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Published: 30 May 2018

Posted by: Anonymously″” data-hovercard=””/ajax/hovercard/hovercard.php?id=100001558088874&extragetparams=%7B%7D””>Scott Bard-Mansur Scott Bard-Mansur I’m a good friend of the Brady family in Flint, Mi. I’m interested in your designs. Dewayne Cummings 2/22, 3:58pm Dewayne Cummings Greetings.l What can I do for you my friend. Scott Bard-Mansur 2/22, 3:58pm Scott Bard-Mansur What can’t you do for me !…lol Jackets, pants ..everything Dewayne Cummings 2/22, 4:00pm Dewayne Cummings Lol that’s what’s up. I design custom accessories. I can get you anything you want. Scott Bard-Mansur 2/22, 4:00pm Scott Bard-Mansur Good. So where do we start ? I’m a shoe and clothing fanatic Dewayne Cummings 2/22, 4:02pm Dewayne Cummings We can start by you giving me your sizes and spending budget so I know where to look Scott Bard-Mansur 2/22, 4:02pm Scott Bard-Mansur I’m a 40R 33 waist 32 inseam Dewayne Cummings 2/22, 4:03pm Dewayne Cummings Ok cool. Easy fit Scott Bard-Mansur 2/22, 4:03pm Scott Bard-Mansur 16 1/2 shirt I love color Dewayne Cummings 2/22, 4:04pm Dewayne Cummings Cool. I got you. What price range do you want me to stay within Scott Bard-Mansur 2/22, 4:05pm Scott Bard-Mansur It depends on the item Dewayne Cummings 2/22, 4:08pm Dewayne Cummings I mean overall in regards to the outfit. The price of clothes range so differently. Let me know what you want to spend on a average per outfit Scott Bard-Mansur 2/22, 4:09pm Scott Bard-Mansur 200 – 300 Dewayne Cummings 2/22, 4:10pm Dewayne Cummings I got you. I will shoot you some looks. How soon are you ready Scott Bard-Mansur 2/22, 4:10pm Scott Bard-Mansur The 1st Dewayne Cummings 2/22, 4:11pm Dewayne Cummings Okay cool I will have you straight Scott Bard-Mansur 2/22, 4:12pm Scott Bard-Mansur Scott Bard-Mansur 2/22, 4:13pm Scott Bard-Mansur 9.5 shoes Dewayne Cummings 2/22, 4:14pm Dewayne Cummings Cool Scott Bard-Mansur 2/22, 4:15pm Scott Bard-Mansur Thanks Scott Bard-Mansur 2/22, 4:21pm Scott Bard-Mansur I like vintage too February 23 Scott Bard-Mansur 2/23, 12:15pm Scott Bard-Mansur Good afternoon Dewayne Cummings 2/23, 12:16pm Dewayne Cummings What’s good bro Scott Bard-Mansur 2/23, 12:16pm Scott Bard-Mansur Just chillin I thought about that red blazer ensemble all night Dewayne Cummings 2/23, 12:18pm Dewayne Cummings Lol well let’s make it happen Scott Bard-Mansur 2/23, 12:18pm Scott Bard-Mansur Ok… February 25 Scott Bard-Mansur 2/25, 9:19am Scott Bard-Mansur Morning Dewayne Dewayne Cummings 2/25, 9:22am Dewayne Cummings Morning. What’s good my dude you ready to order Scott Bard-Mansur 2/25, 9:23am Scott Bard-Mansur Yes my payday is Thursday What do you have in mind Dewayne Cummings 2/25, 9:24am Dewayne Cummings I got a lot just let me know when you ready Scott Bard-Mansur 2/25, 9:25am Scott Bard-Mansur Thursday Dewayne Cummings 2/25, 9:26am Dewayne Cummings Okay cool Scott Bard-Mansur 2/25, 9:27am Scott Bard-Mansur Ok February 26 Scott Bard-Mansur 2/26, 6:20pm Scott Bard-Mansur Dewayne you have a pink and navy bow tie and hankie set….I want it Dewayne Cummings 2/26, 6:21pm Dewayne Cummings This attachment may have been removed or the person who shared it may not have permission to share it with you. Scott Bard-Mansur 2/26, 6:21pm Scott Bard-Mansur You know the item ? Dewayne Cummings 2/26, 6:22pm Dewayne Cummings No show me. I have a new one Scott Bard-Mansur 2/26, 6:22pm Scott Bard-Mansur Ok Scott Bard-Mansur 2/26, 6:29pm Scott Bard-Mansur I commented on it Dewayne Cummings 2/26, 6:30pm Dewayne Cummings Okay Okay yea that’s pink and black Scott Bard-Mansur 2/26, 6:31pm Scott Bard-Mansur Let me know if you have it Dewayne Cummings 2/26, 6:31pm Dewayne Cummings Yes I have it. Scott Bard-Mansur 2/26, 6:32pm Scott Bard-Mansur Ok….how much ? Dewayne Cummings 2/26, 6:33pm Dewayne Cummings 60.00 for the set 65 if you want the lapel pin with it Scott Bard-Mansur 2/26, 6:35pm Scott Bard-Mansur I do want it. Now I need a badd black suit. Dewayne Cummings 2/26, 6:44pm Dewayne Cummings Okay tell exactly what you want to do. Scott Bard-Mansur 2/26, 6:45pm Scott Bard-Mansur I get paid tomorrow. What all can I get tomorrow ? Dewayne Cummings 2/26, 6:46pm Dewayne Cummings That’s up to you. What were you trying to spend Scott Bard-Mansur 2/26, 6:47pm Scott Bard-Mansur Give me a bill. Dewayne Cummings 2/26, 6:47pm Dewayne Cummings I’m saying do you want just the tie set or a suit as well? Scott Bard-Mansur 2/26, 7:25pm Scott Bard-Mansur I want it all How much Dewayne Cummings 2/26, 7:46pm Dewayne Cummings What’s your size suit Scott Bard-Mansur 2/26, 7:46pm Scott Bard-Mansur 42 r Dewayne Cummings 2/26, 7:47pm Dewayne Cummings Okay let me check for you Scott Bard-Mansur 2/26, 7:48pm Scott Bard-Mansur 40R is what I wear without alterations 42 allows me some room Dewayne Cummings 2/26, 7:54pm Dewayne Cummings Okay cool Scott Bard-Mansur 2/26, 7:54pm Scott Bard-Mansur My waist is 34 Dewayne Cummings 2/26, 7:55pm Dewayne Cummings What are you willing to pay for a suit prices on suits vary Scott Bard-Mansur 2/26, 7:56pm Scott Bard-Mansur It depends on the fabric Do you have a ball park figure Dewayne Cummings 2/26, 7:58pm Dewayne Cummings Man suits range from 99.00 to 3000.00 what are you willing to pay I shop for pro athletes to regular folk I need to know your budget Scott Bard-Mansur 2/26, 7:58pm Scott Bard-Mansur 150. I can’t afford $3000.00 How much is that red blazer, blk/wht shirt Dewayne Cummings 2/26, 8:01pm Dewayne Cummings That one sold but I can get you another one for 200 Scott Bard-Mansur 2/26, 8:01pm Scott Bard-Mansur Ok let’s go that one Dewayne Cummings 2/26, 8:02pm Dewayne Cummings The red jacket and black and white shirt? Scott Bard-Mansur 2/26, 8:02pm Scott Bard-Mansur Yes…and the pink/blue tie set Dewayne Cummings 2/26, 8:03pm Dewayne Cummings It’s pink and black. Okay so the total is 265.00 Scott Bard-Mansur 2/26, 8:03pm Scott Bard-Mansur Ok Ok…..I want to put it with a navy Versace tux….that wont work. So……get me some pants for the ensemble Scott Bard-Mansur 2/26, 8:18pm Scott Bard-Mansur Is that ok Dewayne Cummings 2/26, 8:29pm Dewayne Cummings I will hook it up Scott Bard-Mansur 2/26, 8:29pm Scott Bard-Mansur Great I’m sure you will have me on point What color pants ? Dewayne Cummings 2/26, 8:34pm Dewayne Cummings Gotta see what I got Scott Bard-Mansur 2/26, 8:35pm Scott Bard-Mansur Anything besides black February 27 Dewayne Cummings 2/27, 1:35pm Dewayne Cummings My dude what you decide to do let’s close that deal. Scott Bard-Mansur 2/27, 1:36pm Scott Bard-Mansur Give me the bill How do you conduct business. ..invoice me Your choice Dewayne Cummings 2/27, 1:37pm Dewayne Cummings My website is down so I can’t send invoices right now. I’m switching from PayPal to Wells Fargo Merchant Services. I have been asking people to just wire it via money gram. Scott Bard-Mansur 2/27, 1:38pm Scott Bard-Mansur Oh ok February 27 Dewayne Cummings 2/27, 7:48pm Dewayne Cummings Did you change your mind on the order? I have someone asking to buy that set now so I need to know if I can sale it or have another one made. Scott Bard-Mansur 2/27, 8:13pm Scott Bard-Mansur I haven’t changed my mind It’s 4 degrees outside and usually I can pay from home but I have to go to Walmart for a Moneygram so I haven’t been out How much am I sendind. You never gave me a price Dewayne Cummings 2/27, 8:31pm Dewayne Cummings Lol okay I will make another set. For the set, the red blazer, black and white shirt, handkerchief and pin plus a nice pair of pants I can get you some nice ralph lauren pinstripe pants for 95.00. 360.00 total Dewayne Cummings 2/27, 8:32pm Dewayne Cummings Scott Bard-Mansur 2/27, 8:32pm Scott Bard-Mansur Ok Dewayne Cummings 2/27, 8:32pm Dewayne Cummings Those are the pants Scott Bard-Mansur 2/27, 8:32pm Scott Bard-Mansur You are awesome Dewayne Cummings 2/27, 8:33pm Dewayne Cummings I do aight Scott Bard-Mansur 2/27, 8:34pm Scott Bard-Mansur Dewayne Cummings 2/27, 8:35pm Dewayne Cummings Lol Holla when you need the info Scott Bard-Mansur 2/27, 8:36pm Scott Bard-Mansur Ok…I’m going to Walmart in the morning right after my physical therapist leaves….he comes at 8:30 Dewayne Cummings 2/27, 8:37pm Dewayne Cummings Ok good deal be safe Scott Bard-Mansur 2/27, 8:37pm Scott Bard-Mansur Ok Scott Bard-Mansur 2/27, 8:58pm Scott Bard-Mansur Give me the information I might be able to do it from home tonight Dewayne Cummings 2/27, 9:03pm Dewayne Cummings Dewayne Cummings 6628224911 Norcross, GA can you please add a test question and answer on it incase I send my intern to pick it up she won’t need to show ID. Send me the reference number and the question and answer thank you Scott Bard-Mansur 2/27, 9:20pm Scott Bard-Mansur I’m going to try and send it from my debt card Dewayne Cummings 2/27, 9:21pm Dewayne Cummings Ok cool Scott Bard-Mansur 2/27, 9:32pm Scott Bard-Mansur To send it the fee is $35.00 Dewayne Cummings 2/27, 9:34pm Dewayne Cummings 35 to send 360? Well send 340. 00 and I will swap it for the shipping costs Scott Bard-Mansur 2/27, 9:34pm Scott Bard-Mansur Ok Dewayne Cummings 2/27, 9:34pm Dewayne Cummings Don’t forget the question and answer Scott Bard-Mansur 2/27, 9:34pm Scott Bard-Mansur Ok Scott Bard-Mansur 2/27, 10:02pm Scott Bard-Mansur Sent test question : Who is the King of Glory Dewayne Cummings 2/27, 10:03pm Dewayne Cummings Good deal. What’s the reference number and answer Scott Bard-Mansur 2/27, 10:04pm Scott Bard-Mansur I didn’t get a reference Dewayne Cummings 2/27, 10:05pm Dewayne Cummings It should be in the info. What’s the answer to the question Scott Bard-Mansur 2/27, 10:05pm Scott Bard-Mansur That is the question Dewayne Cummings 2/27, 10:06pm Dewayne Cummings What’s the answer Scott Bard-Mansur 2/27, 10:06pm Scott Bard-Mansur It didnt require an answer You hurry up and get a paypal account or something I was charged $375 00 Dewayne Cummings 2/27, 10:08pm Dewayne Cummings Okay give me all your information. Please check to see if they gave you a reference number its always a reference number. Plus I need your number and city and state Scott Bard-Mansur 2/27, 10:13pm Scott Bard-Mansur Scott Bard Mansur 810 282 5944 Flint, Michigan Dewayne Cummings 2/27, 10:14pm Dewayne Cummings Okay Scott Bard-Mansur 2/27, 10:15pm Scott Bard-Mansur Ok Scott Bard-Mansur 2/27, 10:21pm Scott Bard-Mansur 14350567 Get size 34 pants Dewayne Cummings 2/27, 10:31pm Dewayne Cummings Got you! Thanks Scott Bard-Mansur 2/27, 10:32pm Scott Bard-Mansur Thanks Scott Bard-Mansur 2/27, 11:03pm Scott Bard-Mansur What color shoes ? February 28 Dewayne Cummings 2/28, 6:51am Dewayne Cummings Let me think on it Scott Bard-Mansur 2/28, 7:23am Scott Bard-Mansur Ok Dewayne Cummings 2/28, 8:56am Dewayne Cummings I’m at Walmart and it says it’s not in receivable status Scott Bard-Mansur 2/28, 8:57am Scott Bard-Mansur Why not Dewayne Cummings 2/28, 8:57am Dewayne Cummings Are you able to call me Scott Bard-Mansur 2/28, 8:57am Scott Bard-Mansur It was a only supposed to take 10 mins What is your Dewayne Cummings 2/28, 8:57am Dewayne Cummings 6628224911 Scott Bard-Mansur 2/28, 10:41am Scott Bard-Mansur did you get it ? Dewayne Cummings 2/28, 10:49am Dewayne Cummings Yes I’m getting you together now Scott Bard-Mansur 2/28, 10:49am Scott Bard-Mansur cool March 3 Scott Bard-Mansur 3/3, 11:21am Scott Bard-Mansur Morning Dewayne Cummings 3/3, 11:34am Dewayne Cummings Wats up Scott Bard-Mansur 3/3, 11:34am Scott Bard-Mansur Not too much and you Dewayne Cummings 3/3, 11:59am Dewayne Cummings Working like always Scott Bard-Mansur 3/3, 11:59am Scott Bard-Mansur Ok I can’t wait to see my things Dewayne Cummings 3/3, 12:05pm Dewayne Cummings Gone be dope Scott Bard-Mansur 3/3, 12:05pm Scott Bard-Mansur I’m sure March 6 Scott Bard-Mansur 3/6, 4:13pm Scott Bard-Mansur What’s happening Dewayne Cummings 3/6, 4:13pm Dewayne Cummings My man. I just picked your red jacket up an hour ago. Scott Bard-Mansur 3/6, 4:14pm Scott Bard-Mansur Cool March 7 Scott Bard-Mansur 3/7, 10:02am Scott Bard-Mansur Good morning Dewayne Dewayne Cummings 3/7, 10:08am Dewayne Cummings Good morning sir lol. I’m at work but I got you straight can’t wait for you to get it Scott Bard-Mansur 3/7, 10:08am Scott Bard-Mansur I’m going to be sharp Dewayne Cummings 3/7, 10:25am Dewayne Cummings Hell yea Scott Bard-Mansur 3/7, 10:26am Scott Bard-Mansur I am thinking about the next thing Dewayne Cummings 3/7, 10:32am Dewayne Cummings I got a hot look for you Scott Bard-Mansur 3/7, 10:32am Scott Bard-Mansur Ok….tell me more Dewayne Cummings 3/7, 10:43am Dewayne Cummings I have a nice 2 button navy blazer. I made a tie out of the material in the picture. I did a yellow and white chevron handkerchief trimmed with blue. A white shirt with blue stripes. White pants and yellow lapel flower. Scott Bard-Mansur 3/7, 10:49am Scott Bard-Mansur I have the white shirt. How much for the rest ? Dewayne Cummings 3/7, 11:10am Dewayne Cummings 200.00 Scott Bard-Mansur 3/7, 11:21am Scott Bard-Mansur Great. …get it ready Dewayne Cummings 3/7, 11:22am Dewayne Cummings Okay March 12 Scott Bard-Mansur 3/12, 9:22am Scott Bard-Mansur Good morning Dwayne. .. Dewayne Cummings 3/12, 10:00am Dewayne Cummings Hey Scott. I am going to have to send your package without the pants. They sent you a 36 instead of a 34. Scott Bard-Mansur 3/12, 10:01am Scott Bard-Mansur Are they getting the pants and when ? Dewayne Cummings 3/12, 10:02am Dewayne Cummings I already notified them 2 days ago and they were supposed to be shipping the right ones immediately I tried holding out but I have been holding off to long. Scott Bard-Mansur 3/12, 10:03am Scott Bard-Mansur Ok So when do you expect to get the pants Dewayne Cummings 3/12, 10:08am Dewayne Cummings I assume in a couple of days based on how fast I got the first pair Scott Bard-Mansur 3/12, 10:09am Scott Bard-Mansur Ok. I’d rather get everything at once. What fabric is the jacket Dewayne Cummings 3/12, 10:10am Dewayne Cummings It’s a cotton blend. It’s nice! I had to order me one. Nice red Scott Bard-Mansur 3/12, 10:11am Scott Bard-Mansur Ok March 12 Scott Bard-Mansur 3/12, 6:02pm Scott Bard-Mansur I’m going to need a black suit . Keep in mind I live in Michigan. Dewayne Cummings 3/12, 6:03pm Dewayne Cummings Okay got the perfect custom tailor made Italian suit 350.00 March 13 Scott Bard-Mansur 3/13, 1:05pm Scott Bard-Mansur Hey Dwayne. Did the pants arrive Dewayne Cummings 3/13, 1:20pm Dewayne Cummings Hey I will check when I get home. Scott Bard-Mansur 3/13, 1:20pm Scott Bard-Mansur Ok Dewayne Cummings 3/13, 1:21pm Dewayne Cummings I’m on it. U went off on them. I got you covered Scott Bard-Mansur 3/13, 1:22pm Scott Bard-Mansur On who ? Dewayne Cummings 3/13, 1:22pm Dewayne Cummings I went off typo Scott Bard-Mansur 3/13, 1:23pm Scott Bard-Mansur Ok March 16 Scott Bard-Mansur 3/16, 10:15am Scott Bard-Mansur Good morning Dewayne Cummings 3/16, 10:16am Dewayne Cummings Heeeeeeeyyy buddy. They called me yesterday your pants are hete Scott Bard-Mansur 3/16, 10:16am Scott Bard-Mansur Great ! When will you be shipping Dewayne Cummings 3/16, 10:19am Dewayne Cummings Monday sir Scott Bard-Mansur 3/16, 10:19am Scott Bard-Mansur Oh Scott Bard-Mansur 3/16, 12:34pm Scott Bard-Mansur Great ! March 19 Scott Bard-Mansur 3/19, 10:18am Scott Bard-Mansur Good morning Dewayne Cummings 3/19, 10:40am Dewayne Cummings Morning Sir Scott Bard-Mansur 3/19, 10:41am Scott Bard-Mansur Hru Dewayne Cummings 3/19, 10:41am Dewayne Cummings Blessed! Grateful! Scott Bard-Mansur 3/19, 10:42am Scott Bard-Mansur Good Dewayne Cummings 3/19, 10:42am Dewayne Cummings And you Scott Bard-Mansur 3/19, 10:47am Scott Bard-Mansur I’m fantastic Dewayne Cummings 3/19, 11:01am Dewayne Cummings You gone be better than that when you get that package Scott Bard-Mansur 3/19, 11:17am Scott Bard-Mansur Oh yeah….when is it coming March 20 Scott Bard-Mansur 3/20, 6:33pm Scott Bard-Mansur Hey Dwayne March 21 Scott Bard-Mansur 3/21, 7:57am Scott Bard-Mansur Good morning Dewayne Cummings 3/21, 7:58am Dewayne Cummings At work. Your package is in the mail Scott Bard-Mansur 3/21, 7:59am Scott Bard-Mansur Great. Was there a tracking Dewayne Cummings 3/21, 8:09am Dewayne Cummings It’s in my ofc Scott Bard-Mansur 3/21, 8:10am Scott Bard-Mansur Ok. I want to be home when it arrives March 25 Scott Bard-Mansur 3/25, 10:27am Scott Bard-Mansur Do you have a tracking Dewayne Cummings 3/25, 11:03am Dewayne Cummings Yes sir. I will be home on the morning Scott Bard-Mansur 3/25, 11:05am Scott Bard-Mansur Ok March 26 Scott Bard-Mansur 3/26, 6:51am Scott Bard-Mansur Good Morning. Can I get the tracking Scott Bard-Mansur 3/26, 7:06am Scott Bard-Mansur ? Dewayne Cummings 3/26, 7:09am Dewayne Cummings Okay I’m in a safety meeting. I promise to get it to you. March 26 Scott Bard-Mansur 3/26, 10:24am Scott Bard-Mansur My mailman just ran for the day….nothing. I’m going to need that tracking today. March 26 Scott Bard-Mansur 3/26, 5:24pm Scott Bard-Mansur Did you get the tracking Dewayne Cummings 3/26, 5:48pm Dewayne Cummings I h Vi haven’t made it home Scott Bard-Mansur 3/26, 5:49pm Scott Bard-Mansur When you do shoot me the Dewayne Cummings 3/26, 5:49pm Dewayne Cummings This attachment may have been removed or the person who shared it may not have permission to share it with you. March 27 Scott Bard-Mansur 3/27, 5:27am Scott Bard-Mansur I’ve asked for the tracking a few times now. You have given me a few excuses. Is there a problem ? This is not a good way to start a business relationships. If you don’t have the merchandise just return my money. Asking for the tracking so I don’t have to run home from work everyday isn’t too much to ask. Dewayne Cummings 3/27, 5:31am Dewayne Cummings I got home after 10 pm. We own a construction company. We are closing out a project that has to be completed by the 31st. I promise you I am not making excuses. But i worked the last week 10 to 12 hours everyday of the week for the past 2 weeks. Everything is good. I apologize for the delay. I will fix it I am truly sorry you haven’t gotten it. Scott Bard-Mansur 3/27, 5:32am Scott Bard-Mansur Just give me the tracking number That’s all I ask. Dewayne Cummings 3/27, 5:33am Dewayne Cummings I got you Mr. Mansur. My fiancé is looking for it now. Scott Bard-Mansur 3/27, 7:43am Scott Bard-Mansur Did you find the tracking Scott Bard-Mansur 3/27, 10:03am Scott Bard-Mansur ??? I’m getting annoyed Scott Bard-Mansur 3/27, 10:33am Scott Bard-Mansur Thursday mail has run and nothing ! Dewayne Cummings 3/27, 10:34am Dewayne Cummings I’m at the office now Scott Bard-Mansur 3/27, 10:34am Scott Bard-Mansur Give me the tracking Dewayne Cummings 3/27, 10:35am Dewayne Cummings I’m looking Scott Bard-Mansur 3/27, 10:36am Scott Bard-Mansur You should have given me the the day you mailed it…..that’s customer service. Scott Bard-Mansur 3/27, 12:30pm Scott Bard-Mansur Have you found the tracking information March 27 Scott Bard-Mansur 3/27, 4:45pm Scott Bard-Mansur ?? I would like to know what is going on Dewayne Cummings 3/27, 4:47pm Dewayne Cummings I’m at work. I have my intern searching. If you want a refund I will do that if you don’t want to allow me to see what’s going on with the package. I can handle it either way. I apologize for the delay Scott Bard-Mansur 3/27, 4:49pm Scott Bard-Mansur Since you can’t provide me with a tracking I think a full refund is best ASAP I don’t understand why you didn’t provide me with a tracking at first. I purchase things online all the time and this is the first time I didn’t pay through PayPal or didn’t get a tracking . Both have annoyed me and made me uncomfortable. I have no assurance that I will ever get anything Dewayne Cummings 3/27, 4:56pm Dewayne Cummings Because my website is being reconstructed. My site is set up to do all that. I have interns that do the shipping etc. It was a minor mistake it happens to me all the time. My integrity and business reputation is all you need I do good business I am not in the business of stealing 300.00 that’s why I still have a job. I apologize again and accept full responsibility I will locate the package or refund your money. Scott Bard-Mansur 3/27, 4:58pm Scott Bard-Mansur You haven’t provided me with a simple tracking Scott Bard-Mansur 3/27, 5:04pm Scott Bard-Mansur And that’s all I asked Dewayne Cummings 3/27, 5:06pm Dewayne Cummings I’m on it my brother the intern that’s shipped it is on Spring Break. She said it was in my office. I understand your frustation. Scott Bard-Mansur 3/27, 5:06pm Scott Bard-Mansur Very frustrated Dewayne Cummings 3/27, 5:06pm Dewayne Cummings Gotcha Scott Bard-Mansur 3/27, 5:07pm Scott Bard-Mansur Dewayne Cummings 3/27, 5:07pm Dewayne Cummings This attachment may have been removed or the person who shared it may not have permission to share it with you. Scott Bard-Mansur 3/27, 5:08pm Scott Bard-Mansur But if it was mailed Monday before last it should have arrived March 28 Scott Bard-Mansur 3/28, 7:53am Scott Bard-Mansur What should I expect today ? If it doesn’t arrive by tomorrow I want a full refund by Monday. Dewayne Cummings 3/28, 7:55am Dewayne Cummings Okay I get it please chill. Scott Bard-Mansur 3/28, 7:55am Scott Bard-Mansur No more waiting beyind that. Dewayne Cummings 3/28, 7:55am Dewayne Cummings This attachment may have been removed or the person who shared it may not have permission to share it with you. Scott Bard-Mansur 3/28, 10:35am Scott Bard-Mansur The mail just ran for today. .nothing…..I want my money refunded. March 28 Scott Bard-Mansur 3/28, 3:40pm Scott Bard-Mansur I sent aprox. $365. How soon can you send my money. I have to go and find something else to wear to my event and you can assume the burden of where your package is. I am very disappointed. And I have waited long enough. Not mad but ready to move on. Dewayne Cummings 3/28, 3:42pm Dewayne Cummings Okay I understand. Say no more. It happens. I go through it all the time Scott Bard-Mansur 3/28, 3:43pm Scott Bard-Mansur You do ? Dewayne Cummings 3/28, 3:44pm Dewayne Cummings Packages from vendors to me come in wrong late or damage all the time. It happens I apologize Scott Bard-Mansur 3/28, 3:44pm Scott Bard-Mansur So when can I go pick up my money ? Dewayne Cummings 3/28, 3:45pm Dewayne Cummings I’m out of town for my daughter birthday party but I will get it done Scott Bard-Mansur 3/28, 3:45pm Scott Bard-Mansur I understand but with no tracking I can’t go on with this trans Transaction Man….I’m annoyed with these escuses. I need my money. You are doing what you want and need to do so don’t hinder me. Scott Bard-Mansur 3/28, 3:54pm Scott Bard-Mansur And it seems to me that you aren’t that interested otherwise you would have called or given me some information before you left to go out of town. March 29 Scott Bard-Mansur 3/29, 9:03am Scott Bard-Mansur Can you moneygram my money today. Dewayne Cummings 3/29, 9:05am Dewayne Cummings I will money gram you your money ad soon as I get back Monday after I get word on the location of my items. I have no problem honoring a refund but please understand I need to know where my items are first. Scott Bard-Mansur 3/29, 9:07am Scott Bard-Mansur I’d like to know that too. That’s why a tracking number is essential. But at this point I just want my money back you may never find out what happened to it but all I know is I waited long enough And I shouldn’t have to wait on your results I am really starting to get pissed off Dewayne Cummings 3/29, 9:09am Dewayne Cummings I understand. Again I assume full responsibility. I had a intern Shipping for me so I don’t have all the answers. The issue will be resolved thanks. We have said enough. Be blessed I will inform you by Monday. March 31 Scott Bard-Mansur 3/31, 1:13pm Scott Bard-Mansur Ok it’s Monday and my mail has run and still no package. It’s been two weeks since I was told it was mailed. I want my money back TODAY. Scott Bard-Mansur 3/31, 1:22pm Scott Bard-Mansur ??? Dewayne Cummings 3/31, 3:13pm Dewayne Cummings Dude my intern just got back from Florida. She is bringing the receipt to me today. She said your package was at the Post ofc a week! It is to be delivered Wed. I will call you after 5:30. I ordered a package March 1 and I’m still waiting. Shit happen I’m not trying to fuck you outta 300.00 I only made 80.00 the rest went on the pants and jacket! I have clients that pay me thousands just to shop for them. I been doing this a long time packages get mixed up unfortunately it happen to you. Scott Bard-Mansur 3/31, 3:16pm Scott Bard-Mansur NO PACKAGE WAS DELIVERED HERE ! WHAT IS THE TRACKING THE POSTOFFICE DOESN’T LEAVE PACKAGES UNNATTENDED No notice was left at my house and I see my postman everyday. Dewayne Cummings 3/31, 3:17pm Dewayne Cummings My man I said it was at the Post ofc not at your door. She is bringing it to me today I still don’t have it. I said she just got back from Florida I am at work Sir. Scott Bard-Mansur 3/31, 3:18pm Scott Bard-Mansur What post office ? 3 attempts are made before a package is held at the station for 14 days. I’m no fool and I can count. Dewayne Cummings 3/31, 3:19pm Dewayne Cummings Sir I don’t know! I don’t have the receipt yet. I will call you after 5:30. Scott Bard-Mansur 3/31, 3:20pm Scott Bard-Mansur You do that ! With that tracking the truth is coming out Scott Bard-Mansur 3/31, 3:30pm Scott Bard-Mansur At this point I want my money back. Dewayne Cummings 3/31, 3:32pm Dewayne Cummings Okay Scott we don’t have to keep talking about it. April 2 Dewayne Cummings 4/2, 2:58pm Dewayne Cummings I’m at the post ofc talking to them about your package send me your address again Scott Bard-Mansur 4/2, 3:25pm Scott Bard-Mansur 2001 Welch Blvd. Flint, Michigan. 48504 Dewayne Cummings 4/2, 3:26pm Dewayne Cummings This attachment may have been removed or the person who shared it may not have permission to share it with you. Wednesday Scott Bard-Mansur 4/9, 6:41am Scott Bard-Mansur Dewayne the box with the pants have not arrived yet. I want to send everything back together. This has left me with nothing to wear for the weekend without spending more money. Very disappointed. Dewayne Cummings 4/9, 7:40am Dewayne Cummings Good morning. Okay that’s fine. Sorry about that. Scott Bard-Mansur 4/9, 7:41am Scott Bard-Mansur What’s fine ? Dewayne Cummings 4/9, 7:44am Dewayne Cummings You sending it back Scott Bard-Mansur 4/9, 7:46am Scott Bard-Mansur But the pants haven’t arrived and I dont have my money to make another purchase. How is that fine? Dewayne Cummings 4/9, 7:47am Dewayne Cummings I will send you money Scott Bard-Mansur 4/9, 7:48am Scott Bard-Mansur Well I willl put what I have in the mail today Dewayne Cummings 4/9, 7:48am Dewayne Cummings This attachment may have been removed or the person who shared it may not have permission to share it with you. Scott Bard-Mansur 4/9, 7:50am Scott Bard-Mansur Ok I’ll have it in the mail by 10am Dewayne Cummings 4/9, 7:51am Dewayne Cummings Okay cool Scott Bard-Mansur 4/9, 7:52am Scott Bard-Mansur Will you moneygram the money Dewayne Cummings 4/9, 8:06am Dewayne Cummings This attachment may have been removed or the person who shared it may not have permission to share it with you. Scott Bard-Mansur 4/9, 8:06am Scott Bard-Mansur ?? Dewayne Cummings 4/9, 8:35am Dewayne Cummings Yes Scott Bard-Mansur 4/9, 8:36am Scott Bard-Mansur Ok I’d like to get something today or tomorrow leaving time for alterations Friday Scott Bard-Mansur 4/11, 10:53pm Scott Bard-Mansur Dewayne I want my money refunded tonight. Nothing you promised has been delivered. I don’t want to hear about your intern or your other business. I just want my money and we can end this transaction. I’ve done business with people you know like Patrick Montgomery and others and I haven’t ever experienced this before. I expect my money ASAP ! Scott Bard-Mansur 4/11, 10:55pm Scott Bard-Mansur Your reputation is shot as far as I’m concerned. Those pants you said you sent out the same day that other crap was sent never arrived. Very bad business practices. No call back ! No money ! I’m pissed I told you I needed this for an event tomorrow. You have left me hanging and I don’t appreciate it. I have tried to work with you and give you the benefit of the doubt. Scott Bard-Mansur 4/11, 11:09pm Scott Bard-Mansur You have had my money since February 27 it is now April 11th and I have no merchandise and my money is gone ! Scott Bard-Mansur 4/11, 11:18pm Scott Bard-Mansur You need to call me asap to make this right otherwise I can post this entire conversation on Facebook. It’s your choice. You were recommended to me by a mutual family friend and I have been totally pissed off by the way you do business. Don’t hold my money ! I can forward a copy to Patrick Montgomery and my sister Genobia Jeter who is the wife of Glenn Jones. I’m tired of dealing with this issue. REFUND MY DAMN MONEY ! Scott Bard-Mansur 4/11, 11:32pm Scott Bard-Mansur You are out of line man. Scott Bard-Mansur 4/11, 11:47pm Scott Bard-Mansur And your unwillingness to call back speaks volumes. Scott Bard-Mansur 4/12, 12:00am Scott Bard-Mansur I’m expecting my money by 10am tomorrow. I don’t want to hear anything else about a damn intern. Today Scott Bard-Mansur 6:11am Scott Bard-Mansur ? Today Scott Bard-Mansur 1:28pm Scott Bard-Mansur What is the deal Dwayne Scott Bard-Mansur 1:48pm Scott Bard-Mansur You have exhausted yourself . You canno .

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