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Published: 22 January 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

There was an ongoing issue with my direct debit setup with DebitSuccess for over 6 months. Every 2 weeks DebitSuccess tried to draw money out of my account for my gym membership, but something was going wrong and it kept rejecting. Instead of just calling me, DebitSuccess let this continue for 6 months. Every 2 weeks when they tried to draw the money again, it would fail again, and they would add a $10 fee onto the total bill. | By the time I found out this was happening, they had charged me well over $100 worth of fee’s. In addition to this, I did not find out this was happening until my gym called me saying, “Hello, we have just heard from DebitSuccess that your payments have not been going through for the past 6 months. You now have 2 hours to pay your bill of $379.00 before you are reported to Debt Collectors. Please note this will affect your credit rating”. So now suddenly I had 2 hours to pay a bill of nearly 400 dollars because this DebitSuccess company couldn’t pick up a phone and call me. | For the records, the phone number DebitSuccess had/has on their system is my only number, I have been using this number for over 16 years. It is also the number my gym was able to get me on first attempt. When I followed this up with DebitSuccess they say they had 2 phonecall attempts in the past 6 months to call me and inform me of the issue, however both their attempts the phone was engaged as I was already on a call. They did not even try to call me back 5 minutes later or anything, and as they called from a private number, I had no idea who had even tried to call. | Also, when you call the company, you cannot ask for a referrence number for the call, so there’s no proof you have even called them and you cannot give them your referrence number when you call them back so everytime you call you have to fully explain your situation each time. This company is like traveling back to the 70’s. | My gym pays this company good money to deal with their Direct Debit customers, all DebitSuccess needs to do is watch the automatic system, and when something goes wrong, call the relivant stakeholders. This company did nothing when things went wrong. This company makes money for zero input and work. It is my belief this company is some sort of scam company. I would avoid this company like the plague, CONSUMER BEWARE!! | p.s. I find it enfuriating that a company like this can have the power to report you to debt collectors and ruin your credit rating! I am currently trying my hardest to save for my first house. This companies shenanigans could see me having to pay a higher intrest rate on my home loan because of them threatning/messing with my credit rating. This is very serious and potentially life changing for the worse. | Words cannot express how angry i am with the situation that arrose from using DebitSuccess’s direct debit services.

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