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Published: 06 July 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

As of November 2013 this site and company is still a fraud. I don’t see the point in going over the story line, pointing out the blatantly OBVIOUS signs of this pathetic 3rd grader rated hustle. Simply put I am not the victim but a member who helped document and record the incidents and the process that our “model” had to go through. Needless to say we didn’t waste much time, after the phone interview and a lil research is was more then a guarantee that this dude is a joke. A joke about as bad as the website they made using paint workshop haha. To make this simple for everyone, most of these complaint are not only real but reoccurring (like how Mr Curtis says he does not waste his time to talk with the models applying directly. So if he is talking to you then you should take that as a strong point that you probably got the job) I had to admit, the guy knows what to say. Any woman who may be a bit self conscious would hear this and obviously become clouded by excitement. After reading this, take a look at the site. Read up about the “great white shark” (or so he has given himself that name which can be found on his bio on the deystarr website before he goes on his rant about black oppression and showing his much collected professionalism like they do here on the replies, his words are no different here then on the website. A professional who is having flame wars on the internet with lawyer threats!?! Cmon now we stopped doing that when I was 14. Trying to be intimidating and a harda** on the internet is like winning the special Olympics…. So if you have taken this review into consideration or maybe you’d like more info about deystarr from someone who isn’t an “anonymous coward” “a fat talentless attention deprived girl” or a “fake profile user” please by all means speak up. I prefer using facts and intelligent methods of getting the truth, not immature kid fights on the internet or fake pics edited. Or even false threats, that’s not why I am here. I am here to simply state that the reports here are true, and the rebuttle from the great white black shark owner (had to do it) or his wife? Are nothing more then childish attempts to save their name from truthful events in order to continue sucking in poor women who in all reality are searching for what deystarr promises, but can’t deliver. A way to empower women. Best of luck to all future women who get offered this scam and I hope I have helped even if it was at the smallest amount. Before I leave you all with my annoyingly long novel (sorry for the length as well, I’m sure nobody wants to read this much about one or two low life’s who nobody would miss If they vanished off the earth) I did want to add in one final event that happened. The “model/agent” that found us on Facebook (who was very thin for someone who is a model for curvy women) who originally sent a friend request and spoke to us, gave the numbers and names etc.. She mysteriously vanished once I mentioned the negative comments about the company she represtned. When I asked her for a more in depth detail about deystarr, I was blocked and removed from the agents Facebook.. Personally I would find that a little discomforting in trying to have faith that deystarr is legit. However I believe to see that the truth is here, please be careful. I also assume that I may be among the lucky ones who deystarr replied to their complaint. In which I will go ahead and say this ahead of time. Your rebuttle will include a legal termed threat, you will say some assanine comments about the model being a flake (since she wasn’t a real model in the first place but just a decoy kinda like “how to catch a predator’ which judging by your past is a show that we might see Mr big bad shark on very soon) I would saythat the model wasnt a flake Cuz she sure got your attention. And the rest of your immature bs I have seen you type (or maybe its your wife typing as a previous comment about how she keeps you on a leash so you don’t type. Sounds a bit more cowardly then posting as anonymous users but thays just my personal opinion one that’s backed up by my 1st amend, just like the rest of this post in case your team of lawers with an S like your wife states so many times decides to re-read this)k won’t waste time giving you a response as I’m sure by now this post has gone above and beyond to completely OWN that a** in a flame war. FEEL FREE TO MSG ME FOR MORE INFO!

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