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Published: 02 February 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

The games begun with my initial phone call about their advertised price on cars.com regarding a used Lexus and if there were any other additional fees. I was told just tax, title, and tags over the phone. So, I drove down there and took a test drive with Jose. He took me for a very, very short ride around the block and I requested to go around again and he agreed. I would have really preferred a much longer test drive especially when I was considering spending a lot of money on a car. After the test drive, he passed me off to Ziggy who negotiated a deal with me. Ziggy wanted to charge an additional, exorbinant fee for a “customer loyalty rebate”. I was really upset considering that I was not informed about this via my prior phone call. I negotiated to pay about a third of this fee only because there were not many used Lexus GS models with the dark interior available at this time and the car was a gift for my wife and I was under time constraints before the holiday.Under normal circumstances, I would have walked out and not dealt with these jerks. Furthermore, the car was filthy and unknowingly the interior rear view mirror was defective ( at the time I thought it was just dirt) and that it would be resolved through a car detail. Ziggy agreed to pay for the car detail which didn’t resolve the mirror issue. Initially they seemed like they were going to take some responsibility for selling me a car with a defect. | I came down one day and their mechanic found a used mirror to replace it. However, they claimed it was the wrong part for the car. So, they wasted a few hours of my time. I had believed that they were going to follow through and continue to search for a clean used part, but that never happened. I placed countless phone calls to both Ziggy and Jose for assistance, but I got nothing more than the runaround. I believed that they had hoped that I would just give up and go away. I don’t want to go on much more, but the games continued in the finance room. I was given a rate of 4.7 percent, only if I purchased an extended warranty through them. Otherwise they would give me a rate of 7.2 percent. I ultimately agreed to buying the warranty, but I didn’t like having my arm twisted like this to make a deal. It almost felt criminal how they can play these games. My final advice is to stay away from this place. As it turned out, a few days after the purchase, my brakes sounded like a mta bus and the car needed additional service. When it was all said and done, between my mirror,brakes and other service that the car needed, I paid another 2 k to get this car up to shape. Bottom line is STAY AWAY ! | dancyautomotive.com/used-cars/ | dancyautomotive.com/contacts/ | usedcarsgreatneckny.com/ | dancyautomotive.com/ | Dancy Automotive Group | Sales: 888-568-3416 | 105 Northern Blvd. | Great Neck, NY 11021 | (516) 441-5420 | Services: | Sales and leasing of any new/used car | Full pick up and delivery services (domestic and international) | Special financing and leasing arrangements | Full concierge services | Full service customization (audio, wheels, etc.) | Please call us at 888-568-3416 to arrange a test drive or view our complete inventory.” | Dancy Automotive Great Neck | dealerrater.com/dealer/Dancy-Automotive-Group-Great-Neck-review-48052/ | cars.com/dealers/2382372/dancy-automotive-group-of-great-neck/reviews/?start=21 | cars.com/dealers/203142/dancy-automotive-group/reviews/ | NY Used Nissan Sentra | dancyautomotive.com/used-ferraris/ | NY Exotic Dealer | New York Luxury Used Ferrari’s | Variety of Used Ferrari’s at Dancy Automotive | Great Neck Hours | Monday-Thursday: 9am – 7pm | Friday-Saturday: 9am – 6pm | Sunday: 11am – 4pm | luxuryautosny.com/ | dancyautomotive.com/swizz-beatz/ | Great Neck, NY | Dancy Automotive Group – Great Neck105 Northern BlvdGreat Neck, NY 11021 | Ph: 516-439-4829 | Fax: 516-441-5419 | Monday: 9:00 am – 7:00 pm | Tuesday: 9:00 am – 7:00 pm | Wednesday: 9:00 am – 7:00 pm | Thursday: 9:00 am – 7:00 pm | Friday: 9:00 am – 6:00 pm | Saturday: 9:00 am – 6:00 pm | Sunday: Closed | dancyautomotive.com/newandusedcars.aspx | dancyusedcarswoodbury.com/newandusedcars.aspx | usedcarsgreatneckny.com/newandusedcars.aspx | dancyusedcarswoodbury.com/ | NY Used Exotic Car Dealer | Long Island Luxury Cars | dancyautomotive.com/hyundai/ | NY Preowned Hyundai | New York Used Car Dealer | dancyautomotive.com/dancy-mercedes-g-class/ | NY Mercedes G-Class | Dancy Mercedes G-Class | dancyautomotive.com/bmw-3-series/ | NY BMW 3 Series | Long Island Preowned Car Dealer | dancyautomotive.com/toyota/rav4/ | NY Used Toyota RAV4 | drivedigitalgroup.com/ | dancyautomotive.com/used-ferraris/ | NY Exotic Dealer | New York Luxury Used Ferrari’s | NY Used Rolls-Royce Wraith | NY Preowned Rolls-Royce Ghost | NY Used Bentley Continental | NY Preowned Bentley Continental | New York Used Cars | dancyautomotive.com/bentleys/ | NY Exotic Used Bentley | NY Preowned Bentley | New York Used Cars | dancyautomotive.com/lamborghini-2/aventador/ | Used Lamborghini Aventadors | NY Preowned Lamborghini Aventadors | New York Used Cars | The Luxury Audi R8! | www.dancyautomotive.com/audi-r8-blog/ | New York Exotic Used Audi R8 | Great Neck Luxury Cars | dancyautomotive.com/mercedes/ | New York Mercedes Benz | Long Island Used Car Dealer | Mercedes-Benz | NY Used Ferrari F12 458 | NY Preowned Ferrari 458 | New York Used Cars | dancyautomotive.com/honda/pilot/ | NY Preowned Honda Pilot | NY Used Ferrari Vehicles | dancyautomotive.com/ferraris/ | dancyautomotive.com/toyota/corolla/ | Used Toyota Corolla Vehicles | NY Pre-Owned Toyota Corolla | dancyautomotive.com/bmw/ | New York BMW | Queens Preowned Luxury Dealer | New York preowned BMW | dancyautomotive.com/used-cars/?make=BMW | dancyautomotive.com/honda/civic/ | NY Preowned Honda Civic | dancyautomotive.com/category/blog/ | dancyautomotive.com/bmw-6-series/ | NY BMW 6 Series | Queens Preowned Car Dealer | dancyautomotive.com/nissan/sentra/ | NY Used Nissan Sentra | 760 Jericho TurnpikeWoodbury, NY 1179 | Welcome to Dancy Automotive Group of Great Neck located at 105 Northern Blvd. Great Neck, N.Y. 11021 Please call us at 516-439-4829 to arrange a test drive or visit our website dancyautomotive.com to view our complete inventory. | usedcarsgreatneckny.com/media | dancyusedcarsgreatneck.com

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