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Published: 16 April 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

Hello, I want to warn everyone about a website called www.dibzees.com/ My partner and I helped a man by the name of Casey Everts design a reverse ebay like bidding website where people could buy bidding credits to get inexpensive products. We were responsible for the software developement for this project after being paid a little over 48,512 euro’s. We completed the software for Casey and then he fired our team. We didn’t have a problem with being fired, to us it was just another project. After about 1 year we start recieving phone calls from customers of dibzees.com accussing my partner and I of rigging the bidding system to benefit the company so they never had to deliver the product to the customers. This scared us, with a little luck and investigation and speaking with Casey Everts he asked us to keep this quiet and offered to pay our firm 1.5 million euro’s to take the heat and keep our mouths shut. Since our firm is located outside the United States Casey told us we’d be safe by taking the fall. We declined the money needless to say. We are here to warn everyone DO NOT PUT YOUR CREDIT CARD on dibzee’s website for bidding on products. 1. You will never recieve a product. 2. You will never win a auction. 3. All of the money you spend will go into Casey’s pocket. According to the customers complaint and our investigation your credit card will be charged over and over again for fake memberships to all sorts of differant online services Casey is a owner of. Be very CAREFUL, The software system is very slick and good at capturing information. You will lose! Stay away from Casey Everts and www.dibzees.com/ We are just giving you a fair warning!

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