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Published: 22 January 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

Rick Tull, Jr., the CEO of Design With Artisan contacted me on January 31, 2019 to design a website for his client. | The working relationship between my company and Design With Artisan, is my company is an Independent Contractor of Design With Artisan. My company provides website design services to clients to help in the growth of their business. Rick receives clients, he then outsources the work to us. Rick also attempts to design websites under his company. This was our first time working together, and ufortunately, will be our last. | Rick started designing the website for the client. Rick completed the homepage, which was terribly executed. He then hired me to complete the job. The job was to design 6 webpages following his design style on the homepage and to pull verbiage and content from the clients current website and the wireframe. | I was ready to begin, so I requested a deposit. I had to tell him I cannot work without a deposit…he initially wanted me to start work for free without a deposit, that is against our policy. He finally paid the deposit, I started work immediately on the evening of January 31, 2019. I informed him on when the project will be complete and kept him abreast throughout the design process. | Rick told me that he will pay me the outstanding balance once the project is complete. I sent him a message letting him know the project was complete on February 1, 2019 …I completed it in less than 24 hours since this was a “rush” project. He told me he will let the client take a look at the website during his meeting with him the next day…Rick contacted me on the morning of February 2, 2019 and informed me that the client “hated the website”. I asked what the client did not like about the site so I can make the revisions…my goal was to ensure Rick’s client was satisfied with the outcome. The only complaint that he told me about the site is that the content appeared expanded and Rick said the content was expanded because the client viewed it on a Dell computer. I did not understand why Rick did not allow the client to look at it on multiple devices. I checked the work before I told Rick I was finished to ensure it showed well on desktop, iPad, and cell phone. My content did not appear expanded on the other pages. I asked was there anything else specific the client did not like so I can go in and make revisions, Rick would not tell me after asking numerous times. | Rick tells me that instead of me working on the site anymore, he will work on the site, and he wants me to build a brand new website for his client because the client now wants the site to be a replica of another company’s website. I requested to be paid for the current project that I completed and compensated for the new project he wants to start…Rick tells me that he is not paying me, and wants his $125 non-refundable deposit back because he stated verbatim, “I cannot afford to lose $125 (forreal)”. I completed the job, I asked for the issues with the site, he wouldnt tell me, he did not pay my outstanding balance and requested the deposit back. He wanted the clients deposit back for himself and I believe he had no intentions on paying me in the first place. | In service based businesses, you work until the client is happy based on the original scope, especially with a website…it is stated in the contract between my company and Rick’s company that I am to be paid 40% of the project fee. Every time I asked what the project fee was that the client paid, he refused to tell me…I was not paid what I was supposed to be paid, he would not show proof of the project fee. Rick demanded I pay him back the non-refundable deposit because he couldnt afford to “lose” $125. Again, Design With Artisan, Rick Tull, Jr. had no intentions on paying me the rest of what I’m owed. | Prior to our working relationship, he requested that I remove my company name from my website design projects to make it appear that his company, Design With Artisan, designed it. That would be falsifying projects…I work hard for my clients no matter the budget, project, or any specs. I also work hard for my business and the work I‘ve done. I reserve the right to own my projects! | Rick accused me of taking the money from him, comparing our business to a restaurant saying that if a customer is not happy with his food, they get their money back. Rick even proposed to me if I give him the deposit back, he will ”pass his next lead to me”. From there, I told him to not contact me anymore and to remove my work from his website that he was using to promote his portfolio. He called me and left a voicemail message as well. I’ve had enough, I‘ve learned my lesson to be more careful who we work with, and I see how shady Rick Tull, Jr of Design With Artisan is. | As a result, I did not receive payment for the work that I completed, he is very unprofessional in all of his business practices, he is illegitimate, and a liar. Take precaution if you consider doing business with this company! If you work as a contractor with Design With Artisan, you may not be paid for your work, or paid under the amount that you were told in the contract. If you hire this company for any web design project, I wish you well. | This is not how you treat people, and I promise you this will be handled, Ricardo. | Disclaimer: The opinions and views I’m expressing at this time are of my own. This is a review of me working with a company and individual. This is not to defame the character expressed in this review of my experience.

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