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Reported to Policia Judiciaria for Ayahuasca Trafficking, Witness Intimidation, Homosexual Peodophile Jokes, Assisting Drug Traffickers

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Published: 17 January 2021

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Dharma Garden Retreat Center were reported to Policia Judiciaria for supplying ayahuasca illegally and a friend of theirs named Johannes Maasland was caught slandering witnesses in drug trafficking cases as mentally sick and was involved in defaming witnesses as homosexual peodophiles and posting threats of murder against the witnesses for which he was indicted in court for the crime.

Individuals associated with Dharma Garden Retreat Centre were barred from harassing witnesses to the Court and were handed down injunctions, the police intervened to stop them after they would not stop.

In August 2020 the police served letters for witnesses to give evidence about their two friends Daniela Markert and Johannes Maasland after they were caught jumping bail on charges of supplying LSD, 14 kilos of cannabis, selling LSD and 400 times threatening witnesses with violence, murder and peodophile jokes.

Johannes Maasland friend of Dharma Garden Marmalete stopped laughing when he was served with summons to criminal court and told to expect prison. Johannes Maasland stopped laughing when prosecutors in a criminal court filed charges for 400 counts of witness intimidation, threats to murder, drug trafficking in LSD and 14 kilos of cannabis.

A woman called Daniela Markert, second defendant in a drug trafficking case, got caught sharing addresses of witnesses despite police previously warning her to stop it. Daniela Markert stopped laughing when she realized her husband faced 12 years in prison, a lawsuit for 165, 000 euros and when she was included in the criminal charges for trafficking in bags of cannabis and LSD.

After the police took their weed away in 2016, the Policia Judiciaria went to one place after another and their friends in Portugal were arrested for trafficking ayahuasca. Police planted trackers on Daniela Markert and Johannes Maasland to arrest people for ayahuasca, LSD and for cannabis farming in Portugal. Friends of the Dharma Garden Ayahuasca center found the whole matter funny and arranged for people to taunt a Court Witness with over 300 counts of nasty humiliation including threats of murder and violence whilst fabricating lies and telling tales of being bullied. That was whilst Maasland was on police bail for trafficking in 14 kilos of cannabis, 35 seals of LSD. He ran away from the police three times and was caught in November 2019 in Lagos after using the internet to be nasty with the help of Miguel Humblet who offered to share information about a witness with others to make him drop testimony.

Nasty in that matter included broken leg threats, making false reports of pedofilia, nasty slander, data violations and threatening witnesses in police investigations. Gravito Retreat Centre stopped laughing when their buddies were told they were going down for hard time, drug trafficking against Portuguese law. 12-15 years in prison when aggravated.

Tribunal Oliveira do Hospital Johannes Maasland 47.16.5GALSA e 1544/18.3T9GMR Johannes Maasland Daniela Markert

Dharma Garden stopped laughing when hiding the two criminals went bad. Johannes Maasland stopped laughing when he was caught out posting threats of violence, murder threats, homosexual pedophile slander and despicable hatred. He kept threatening people with going behind bars but he stopped laughing when he realized his own fate was prison.

He stopped laughing when he was caught by IP trackers.

Johannes Maasland stopped laughing when prosecutors in a criminal court filed charges for 351 counts of witness intimidation, threats to murder, drug trafficking in LSD and 14 kilos of cannabis. Johannes Maasland stopped laughing when he was told he would be going to prison for 12 years.

Dharma Garden Ayahuasca Retreats stopped laughing when police started doing raids of ayahuasca retreats and finding big jars of ayahuasca, LSD and cannabis. They learned that bad mouthing a witness is not smart if your friends are growing weed, dealing LSD and supplying ayahuasca illegally whilst defaming them as homosexual peodophiles using their own full names.

It was told that a witness to police investigations should have a change of trousers ready, or expect violence, or murder, or being smeared as a sick, mentally deranged peodophile, was full of excrement, should grow up, or was a (censor) and a (censor).

Johannes Maasland friend of Dharma Garden Ayahuasca Retreat stopped laughing when prosecutors in a criminal court filed charges for 400 counts of witness intimidation, threats to murder, drug trafficking in LSD and 14 kilos of cannabis. Daniela Markert and Johannes Maasland stopped laughing when a plot to criminalize and put in prison an innocent man backfired because they did not get rid of the weed and the innocent man had no crime to answer to.

Daniela Markert and Johannes Maasland stopped laughing when the GNR took away 14 kilos of cannabis and Dharma Garden hid them under different names whilst they kept posting peodophile jokes against justice witnesses.

They posted hey look at me, we are free, we are free, and then they started uploading witnesses to XXX porn sites for kicks. When they got back to Portugal they could not stop posting peodophile jokes and everyone thought it was so funny. That was until the Policia Judiciaria arrested them for 3 times jumping bail and threatening witnesses 400 times, dealing LSD and big sacks of weed.

They say people in glass houses should never throw stones and after they spent 2 years intimidating witnesses and posting sick lies about justice witnesses people were motivated to send law enforcement into ayahuasca retreats advertised on their Facebook Pages.

Requests to remove death threats were responded to with peodophile jokes, threats of violence, lies and malicious defamation aimed at witnesses to discredit them with malice done my friends of Dharma Garden Ayahuasca Retreats who had to take off the ayahuasca retreats and refund bookings in the face of a police investigation for assisting offenders to post peodophile jokes.


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