it cleared, when you already said it did on your end. ….————————————— *** Here’s where she plays stupid and pretends she didn’t just read my email that CLEARLY asked to cancel….and somehow now I am the bad guy with attitude because she is not being CLEAR?*** DAINORA: Why do you give me this attitude?? I cannot read your mind, do you want me to cancel your reservation? I am just confirming with you. I just deposited a check and it shows cleared but I do not know how long it takes to clear from your bank… I am not ignoring anything, that is why I am checking back with you. I really do not appreciate these kind of emails from you… Dainora 808-221-0900 (email address removed by Defaulters.com admin) ———————————————- ME: (At least 2 weeks after she received the check…) The cheque has cleared on my end. That is what my bank is showing me now. You still haven’t responded directly to any of my emails talking about the agreement with this now. ————————————- ***Here’s where she starts to BUILD up on the fact that she would have NEVER allowed a refund, even though the contract stated that it is possible!** DAINORA: By the way you asked me to to pay it that way ( in specific increments) and I accepted it because I gave you much better price than I would get if I rent weekly… So the contract is a signed contract, please do not attack me and try to change the contract. Do you think I lied to you when I said I got your checks and deposited to my bank and the amount was different because of the exchange rate? And then you write me an email assuming that I did not deposited the checks. Not sure what else do you need from me at this point. Please ask specific questions. Dainora 808-221-0900 (email address removed by Defaulters.com admin) ———————————– ME: Dainora, I already stated what I want. Please go back into the previous emails. I do not want this contract anymore. It is that simple, as it is very difficult to complete the contract with you, especially even in communicating. Also, I can get a penthouse, as in a 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom- top floor, in the Monarch, for less. So you didn’t exactly give me a deal. Again, I do not want this contract anymore- one of the major reasons being that when I attempt to communicate with you, you ignore what I said, or respond with answers that are not actually answering what I asked. I cannot enter an agreement of this sort, paying all of this months in advance, with someone in this circumstance. I therefore want the full deposit back now. Please let me know how and when you are to be doing that. It is only August, that’s 7 months ahead, for the actual date(s) I had initially wanted to book, so you are not at a loss here either to rebook. —————————————- ***When You Get Explicity Clear- She Then Starts To Claim That Legally She Can Keep Your Money!*** So then I started a NEW email, to be even MORE clear: ME: (Email Title:) Rental Cancellation Dear Dainora, I am going to cancel my booking with you. I am now asking for a full refund of the initial deposit. I am well within my rights to do so, according to all clauses of the contract I signed. I have already given my reasons for this. This is my third time now emailing you about this. I do expect a confirmation now that you are returning the funds back to me. If you continue to be uncooperative, I am fully aware that I can pursue this matter further with the Banyan itself, and with VRBO, and through other public resources. If you ignore this matter, the same applies, as I am within my rights now to ask for the deposit back, and to receive a reasonably timed response/return of fees. Sincerely, ————————————- ***Here’s Where She LIES and tries to DIRECTLY, and fraudulently take my money illegally, by claiming the CONTRACT states that she can’t do it! *** DAINORA: The payment is non refundable if you decide to cancel and it is signed in the contract. Please do not threaten me and please confirm this is your final decision. Thank you. ———————————– HERE’S WHAT THE CONTRACT *ACTUALLY* STATES, WHICH IS COMPLETELY DIFFERENT THAN WHAT The Scammy DAINORA Is Suggesting! Me Again: Hello Dainora, The contract I signed actually states the following, so you are not in a position to tell me it is non-refundable: And I quote: 7. CANCELLATIONS – A sixty (60) day notice is required for cancellation. Cancellations that are made more than sixty (60) days prior to the arrival date will incur a loss of $200 deposit only. Cancellations or changes that result in a shortened stay, that are made within 60 days of the arrival date, forfeit the full advance payment and damage/reservation deposit. Cancellation or early departure does not warrant any refund of rent or deposit. 8. MONTHLY RESERVATION CANCELLATIONS – Monthly renters must cancel one hundred twenty (120) days prior to check-in. Monthly renters who make a change that results in a shortened stay must be made at least ninety (90) days prior to check-in. & “5. DAMAGE/RESERVATION DEPOSIT- A damage/reservation deposit of $ 200 is required. This must be received within seven (7) days of booking the reservation. The deposit automatically converts to a security/damage deposit upon arrival. The deposit is NOT applied toward rent; however, it is fully refundable within (14) days of departure, provided the following provisions are met.” Technically, and legally, you are not allowed to keep a deposit of any amount I have given you, at this point, as stated in the above portions of the contract I signed. You are clearly screwing around with me, and are trying now to steal my money. No part of the contract states that refunds or cancellations cannot be made. Numerous portions of the contract signed state that I have the right to cancel, and I am allotting for more than the 60 and even 120 day cancellation period. At this point you must now refund my money, and legally this is my right. I expect a confirmation from you now that you do recognize my legal rights, and will now be refunding the deposit. Sincerely, — ******Here’s what Dainora had to say….after ALL of this, and after TONS of emails trying to get clarity, and after clearly stating that I wanted to cancel and get a refund, otherwise I would be forced to pursue this further ($2200 in losses is not a SMALL amount!)…. (I KID YOU NOT, this was her ACTUAL font size too….) DAINORA: I will not even talk to you until you will apologize for your threats and nasty language and all accusations. You changed your mind about this reservation without any reason and just trying to threaten me…I can contact my lawyer as well. I am not in the United states till September 1st and I have limited internet access so will deal with this once I get back. ———————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————— THE COLD HARD FACTS ABOUT DAINORA PUIDA & WAIKIKI RENTALS LLC: So as you can see, Dainora has NO regard whatsoever for the severity of the situation. She’ll take your money, go on vacations, and then mock you while you try to recuperate your losses. She’ll even have the audac

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