Dassani Dentistry

Here, you only get greedy medical criminals.

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Published: 21 May 2019

Posted by: Walter

Dassani Dentistry isn’t a proper dental clinic. A proper dental clinic has real professionals who care about their patients. You’d expect a proper treatment whereas you’d get something horrible in return. These people don’t care about your health or well-being and so, it can become increasingly difficult for you to keep up with them. I used to visit this place. I had gone there for a teeth whitening treatment. I didn’t know a dentist can mess up such a normal procedure. But they did. And they messed up horribly. They damaged my teeth and now I have to get another treatment to get rid of that damage. I can’t eat properly now thanks to the negligent dentists at Dassani Dentistry. Something is clearly wrong with this place and if you’d ask me, I’d suggest keeping a distance from this place. These are the people who put a bad name to dentists. A teeth whitening treatment seems harmless, right? Well, these people made this simple treatment a punishment for me. They used some low-quality and terrible chemicals for bleaching my teeth. Those chemicals were supposed to whiten my teeth. But they not only did the whitening but they also damaged my teeth to such extent that I can no longer eat cold or hot foods without feeling severe pain in my teeth. They have given my teeth sensitivity. I never had sensitivity in my teeth before. But now thanks to these people, I’m now suffering from that problem. These people messed up my treatment but didn’t even apologize for their mistake. I had contacted them after finding out the reality behind my new-born sensitivity. They told me I must’ve done something with my teeth or I must have the problem of sensitivity from before. You’d think dentistry with such a good looking website and office would have some good professionals. But in reality, this place has a group of morons and selfish retards who run everything. These people don’t know anything about professionalism or customer service. I had to go there in person to discuss my issue. Whenever I called them through the phone, the person on the other end used to tell me that I should wait. Then she’d just put my call on hold. Eventually, I’d cancel the call when I’d realize that these people won’t answer. They didn’t apologize for their mistake but they also didn’t issue any refunds. After such a big mistake, they didn’t even issue any refunds. You shouldn’t think of going to Dassani Dentistry. The dentists don’t know what they’re doing and the staff is really rude. They won’t listen to your problems and you’d be stuck with some nerve damage in your teeth. I’m now visiting another dentist for my dental treatment. I have a very serious problem of sensitivity now, thanks to the negligence of the dentists at Dassani Dentistry. Don’t visit this place, it isn’t worth the effort, the time or the money. You’d be better off someplace else.

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