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Published: 01 April 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

Please do not get involved with david varrone. If you regret it as much as i do, it will be on your mind for a very long time. In november 2015, i thought i had found an answer to my joblessness with this opportunity. David varrone is a slick talker who is proud to take your money and blame any failure on you, the victim. When “getting in” to this “opportunity”, you will have the choice of getting into the $3,500 level, $6,500.00 level, $12,000 level or $20,000 level. | If you “act fast”, you can move up a level by giving them your money in 48 hours. I made the huge mistake of getting in at the $12,000 level because then i wouldn’t have to “pass up” my first sale to my sponsers, david & patricia and qualify for up to $20,000. I have never made a penny, a year and 3 months later. Lucky for me, Sarcasm) i live not far away and gave him a check in the late afternoon which was somehow cashed that day. I had no credit card) he let me know that he always closed those so fortunate to meet him in person. | That day i joined, i expressed my concern that “getting in” at that level might not encourage them to help me as much He and a lady from ohio, named paticia davis are the two that got me in) as they would they still have money coming in the future with your first new member, which would give them more incentive to help. They assured me, no, no, no, they were helpful and wonderful with everyone, and i would get a bucketload of free leads. There was just so very little chance of failure if you worked with them. This is of course was not true. | I am a 62 year old single woman, and david & patricia knew that i was taking the money out of a 401k which had only 25,250 in it. I was concerned about also having to pay taxes on that as income in addition if it didn’t work out before the end of the year. Which as you know because i am writing here, is what happened. At tax time i had made zero here, and had to claim that $12,000. As income, owing some $3,000 on my 2016 taxes. This is not including the $497.00 paid to the folks at secret success machine for the use of their site. Later changed to business success alliance). | You will not get any proof of the leads that were sent for you by david unless you get responses, and then you will not know the number sent. You have to believe him, as you will never know. I had 50,000 leads i had just bought with another company, before i joined with david, and he agreed to send those out for me free as a way to close the deal. Later, he never told me when they were sent out, or offered any proof. He said they were lousy leads and it wasn’t his fault i got no calls on them. Later on, he lumped them in with the number he said he sent for me as part of my deal getting in to make it sound like he went way beyond what he should have had to do. Your side of things requires proof, like paying money, ect. You, on the other hand will have to take his word for everything. | He also charges $1099.00 for one week of leads (3 days tuesday-thursday)whether they are phone leads, or since last summer also text leads. He calls them “white-glove service” leads, the finest around. In speaking to someone else in a similar business, he told me chances are selling the leads is where david makes the major portion of his money. I already knew they were way overpriced, but if they were so great, and you got great results, it would be worth it. Most in businesses that use leads will say they are mostly all the same, it is a numbers game no matter what you pay for them. I know in my old business, it was $8.30 per thousand to send them out yourself, but i believed he was telling me the truth. | One of my main reasons for writing this is because i came here and read a Outscam on david before i joined; and he was able to counter it by saying he only had the one “problem” person and he had “fixed” things to make him happy, etc. And had no further problems. As i said, he has the smooth talking down, and will make you fantasize about not having to worry about money, and that you will be helping other people, blah, blah, blah. After you get in, he will decide how much “help” you get. And it may not be what he told you or you agreed on the phone. You will want to beleive him. | Despite many days of not sending leads My choice)because i got in right before the holidays Thanksgiving, christmas & new years), in very early january of 2016, he told me my free leads had run out, and that i would now owe him $1099.00 for a week of leads if i wanted to progress. I did not have the money, and needed every cent to pay my bills Found a job for $12,600. A year) so i could not do it. Yeah! now i can work for a year to regain the money i gave to david!) david called me at/around the end of january, saying he was going to supply me with leads for the month of february because he wanted me to succeed. A few days into this, he changed his mind and blamed it on his wife, which he did more than once. She is the ogre who will not let him be as nice as he wants to be. Yet you will never speak to her or know her, or i did not. | What really iced the cake was more recent-last august of 2016, he contacted me and told me that he wanted me to succeed so badly that for a refundable $500.00, he would send three weeks of leads for me for free, and if i got no responses, he would return my $500.00 without any problems. If i was sucessful, he would keep the money. I made sure he meant this, as i had to borrow $240.00 on my new credit card, and the rest i figured i could struggle through for 3 weeks without. Well, 3 weeks later, due to some problems he ran into, the leads were never sent out. I thought about asking for the money back, but did not think i would get a favorable reaction. So i waited. A week or two later the leads started although they were mostly text which i was not familiar with. | Not as many were sent as promised, i could only respond twice a week due to babysitting, which was tuesday, so i do not even believe i got the 3 weeks worth. If you fail to get anyone in, he will be abusive telling you that it is you that is not attracting wealth, are not grateful enough, and are a general loser. I started asking him for my money Extra august $500.) back he promised to refund. He told me it was his wife that wouldn’t let him. He said this new lead company owed him money back, and i would not get my money until they returned it to him. Asked him before christmas because i was too broke to buy my 2 year old a christmas present. Guess what? He doesn’t care. Last week, third week of january 2017, he told me after asking about every two weeks about it in texts or calls, that i was bothering him about it too much and he never wanted to hear from me again. Now he does not respond. | One other note; when getting in, i had been pursuing another business i was still involved in. David showed much interest in this business before i got in, and told me that he and others in his group would most likely be interested, and he would look into the possibility in a couple of weeks. He never brought it up again, but when i brought it up, he said he already looked into it and it was not the kind of thing he and his other “leaders” would be intersted in. He said it in such a way, i gleaned that he was never interested and i sense was just trying to make the sale of his business and used it as bait to get me involved. That did work, because i thought he meant it and there was more than one possibility of making some money. | So this is my story about how i lost about $16,000.00 with david varrone and business succes alliance. Or have they changed the name again)? Not only did i lose lots of money when i could least afford it, but also invested much time and was verbally abused as well. David will offer to do something for you, and later seem to be angry he did it, and take it out on you. Still stinging from the additional $500.00, $240.00 of which is a cash advance i have not paid back and am still paying interest on my credit card. No christmas for my granddaughter! no sympathy from david, no move to make his word good. I was promised my $500.00 back in three weeks, and it is over 5 months later…But i am bothering him by asking about it. I finally got the message, he is keeping it. He does want a tesla) | You know what is almost as bad as the money lost i obviously could not afford to lose? To lose all the time wasted on all the leads that did not work, time wasted trying to get at least my $500.00 back, the abusive ways of david. One day you feel you are talking to a saint, he cares about you so much; the next call you are told it is all your fault and that he has hillbillies that make money their first day. In my opinion now i believe if he can get you even one success, you will buy his leads in the future. More so than giving a darn about you). | After you tell him you have read this, he will do i level best to convince you i am some fool, freak, loser, etc. This is very long, but i want this to be my final effort. I have decided even if someone wanted to get in, i would advise against it. I believe in karma and realize i would only be damaging others. I would not want to do to anyone else what i experienced here. It smarts to read this over and feel like such a fool, but i can at least hopefully help someone else steer clear.

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