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Desert Cove Recovery – An Elaborate Scam

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Published: 21 June 2019

Posted by: Agatha Yu

One of the biggest problems across the globe is that of addiction. Millions of people in different nations battle with one form of addiction or the other. It is the pursuit of professional help and to get a lasting solution that makes people like us to seek for avenues that can assist. And that was precisely how I got to come across Desert Cove Recovery. And today, I am here to narrate the really horrible things I went through in their hands. Located right in the heart of Arizona, Desert Cove Recovery says that it is a special place for those who are recovering from addiction. It is situated in Scottsdale and says that its site is not only going to ensure that you have all the privacy that you need but that there is also security. The handlers of Desert Cove Recovery also state that their place is the very best for those who want good and result-oriented long-term care addiction treatment options. 


The Irresistible Claims

By simply visiting their website, you will discover that Desert Cove Recovery has a series of fantastic claims that they have made on their platform. The essence of these claims is to attract everyone and ensure that you end up paying them. For example, Desert Cove Recovery markets itself as a behavioral health treatment program that blend is the conventional methods with the latest and most sophisticated forms of treatment to come up with a unique treatment plan that is the best for you. You will see this as you are landing on their website (see image).




Desert Cove Recovery has so many fantastic claims and I am going to take time to break them all down right here. For example, they claim to have the most excellent of all detox referral services. They say that their team is good at assessing if detox is needed at all and in cases where the recommendation for detox is needed, they claim to sort it out with one of their partners. But that is not all. 

Desert Cove Recovery also prides itself in its so-called 12-Step Package that they claim has produced immense results and can be used by practically anyone of any religious background. Their major claim is that they have and offer a most comprehensive treatment plan that allows the addict to become triumphant over the addiction and live normally as they truly desire. They say that while other solutions will focus only on the physical aspect of the addiction, they are not like that and they ensure that they get the physical, spiritual and mental aspects all taken care of. 

Their sweet words did not end there, they say that every sufferer of addiction is unique in his or her own way and that they develop and apply plans that are fitting for the individual needs of the person. They say it is for this reason that they offer short-term and long-term care options so that addicts can make the best selections that will suit their individual preferences the best. Another feature that they use to lure people like us is the presence of refreshing outdoor therapy. 

Desert Cove Recovery says that based on research, it has been shown that outdoor therapy and getting the best of a natural environment assists greatly in the recovery from addiction. For this pertinent reason, they offer solid outdoor therapy to their patients. In all, they claim that their treatment plans will assist you with drug addictions, alcohol dependencies, dual diagnosis, and even co-occurring disorders. Desert Cove Recovery will tell you that they have units of experienced and professional drug and alcohol addiction therapists who are ready to immediately attend to you. To make their claims very believable, they even add photos of their so-called rehab facilities for those who visit their website and have plans of making use of their services (see below). By simply visiting their website, you will discover that Desert Cove Recovery has a series of fantastic claims that they have made on their platform. The essence of these claims is to attract everyone and ensure that you end up paying them. For example, Desert Cove Recovery markets itself as a behavioral health treatment program that blend is the conventional methods with the latest and most sophisticated forms of treatment to come up with a unique treatment plan that is the best for you. You will see this as you are landing on their website (see image).




I am not sure about those who wrote the content on the website for Desert Cove Recovery but what I can say is the person sounds very convincing even though I would sadly later realize that it was all nothing but lies. Desert Cove Recovery says that they do not just promise to help but that they are actually fully sure that they can assist addicts. This they claim they can do by making use of the correct substance abuse treatment program. They claim to tackle not just the problem of addiction but the fundamental issues that led to the addiction in the first place. 

Their programs are supposedly designed precisely for men and women aged 18 and older who suffer from addiction to drugs and/or alcoholic substances. The same thing applies to those who have earlier attended a treatment program but did not get the results they want or are even suffering from debilitating relapse episodes. They also say their package is applicable for those who need continuous care and handling beyond the conventional one-month period of treatment.

Desert Cove Recovery goes to a great extent to convince you to accept their huge lies. It presents its typical addiction treatment as being composed of an initial assessment phase that allows them to have a better understanding of the addiction. This is supposed to be followed up with a personalized session of counseling which is expected to assist the addict to form a sense of self-awareness and the ability to trust the caregivers and open up. Then there is also supposed to be the session for cognitive behavioral therapy to assess the underlying psychological problems that can be linked with the abuse of substances. 

After all these, they claim to then follow it up with a comprehensive evaluation of the behavior itself so it can be modified in a way that the addict can live with no drugs or alcohol. Group therapy is another of their packaged scams, they tell you that they create a lovely environment where addicts can relate with one another and provide mutual support while they are all getting treated. 


My Experience

After reading all the above on their website, it was only normal and natural that I was expecting to walk into a tranquil, trouble-free, stress-free and professional facility where I could find real treatment for my body, heart, and soul. It was with this expectation that I headed to Desert Cove Recovery, I was full of hope, excitement and real optimism and was looking forward to a real recovery. But I was soon to realize that I just made the biggest mistake of my life. 

As a matter of fact, it did not take me long to realize that I was in very wrong hands and that I had been scammed. My very first day at the Desert Cove Recovery facility in Phoenix was very deeply distressful for me. When I got there, the first thing that I was confronted with was shocking racial slurs from a member of the staff and as if that was not enough, the whole place was very noisy and was in total disarray. It was exactly like being in a prison full of violent criminals. I was more than shocked and really distressed. Addicts were shouting like mad people and it seemed as if fights were going to break out at any moment. From expecting a place of serenity, I adjusted my mind to prepare it for the worst of all that could happen. I could not turn back at that point because of two main reasons. The first is that I had paid already and the second was even more important, and that is that I was in desperate need of help. So, there was a part of me that still had some hope. 

But unknown to innocent me, the very worst was even yet to appear. I love music but what I was told was that I was not going to be allowed in with my beloved music player, they claimed that was part of their therapy plan. But in a shocking twist of irony, the whole place was full of loud and really painful music. It was like I was dreaming. 

I still trudged on thinking I was going to survive and get the best of the money I already paid. All I saw was more of the gory sights. Every week started with unbearably violent fights between the addicts housed at the facility. And each time any of these pitiful fights were going on, the staff would do absolutely nothing. They would just be watching as if they were enjoying some sort of bizarre entertainment and it was all very baffling to me really. 

To add even to the misery that was already on the ground, there was no way for me to be free. If you request to be free, your request is harshly dismissed and you are told to wait and stay as that is the reality of existence and you have to bear it. The first time I was told that I did not believe my hearing. You needed to see other addicts threatening to murder each other right on the facility and the staff did absolutely nothing – yes, they did not even bother to raise a finger. To me, it was like as long as the money kept flowing in, the addicts can go to hell or kill themselves for all they cared. My feeling of misery at the time was gradually building up.

As with any other human, all I needed at that time was nothing but real help and assistance from kind-hearted professionals. For me to cope with the heavy psychological burden, I decided to become introverted and bury myself into books and writing as much as I could. Going out frequently was not an option for me because I was scared of being stabbed or injured by one of the insane inmates (because Desert Cove Recovery is best described as a jail). In short, it was at that point that I decided with a tone of finality that I was going to take care of myself and recover all on my own. 

As I hinted earlier, the best way to describe Desert Cove Recovery is to rightly call it a prison. To make matters worse, the negative atmosphere seemed to be affecting all the patients at the facility and everyone appeared to be triggered and angry at the slightest thing. So for you to really survive there, you have to maintain a really low key and ensure that you do not get into trouble with any of the other addicts in the place. Should you get into any trouble with any of the other addicts, you are clearly on your own. Expecting any of the Desert Cove Recovery staff members to come to your aid is a big waste of time as it will never happen. 

As a result of this paranoia that was all over the place, it was more like walking on eggs and you really had to watch what you say or even the way you look at others. It is really a horrible place to be in and even as I am writing this, I can feel the horrible flashbacks coming back to my mind, I will definitely not recommend Desert Cove Recovery to anyone at all. It is the very worst place on the surface of this planet to get help for addiction – just do not try it at all.


Why Others Should Beware

For those who follow the events and happenings in Arizona closely on the media, they will recollect that there was a time when Desert Cove Recovery alongside some other shoddy rehab centers was indicted for fraud. When that report came out, I was clearly not shocked because I had my own experience and witnessed everything with my own eyes. I am taking time to write this piece to warn every single person out there that they should do everything possible for them to ensure that they have absolutely nothing to do with Desert Cove Recovery and I have my good reasons which I will outline in the sections below. 

The first is that patronizing Desert Cove Recovery is a total waste of money. You will actually realize that at the end of the day, you are going to end up spending thousands of dollars and what you get in return is absolutely nothing. As a matter of fact, you are more likely to run into debt or in extreme cases end up with bankruptcy after you have ended your session with Desert Cove Recovery. The main reason why this is possible is that many get worse after staying at Desert Cove Recovery. Many of these addicts become so destabilize that at the end of it all, they have no other option but to seek genuine professional help in another place and this clearly does not come cheap. They are forced to raise money again and pay for another round of treatment which may or may not be effective. This leaves a serious dent in the finances of many people and it is clearly not the best way to do anything. 

Another reason why I believe that people should clearly stay away from Desert Cove Recovery and their wild claims has nothing to do with the financial aspect but is connected with your mental health. For those who really cherish their mental health, the best advice to give them is that they should have nothing to do with these scammers at Desert Cove Recovery. The precise reason for this is that going to Desert Cove Recovery will expose them to really traumatic events and many people end up becoming even depressed. In my own case, it took me a very long time before I could recover from all I observed and went through at the facility. 

But that is not all. One of the most discouraging things about Desert Cove Recovery is that they have some of the most unprofessional hands anywhere on earth. You just have to be there once for you to understand what I am saying. These guys have the most annoying behavior and it goes against everything that they promised on their website. It is a real disgrace and I have no regret exposing them here. The most ironic thing, in this case, is that the staff members themselves are supposed to be former addicts who got rehabilitated (see images below) and that is important. That is important because they are supposed to understand the other addicts better than anyone else but instead they are even worse in their behavior towards those who have come to them for help and professional assistance with good intentions and purest of hearts.






In the beginning, I was lured by their big claims but at the end of the day, I came to the realization and conclusion that Desert Cove Recovery was very far from what it claims to be. They clearly do not have any idea of how to handle addicts and should not be in business. 



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