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Published: 05 December 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

Stayed in the extended stay rooms at Diamond Mills to attend a wedding. The rooms themselves are ok, but nothing special for an extended stay property. In fact, for about half the price you can get a nicer room at a Residence Inn. However, there where problems. First, the heating/cooling cannot be accurately regulated due to placement of the heating/cooling units and the thermostats. Any good HVAC installer would not have installed a comfort system in the manner in which these rooms were set up. The temperature would frequently cycle from extremely hot to extremely cold because the air from the system would blow across the ceiling directly on the thermostats on the opposite wall. Very stupid setup. When complaining to the general manager (Gina Hornbeck) she treated me as if I was too stupid to set a thermostat and said that the system is working properly. Obviously she has no clue what properly means with heating and cooling. When attempting to further explain the issue she ignored me. The rooms are also very noisy due to the building being right on the street. Even with the windows closed you hear poorly muffled trucks and cars very clearly. Next issue with the extended stay apartments is the location. The view from the room is one of run down houses with trash or other assorted junk in the yards. The parking area is cinders that gets messy when it rains. The area is not at all what you would expect for a property connected with Diamond Mills and all their claims of luxury, yet they charge premium prices for these rooms as if it’s something special. Well, I guess it would be if they weren’t located in the middle of an obviously low income neighborhood. The general manager tried to tell me that the location and condition of the extended stay apartments was explained in advanced. This is a total fabrication of the truth, as nothing was explained. The only explanation of anything is on the website saying this is a stand-alone building. Nothing else is stated speaking of the true nature of the building and the dump it sits in. Worse, after they have you roped in they will refuse to cancel your reservations once the true nature of the accomodations are discovered, citing their 72 hour cancelation policy. Remember, they WILL NOT disclose the conditions of the area surrounding the extended stay units. After being told a pet fee would be refunded, the general manager then refused the refund ONLY because I complained about the other issues. How utterly childish and unprofessional. And then there was the event itself we were there to attend. They have a pretty large hallway outside the reception hall, yet there are only a few chairs. There is PLENTY of room for couches and/or other chairs. Maybe some small tables would be good too. The problem if there are people waiting around to enter the hall there is no where for them to sit and relax if they have to wait a long time to enter the reception or cocktail hour area. Now we all know that most women wear shoes to weddings and such that aren’t exactly comfortable. Imagine having to stand around for up to an hour or more without anywhere to sit. It was ridiculous. Another very annoying issue is that you cannot go from the reception hall (Tavern part of the building) to the hotel and say inside the building(s). You have to go outside, so if it’s raining or snowing you’re getting wet. VERY stupid design ‘feature’. Also, no bathrooms in the lobby of the hotel. If you don’t have a room there and you are waiting for something you will have to make the hike to the tavern. Another very stupid design ‘feature’. They claim this is because they are a ‘luxury’ hotel. I guess walking in the rain is a luxury you should seek out while in Saugerties, NY. I could go on and on about how poorly Diamond Mills operates, but I don’t have the time or space to list all the issues. I really don’t see the attraction to this establishment. The prices are outrageous, the management and some staff are rude and good God the arrogance!!! They seem to have the belief they are running a Helmsley property when really all that is going on here is a simple case of putting a tuxedo on a turd!!!! The general manager will ignore you if you disagree with her, which is unprofessional and childish. I wish there were a way to post pictures here because I have some showing the area around the property, which is nothing like you are led to believe it would be. So, in short we got taken for over $700 for a two night stay in a ‘luxury’ extended stay unit sitting amongst dumpy houses and aging buildings, while dealing with poor service and childish arrogance. I would have expected better from a property owned by someone like Thomas Struzzieri (HITS Inc.). .

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