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Published: 28 June 2019

Posted by: Pierce

HE RUINED MY FACE AND DAMAGED MY EYE SOCKETS DURING A FACELIFT! He is not trustworthy. He is a criminal who should be thrown into jail for ruining people’s lives. It’s sad that people like Dr. David don’t ever pay for the crimes they commit. He is a heartless and arrogant surgeon who doesn’t accept his mistakes. He didn’t even apologize for ruining my face! That crook thinks it’s alright to ruin other people’s face. I’m sure that he’ll go to hell. That guy has completely sabotaged my life. I no longer go out. I don’t have a social life. My self-confidence reaches a new low every other day. And I can’t find a way out. I’ll need to get another procedure done to get the damages fixed. But plastic surgery is a costly affair and I don’t have that kind of finances to afford another plastic surgery of that sort. His facelift has made my face so bad that some people don’t even recognize me. I’ve been depressed ever since I got this face thanks to Dr. David. That guy had promised me that I’ll get the best results possible.

That was a big lie, for sure. I got results but they are so bad that it would’ve been better if I hadn’t undergone any procedure at all. At least I would still have a good face. Now, my face is so terrible that I can’t even look at myself in the mirror. I had visited his clinic after reading a lot of great things about him online. Dr. David has a positive reputation online so I didn’t think he’d be so negligent and terrible at what he does. When he did the procedure on me, I was pretty scared to see the results. And when I saw the results I shrieked in fear. I couldn’t believe what he had done to my face. He noticed what kind of butchery he had done to my face but he didn’t say anything. I questioned him and he just told me that he had nothing to do with my procedure’s failure. His staff supports him too. They have an equal part in this criminal ordeal. They cover for him. They started saying stuff like my case was one of the rarest ones and that I might have some genetic disorder. He threw me out of his clinic after he realized that I won’t forgive him. He won’t issue me any refunds and after a day when they kicked me out of the clinic, I was notified that they got a restraining order against me. I’m trapped. I can’t do anything. They won’t issue me any refunds. I can’t contact them. So after ruining my face and my life, that bastard is roaming around freely whereas I’m treated as the bad guy? Please, for the sake of your safety, stay away from Dr. David and his organization. Those people aren’t safe.

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