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Days Inn & Suites by Wyndham Tempe

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Published: 07 February 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

This communication is addressed to the WYNDHAM CEO, BOARD OF DIRECTORS, SHAREHOLDERS, ORGANIZATIONS and AGENCIES who continually give awards to WYNDHAM. Awards commending and giving accolades to WYNDHAM et al for ALL their great service, integrity, values, rewards programs, excellent treatment of guests and employees etc. Further, this communication and the subsequent posts are for the benefit and to inform the Worldwide Public – “TRAVELERS BEWARE!” | The following is my personal story and experiences when a tragedy hit our family and my need to stay in a hotel for an undetermined period of time. An abhorrent, extremely traumatic, humiliating experience. Experiences that most assuredly contradicts what WYNDHAM claims to stand for, publicly advertises themselves as, and as stated in their Mission Statement. | INTRODUCTION: | Approximately $5,700.00 dollars was paid during my stay at the Days Inn & Suites, Tempe, AZ for the period of October 23 to end of December 2018 that WYNDHAM Corporate also benefited from in being the Days Inn’s Franchisor. | FOR YEARS AN ESTABLISHMENT THAT HAS OPERATED AS A “SLUM HOTEL” ENGAGING IN FRAUDULENT, DECEPTIVE BUSINESS PRACTICES, ABUSING GUESTS LODGING THERE, ALL WITH THE FULL SUPPORT OF WYNDHAM CORPORATE. Now as claimed and advertised these are companies that act with the best interests of the consumers, are concerned about their health, safety, and welfare, they act with integrity, right? | If receiving money benefits from the Days Inn & Suites, Tempe, AZ wasn’t the priority for WYNDHAM especially in review of what thousands of guests have been negatively reporting on the Internet for years. Then why hasn’t WYNDHAM immediately and permanently revoked their franchise licensing? Any reasonable person using basic | common sense would in my belief arrive at the same conclusion. Money is first priority, the welfare of their guests are their last priority. | FTC Media Release: December 9, 2015 “Wyndham Settles FTC Charges It Unfairly Placed Consumers’ Payment Card | Information At Risk” Link: | unfairly-placed-consumers-payment Media News: November 8, 2016 “$20 Million Verdict For Wrongfully Terminated Whistleblower” Link: Lawsuit: Pierce v. Wyndham Vacation Resorts, Inc., No. 18-5298 (6th Cir. 2019) “Apr 29, 2019 – Plaintiffs filed suit (Fair Labor Standards Act, 29 U.S.C. 207(a)(1)), alleging that Wyndham required sales employees to underreport their hours or altered their timesheets to avoid paying overtime…” Link: Media NBC 2 News: October 7, 2019 “More Regulatory Complaints Filed Against Wyndham Vacation Resorts, Inc., for Deceptive Business Practices and Fraud” Link: | Numerous other lawsuits against WYNDHAM et al can be searched on the Maricopa County Superior Court Civil Docket website, not to mention other judicial branches. | BACKGROUND OF MY STORY AND EXPERIENCES: | On September 24, 2018 the home my daughter owned outright and where I also resided was unlawfully and fraudulently broken into. ALL our property in and around our home was stolen, including but not limited to all our ID, bank and credit cards, 3 vehicles, clothing, furniture, electronics, personal and financial records, household items, heirlooms, our family pets etc. I must stress, when I say everything was stolen, it was. My daughter and I only had | the clothes on our backs and our personal cell phones. | From September 24 to October 23, 2019, we had been staying at a temporary location due to displacement and needed to find a new place to live until our situation was resolved. Circumstances forced us (me and my daughter) to stay at separate locations due to needs and extremely limited to no finances caused by the circumstances. Calls were made to various organizations, agencies, friends etc. as I needed to be centrally located. For the agencies and organizations I didn’t fit the criteria and since my ID was stolen I could not prove who I was. Friends homes were not central. Transportation availability was either very limited, there wasn’t any, or I did not have the money at that time to pay for it. | The only option left was to call hotels, especially the ones I had been a long-time rewards member with. Believe it or not when your basic necessities especially ID are stolen you are essentially completely incapacitated, and helpless. I called several hotels explaining my circumstances but was turned down because I would have to produce ID to prove who I was. I thought for sure the hotels I had been a long-time Rewards member with would immediately arise to the occasion to help, on the whole that did not happen. A friend made a call to the Days Inn & Suites, Tempe AZ located at 1660 W. Elliott Street, Tempe, AZ, 85284 interceding on my behalf given the extremely traumatic situation I was faced and dealing with. They spoke to the front desk clerk explaining the situation and to vouch for me. To state they knew me personally, had known me for a long period of time, worked with me, advising they would be one of a few others helping to pay the room costs. | The desk clerk said there would be no problem. Appeared to be sympathetic to the situation and said to have the person come over immediately. Once I arrived, this was not the case. What the clerk at hotel relayed to the my friend turned out to be not true at all. I was standing at the front desk literally in tears not knowing where I was going to stay which caused me even more stress and trauma. I explained that I could get other professional people (friends, colleagues) who have known me for a long period of time to also vouch for who I was. Some of which were the same people who would be paying for my hotel room. | I repeatedly pleaded for her help. I told the lady that I was a paralegal hoping in some small way this would give strong credibility in what I was saying and what was factually true. Finally, after pleading for help for several hours the desk clerk said she would call her boss to try and get approval. Approximately 15 minutes later I was told that I could stay. | Clerk said, in order to do so, the hotel had a mandatory policy that the person paying would have to send the hotel a copy of the front and back of a valid Driver’s License, their passport, and the front and back of the Credit Card being used. Further, there would be a $100.00 deposit billed to the credit card that would not be credited back until final check out. | Additionally, the third party would have to fax or send an Email to the hotel stating they were giving permission for the hotel to bill the credit card for the number of days being paid for. Due to the situation, none of us knew how long my stay at the hotel would be. I told the clerk we would have to take my situation which included paying for my room on a day to day basis. I also told her that there would be different people paying for my room on a rotational basis. | The friends paying were on different time zones, lived in different states, or out of the country. She said that was no problem. | Throughout my stay I informed other hotel staff of my exigent situation as explained to the first clerk and it did not seem to be a problem, as I was led to believe. I checked into the room and could not believe how disgustingly filthy it was. The green carpet was black with large, hard, sticky patches that felt like hard, smooth candy under your feet. There were large black, pink, and yellow mold stains all over the ceiling in the bathroom and other parts of the room. Some spots were sprayed over with a white paint to try and hide them. | The fridge had severe ice built up. On the side facing the lower part of the fridge the ice had a slimy, oily surface present. The freezer part was filthy as were the doors and top of fridge. Closet door mirrors were broken. The rod to hold your clothes was missing screws and fell down every time you put clothes on it. I had to lean it on the bracket holding the iron. The lamps were taped with duct tape. The radio had two exposed wires and was plugged into wall outlet. | The key card slot on door would not always work requiring a long walk back to the front desk to get card reactivated. Door handle failed to work effectively causing me to get stuck inside or outside my room because the dead bolt would not pull back. Air conditioner cover was broken causing separation in several areas. Dresser drawers had dirt, hairs, hard pieces of candy or gum stuck to them. Clearly showing they had not been cleaned and washed out from previous guests. | Windows had these little screw clips that sat in the tracks. They were supposed to act as locks to prevent someone from sliding the window open to enter the room. Some wall plates were broken. Cabinet above counter and fridge was filthy and had food and crumbs left from previous guests. Several times the white sheets and towels had permanent stains on them. The smoke detector did not have the green light showing; was it working or not. The phone jack cable kept fallying out of the wall. | Exterior of the building had not been power washed in a long time and definitely needed a fresh coat of paint. Washers were missing from bolts securing the hand railings it to the concrete. Some railings were wobbly and not secure. The concrete walkways were heavily stained and appeared to be deteriorating. | The elevator smelled like urine especially on very hot days. The barbecue in pool area was missing handles and filthy. There was layers of burnt on food and rust on the grates and underneath the grates approximately 2 inches thick. Garbage cans were on several occasions full with excess garbage overflowing to the ground area. | The exterior venting for air conditioners had many kicked in and broken covers. Breakfast area cabinets had long-standing dried drips down the fronts of them or dried on food. The open under cabinet garbage areas had hardened food, drips, and other stains that had been there for quite some time without being wiped down. If you needed to use the business area printer, a few hotel staff would limit you on how much paper you could use or have if the printer ran out. | Gossip or talking about guests behind there backs could be heard between front desk staff when they spoke in English. At other times they spoke amongst themselves in their native language which you could tell made some guests very uncomfortable. At times when I was present you could see and her some of the staff (especially Niti, Ash, and Mona) intentionally trying to create conflict so they would have reason to kick a guest(s) out. These hotel staff were extremely often times rude to guests and treated some of their staff like they were slaves and not valued employees. | Given the circumstances, on one hand I was grateful to have a place to stay; roof over my head in spite of the conditions or the way I, or others were treated by some staff. On the other hand I was forced into staying silent, not really being able to freely express for resolve, issues of concern out of fear I would be unjustifiably kicked out. | In the early part of my stay I had no choice but to call WYNDHAM Customer Service for a situation that had arisen and requested their help to resolve it. During that call I expressed my concerns and what I was experiencing which included the filth of the hotel. I specifically requested in a pleading sort of way, that the customer service they not report anything to the hotel until I chose to check out for good for fear of retaliation by hotel staff. | Ironically after this call, I started to experience actions by hotel staff which led me to believe that they had been informed of my complaint I specifically ask not be disclosed or addressed until I left the hotel. Some of the issues that arose, including being aggressive towards me, involved two men known to me as Niti and Ash. They were the main managers as I was told, working at the front desk. | They told me that if I didn’t have the people pay for me by 11:00 AM in the morning each day then I would have to leave and then come back. And if I didn’t leave they would call the police and have me removed and charged with trespassing. Note, during my stay as I was relying on other people and their schedules my room was always paid even if the confirmation and payment came in later that day which I consistently informed the front desk staff about as to when it would be arriving. | Sometimes the days paid for were on a day to day basis, other times a week in advance, or a few days at a time since the people helping were taking turns to assist me. The key point is, my room was always paid for. This was a known fact I had informed the hotel of in the beginning and they told me there would be no problem doing it this way due to my extenuating circumstances. As well, the third parties paying also communicated the same information. The head hotel staff working the front desk said, no problem Other issues that arose involved the hotel front desk staff without authorization randomly billing the credit cards of people who had been alternating their payments for me. Staff doing | a test transaction first to see if the party paying for me had money in their account. | At the end of December 2018 though my room had been paid for several days, I had done nothing wrong, hotel management staff named Niti, Ash, and Danny unjustifiably, and without any reason or explanation kicked me out of the hotel. They said if I did not leave immediately and get off the property they would call the police, have me arrested and charged with trespassing. More on this issue can be viewed in the separate postings of communications. | What has been presented here so far touches the surface of how I was treated by the Days Inn & Suites, their owners, and WYNDHAM Corporate both during my stay and afterwards through the complaint process. |

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